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April 23, 2018, 06:24:35 PM

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Author Topic: Sol's long plane ride (F for any. EX)  (Read 351 times)

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Sol's long plane ride (F for any. EX)
« on: March 29, 2014, 03:51:26 PM »
Afternoon everyone,

I'm open to any gender and, for the most part, any role in these ideas.  The RP ideas are below, but for anyone who's interested in what started them I have a story to tell.

So I just spent a week backpacking through Vienna and Prague.  The trip was beautiful, so feel free to ask about it.  On my last day, I walk into this small restaurant with interesting art of the wall.  They depicted humanesque forms constructed of part animal, part vegetable, part object.  More importantly dear reader, two of them depicted groups of people around a meal, and the "meal" was another humanesque and obviously female figure laid out and ready to be devoured (one of the images even had a fork and knife poised to carve).

Now, the first thing you have to understand is I've had a thing for vore and gynophagia for a while now, so that kinky little part of my brain starts to take the image and run with all kinds of scenarios.  The second thing you have to understand is that I've been backpacking and staying in hostels with family members, which means I haven't had any "me" time in over a week.  That means that kinky little part of my brain takes off with an abundance of energy not usually at it's disposal, and meanwhile I have to stay focused because you can't be off in lala land while you're backpacking.

So that's fine.  I spend the rest of my day and that night keeping a muzzle on that mental beast, which continues to get harder and harder.  Luckily I was tired enough to fall asleep before it got any traction.  Little did I know the worst was yet to come.  This morning I got on the plane...

Europe to Canada is not a short flight.  Hours of sitting and suddenly not being surrounded by changing scenery, endless activity, and a constant awareness of everything around me.  The muzzle was off and my mental beast was having the time of it's life.  I spent most of the flight squirming in my seat as scenarios worked through my head, fueled by a week's worth of pent up energy.  Now, finally, I'm home, alone, and ready to release some of that energy.  A few of my ideas are below, but I'm open to pretty much anything at the moment.

Bon Appetite
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The year is 2103 and great advances in medical technology have freed humanity from disease and debilitating injury.  Burns, lost limbs, even internal organs can be restored as long as some level of brain function has been maintained.  While this is a great step forward for humanity, one enterprising group has taken advantage of the technology for other uses.

The Diner's Club is a small chain of restaurants existing all around the world that specialize in the cooking and experience of tasting human flesh.  Technically legal in every country they operate in, the Club is staffed entirely by voluntary and legal employment, beautiful young women and men who apply for the job knowing they will walk away completely intact.  Their reasons are as varied as they are.  Some work for the money, which is beyond compare.  Others are fulfilling their own dark fantasies, while some even come hoping to charm their way into being a personal submissive to a high quality man or woman.

The experience depends on membership.  Bronze members can enjoy they're meals from a select menu, served in an atmosphere much like any other fine dining establishment.  Silver members can select a few "meats" and enjoy an appetizer and drink while the chosen "meats" serve them in whatever way they desire.  They can then make their order and have it taken fresh from the meats they have been evaluating.

Finally, Gold members can additionally view and in some cases even participate in the preparation of their chosen meals.  They also have several expanded menu options, including options that can be eaten straight from the body of their meat, rather than served separately.  Rumors can be heard of an elite Platinum membership, but even the Gold members aren't sure if any of those rumors are true, unless they receive a private invitation.

The Sacrifices-  Pretty standard idea, virgin sacrifice to monster X, with the end result of the sacrifice being eaten.  I'm open to monster ideas and content in between.

Vore and Gynophagia-  As you can tell, the general theme here is a girl getting eaten, so I'm open to any other ideas along those lines.