An Officer, a Gentleman and a Rapist

Started by Jester, August 25, 2008, 05:25:47 AM

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War is terrible. It has awful effect on a mans mind and heart.

Captain James Archer was a Hero. Having led his paratroops behind enemy lines he has thwarted the Germans many times andfor that he is heavily decorated. The Officer in his early thirties was the perfect choice to take a small team of demolitions men behind enemy lines once more to take out three bridges and crippling the German retreat.

This mission was not a success and all three of his men were killed in action leaving Captain James Archer a changed man and wounded. Making his way home he comes across a small farmstead away from the main roads and occupied by just a woman and her 17 year old daughter They are on the brink of starvation and the Gentleman helps them survive and likeswise his wounds are tended by them. Imagine the delight to see a strong British soldier in his uniform now able to protect them.

They are both relieved to have him with them that the mother turns a blind eye when he starts to rape her them both. Perhaps they like the attention or know that being left alone would be worse.

I am looking for someone to play the two women while i will play the confused Officer. A gentleman one minute and a needy desperate and violent rapist the other.


I would be interested in this, I have never played two women at once, but I would like to give it a shot. I would prefer if there wasn't any sexual interraction between the two women, but I'll go with new things if they are well planned out. I am looking forward to your response.
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i would like to open this game up if anyone is interested?