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Author Topic: Sure's Shortlist (M looking for F)  (Read 849 times)

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Sure's Shortlist (M looking for F)
« on: March 26, 2014, 08:07:27 pm »
Hello hello,

My other one on one thread is quite large, so this is the abbreviated version I'll use in the hopes I don't scare anyone off, containing my most craved ideas for the moment. The other thread will still be updated, so anything I have in there is still up for grabs if you don't like what you see here (or just want to check it out), but be warned it is large.

As for me, well, I'm an experienced roleplayer and writer. I love to develop worlds and stories with my partners, and then to write them out, which is what I see an ideal roleplay as. In fact, I rather like chatting with my partners in general, and even if you don't like what you see here feel free to contact me if you want to start a conversation anyway.

Further, I want you to comment and make suggestions on the stories. Coming to me with your own ideas, your own takes, elements you want to change, is a huge plus. However, simply requesting that you want to roleplay to me without contributing any kind of impression, story ideas, anything of the sort, can kill the game flat. In most cases, the story will not work at all without your input, in fact, since I try to leave things open to interpretation for my partner.

Please contact me by PM rather than posting here.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Currently Craving: Story heavy roleplays.

Title: The Clerk and the Baker
Genre: Fictional-Historical (Possibly Fantasy, Possibly Steampunk)
Board: Variable
Characters: Enya Fallon and an Unnamed Character
Plot: In the land of Hiber, winter is harsh. Lasting for nine months, snowing almost nonstop, it is common for entire floors of buildings to be submerged and every roof has an exit just for this reason. It would almost be uninhabitable, but when summer does come the sun melts the snow so quickly the nation floods. But the soil it reveals is fertile and, along with the inundation of water, ideal for growing Hiberian rice, making agriculture viable. And where agriculture is viable, civilization comes. Thus the Hiberians live in such conditions, adapting and making a thriving civilization. Recently, enriched by natural deposits of metals, minerals, and resources, which are useful in an industrial society, the nation has risen in prominence greatly, but that cold still keeps it largely isolated from the rest of the world.

Nonetheless, the cold is harsh and every year when the snow melts hundreds of corpses of those who froze to death are found. Worse are the necessary fires to keep the inhabitants warm enough to survive, which commonly lead to great fires. And even if one manages to avoid these perils, failure to stock up on enough food or other supplies can prove life ending. All this was known to Enya Fallon when she moved there, hoping to start a bakery (a novelty to a country where wheat was uncommonly grown). Unfortunately, her ovens were poorly built due to the Hiberian builders not being able to correctly integrate the plans for her native ovens into a Hiberian building. So her bakery and house burned down almost immediately. Worse, winter has started, no one leaves their homes and many lock their doors and do not open for fear of bandits or thieves who take advantage of the fact the police stay in as well.

Luckily, on her third day she is found by a Hiberian who had an errand that he absolutely had to run. She is an odd sight, for Hiber has no homeless as the cold kills them quickly. He recommends she go to public housing which will give her a place, but finds out she is a foreigner and therefore ineligible. So he offers to take her home. She accepts, figuring being cooped up with an unknown man for nine months is better than dying.
Notes: Victorian-ish technology is what I’m seeing, maybe steampunk, though it could also go all the way up to modern.

Title: Defective
Genre: Sci-fi, possibly somewhat cyberpunk.
Board: Variable
Characters: The Buyer and his Companion
Plot: Artificial reproduction, often mislabeled cloning, changed everything. Why hire someone to be a factory worker when you can condition them from birth to do that job and to enjoy it? Why have a child when you can design them from birth and have them delivered more easily and safely? There remained holdouts, but soon natbirths became unusual among the wealthiest nations, or at least among those with even a middle class amount of money.

You were born, or made to order, for a young man who was in want of companionship. So you were made young, pretty, kind, lustful, obedient, and so on. You were not supposed to be granted a great amount of intelligence or education: enough that you were just above average, since he didn’t want you stupid, but it wasn’t the primary quality he was seeking. You were shown pictures of him, made to love him, and learned a thousand things to make his life better.

However, there was a mistake. Thoughts began to enter into your head, and you were programmed with knowledge not meant for you. An appreciation for literature was one, and your mind was quicker than it should have been. Fortunately, you overheard your testers talking of this and made sure to do worse on their exams. That was another thing: you were capable of deceptions you were programmed against. You were scared. The sterile, nice, perfect world they had constructed, with your future set as being the lover of a handsome, perfect man all seemed shattered. But it was only too soon they shipped you off to meet him...

Title: Love In a Fairytale
Genre: Fantasy
Board: Variable
Characters: Eric the Red and the Princess
Plot: Eric was given a choice after his great crime. He could face the executioner’s ax or he could journey through the deadlands to the Black Palace and try to slay the dragon there. Given the choice, effectively, between quick and slow death, he chose slow. So he journeyed to the deadlands, watched the entire time by a massive dragon but making no attempt to hide himself. When the dragon stood before him and screamed his fire, Eric held up a branch of the sacred oak. The dragon died cowering before a twig.

And so Eric slew the Dragon, and entered the Black Palace. Here, legend said, entombed, lay the last princess of the royal dynasty of the kingdom. It was said her dynasty was the kingdom itself, that her bad dreams caused plagues and famine and her good ones bounty and plenty. That when her fathers ruled,  their happiness and wisdom brought prosperity to the kingdom. But the people had grown arrogant, so God sent the dragon to take their treasure from them. But as Eric entered the palace he sneered at this idea. It was obviously a legend.

But as he entered the main hall there was a woman laying peacefully asleep. At first he thought it was a corpse, but upon approach she was young, vital, breathing. He tried to shake her awake, and that failing, he decided to go for the fairytale answer. He kissed her. That worked. However, that would be only the start of their problems. The deadlands were still a dangerous place, and there was further work to be done before the Princess could leave the cursed Black Palace. On top of that, Eric was not her prince charming come to life, nor did he expect to actually find a princess. And even if she does escape, the powers that be in the Kingdom are not going to be happy with a new, unknown player. After all, there is no real happily ever after.
Notes: But then again, happily ever after would be a bit boring, no? Basically I see this as a very worldly person meeting someone out of a fairytale, and having to go through a fairytale. They mostly have to meet halfway, though I’d say Eric ends up getting pulled more towards the fairytale end as the story goes on than the other way around.
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