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June 18, 2021, 06:01:34 am

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Author Topic: A Place So Good, You Wouldn't Dare To Try And Leave... (M for F)  (Read 630 times)

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Welcomes to Millthsville MILFSville

Okay, so this plot is pure fantasy and slightly comical but nevertheless, I am searching for someone who can see the humorous side and would enjoy playing as several characters, most of which would probably be classed as NPC's. Now I should mention that I am very fond of descriptive roleplaying and if you take a look at my post history you will notice that I tend to be rather thorough and intricate in detail. That is not to say that I expect 500 words+ per post, but I am someone who will struggle to hold interest if I am producing lengthy responses and receive only 2-3 lines in return. I am much more compatible with a partner who enjoys a slower tempo of posting. That is not to say that I will not be able to post on a daily or if not, almost-daily basis, it is just that I take time with my replies and generally look for quality and quantity as long as what I am posting is relevant and not a re-hash of something previously mentioned, albeit in a different context.

Anyway, I feel like I am babbling on, so now for the storyline description. :P

I wish to play as a character who is in his late teenage years or early twenties (I would consider any age up to 25 for this role), a male who left further education to pursue work and try to provide enough money to rent a place with his girlfriend at the time (we could say that his parents moved abroad, but either way they're out of the picture). At the beginning of this role my character would find himself stuck in a rut, newly-single and struggling to raise funds to continue living in his current location, what with the lack of labouring work going around in such a small town and finding that he's barely able to make ends meet now that his rent is on the rise with him now minus his girlfriend. He's desperate for a turnaround in fortunes, so much so that he replies to an advertisement placed through his letterbox which is from the community of Millthsville, a remote village located just outside of 'who-knows-where'.

This advertisement seems like a scam. The job description is a little vague, requesting that applicants hold at least some experience in manual labouring or are very skilled in DIY, handy-work and come in excellent physical condition. The hours are eye-wateringly long, with the 'lucky' individual given the role of the village's head of maintenance expected to be open to calls 24/7. However, the wages paid at an hourly rate are extremely good and the job comes with the option of renting a seemingly rather spacious apartment inside the village, with that rent inclusive of taxes and bills whilst also happening to be significantly lower than the figure my character is currently paying. He applies and (perhaps after an interview process, if you wish to include that scene in the beginning) much to his amazement, finds himself lucky enough to be offered the job, despite appearing to lack the required experience.

The next few weeks are like nothing he had previously experienced. His work seemed enjoyable and relatively easy but it was the benefits he received outside of work that really opened his eyes to how exciting his new life in Millthsville might be. It seemed as though the population of the village was made up almost entirely by women, very desirable women at that. Shockingly, even for a handsome young man in the peak of physical condition, my character finds that the homeowners or neighbours who ask him to drop by are soon dropping suggestive hints or being open flirtatious with him. Some are even seducing him or throwing themselves at him, eager to show their gratitude for the work that he has completed. He seems to be living a young single man's dream, only to find that the women of the town are very demanding when it comes to his be the point that within a month or so he's feeling absolutely exhausted and is finding excuses to try and convince himself to quite his 'Dream job'.

Perhaps a text or call from his old girlfriend is all it takes to convince him to return home, only to find that his employers, the women of Millthsville, are none too keen on allowing him to leave. Soon my character would discover that the female population can be very controlling and carry some sharp hostilities towards those who wish to breach contract. He is soon taught a lesson by one or two of the more elitist members of the community who show their sinister side and authority, making it absolutely crystal clear that there is no male resident or worker who has ever been granted permission to leave and that those who do not wish to comply with the contracts they signed would be disposed of very hastily.

I'm keeping the ending open and free for discussion. Some elements of this plot (such as the punishment my character might receive for trying to leave) are entirely negotiable. The storyline could potentially include a number of fetishes (feel free to check my O&O's), non-con, orgies etc. Alternatively, it could involve a lot of 'vanilla' experiences. I'm pretty flexible with content, though I have my limits as I am sure just about all of those interested will do also. So, if anyone wishes to express an interest, please do not hesitate to drop me a private message. I'm massively craving this role at the moment.

- Motivado