Contest to be Queen

Started by seeker619, March 22, 2014, 11:23:37 PM

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A King wants to marry and have a Queen at his side but is tired of always being fooled by woman who want him for his money, power, or his good looks.  So he decides to have a contest.

Now there will be an obvious midevil setting, some magic, some Bachelor theme added as the contest will have three woman.  And even a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the evil, greedy ones lose but sex and punishment also.

The King will have his wizard set up the contest which will reveal quickly the motives of the woman.

One will be after the money
The one who will get the worst punishment will be after his throne once she marries him and can have her murder look like an accident
And the winner or true of heart

Your main character would be the winner.  But you would have to do posts as the other two.

I don't have anything solid so if you have ideas to add I would love to hear it.  Thanks