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Author Topic: Seeking Writing Partners  (Read 764 times)

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Seeking Writing Partners
« on: March 18, 2014, 09:37:18 pm »
Hello one and all! I am looking for my first role-play on this wonderful site so let me tell you what kinds of things I am interested in. I am sure I will add plot ideas later.  :-)

I am looking for someone to play dominant male roles, heavy on D/s, heavy on emotional and mental connections that are put to the test. I love playing mental games, no matter how hard they are. I love plot driven stories, there has to be a reason why my character is having sex with your character. I adore highly intelligent, deep, and well thought out characters, so bring it on. PM me and we can talk story ideas!
Here are a few characters I already have made.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Lisette Devereux

•• Name    Lisette Devereux
•• Nicknames    Firefly, Fleur
•• Age    22
•• Birthday    May 6
•• Race    Human
•• Hair Color/Style    - Deep, almost blood red
                                 - Straight to mid back
•• Height    5' 1
•• Weight    105 Lbs
•• Body Definition    Dancer's body, toned
•• Eye Color    Deep green with brown and blue flecks

Born to poor parents, Hershel and Vivian Devereux (a rig man and a seamstress for the royal opera), Lisette didn’t seem to have a bright future, she wasn’t supposed to make it out of the chorus line. It took what appeared to be kindness to get her into the spotlight. When she was a child, the owners of the opera took great interest in her as she was so very curious and would often go into parts of the building where no one was allowed just so she could be alone when she practiced. They knew at an early age that she had a voice like no other, her clear notes and emotions could be felt by all who listened. At the early age of 5, Caleb Nolan and his sister, Candace, the owners of the opera, offered to take Lisette under their wings, to mold her and shape her to run the opera. Wanting only the best for their daughter, Hershel and Vivian agreed and the girl was taken from the opera house. Years of training took place, but it was unlike any training that anyone had seen before. Yes, they molded her, they taught her to be highly intelligent, to be able to converse on any subject with some authority if the time came. They taught her to be cultured in all the arts, though she excelled at singing, dancing, and playing the harp, flute, and violin. They made sure that she would be pleasant company for anyone willing to pay the right price. For many years she entertained at the sibling’s parties, hung on the arms of dignitaries, poets, and the famous, but she had never been touched physically, that was the only rule, she had to remain pure.

It was during her punishments that they learned her bestselling quality, her tolerance and ability to enjoy pain, and the fact that she never held a mark for longer than an hour or two. Once she became of age, the siblings began to hire her out for sadists to have their fun with her, but she still had to remain sexually untouched until the right moment. Before her twenty-first birthday Caleb and Candace held an auction with those who had become Lisette’s regular customers, an auction for her virginity.

It was the Nolan’s biggest competition that ended up winning, and though they hated the man, a deal was a deal, and Lisette went to him that night in fear. His name was Jared Blackwell, and he was known to be one of the roughest men in the country, known to kill some of his girls upon breaking them in. Upon entering his home he simply told her, “This will be the best and worst night of your life, and at the end, you will either hate me enough to cancel all future contracts with me, or you will love what I do to you so much that you will crave me and men like me for the rest of your life. That night Lisette had many firsts. It not only the first time she had sex, but it was the first time she had ever experienced an orgasm, let alone one given without being touched sexually, and the first time she had passed out. He had been right, she had fallen in love with the way he handled her, the way he held her mentally, emotionally, and physically. They continued to meet in secret as he helped her to get up enough coin to buy her freedom from the Nolan’s, and yes, they did have a form of love between them, but it was more a need for each other. He was the finest sadist she had come across, and she the finest masochist, and they loved that about each other. Months went by before they were caught. Caleb killed Jared, claimed his property, including his girls, and sold Lisette into slavery in another country. Some think her dead, others think her just some romantic story, but still, there are those that have been searching for the past six years.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Amelia Morgan Eldridge
Nicknames: Amy, Mel
Age: 21
Birthday: April 1
Race: Human
Hair Color/Style: Silky black to just below shoulders
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Height: 5’6
Weight: 138lbs
My name is Amelia, and I was not always meant to be who I am today. I suppose I should start my story from the very beginning. My parents were star-crossed lovers, rather fitting that I was their daughter. Father, Kenneth, was upper-class musician, his father a greedy business man who thought his son’s passions were useless and therefor he was as well. My mother, Morgan, was from the lower-class, though through years of hard work and sacrifice she had gone from chorus line to prima ballerina at the age of 17. It is pretty clear how they met, I mean you would have to be dense to not figure it out, but I suppose I can continue. It was love at first sight for my father, my mother took the stage and danced her heart out, and my father snatched it up for himself. When his father learned of his infatuation he was irate, no upper class, had ever sought the love of lower class, at least not so brazenly, so openly.

When father could not be swayed to leave my mother, his father decided to use my mother to his advantage. What better way to sell products than to have a girl that was raised and lived as lower class make it big and earn her rite to be called upper class, and who better than his son would travel with her for publicity? They would wed and he would make the headlines and all the money he could ever need. Poor bastard, more like stupid bastard, didn’t think anything would go wrong with his plan. That’s their story though.
I hate to give the ending to my parents’ story away, but it is the start of mine. You see, they died, well; they were killed if you want to get right down to it. I wasn’t even a year old and ended up in an orphanage. It wasn’t all that bad, I mean, the worst part was when someone was adopted and you were left behind. Yeah, we didn’t wear great clothes, and we ate rather poorly, but compared to the workhouses and the streets, it was great. I took to my mother’s passion rather early in life and began some basic dance classes from one of the nannies at the age of 3. Growing older, I began my education, and when I was not dancing, I was reading everything I could get my hands on or tinkering with any mechanics I could find. I was an information sponge and at the age of 8 I had learned all I could from those at the orphanage, though when I turned 9 years old, a man came to visit with me, and told me the story of my parents. He had known them quite well and had spent 9 years looking for me, as he promised them he would take care of me. He asked me to go live with him, to be the daughter I was intended to be. That had been what I always dreamed of, so of course I said yes and took my mother’s name as my middle name, and my father’ last name as my own.

His name was Carl Mason, and he had been like my mother, born lower class, made upper class due to his talents. They had grown up together, like siblings, so when I began to call him Uncle Carl, it made sense. The rest of my childhood was exactly how I wanted it, tutors from all corners of the world came to teach me, the top tinkerers and mechanics were brought in to show me the latest technology and watched me advance it, and ballet instructors and gymnastic coaches lined up to train the daughter of the youngest prima ballerina. I wanted for nothing.

Uncle Carl was a very private man, and everyone that came in and out of our home did so, secretly. I thought nothing of it until I was 13. I wondered why he never went to or hosted parties like the other upper class people did, why he did not let me even walk outside without someone watching over me. His answer was always, to keep me safe. On my 21st birthday, he came to me with a gift and a story. It was the story of my parents, who they really were, and why they had been killed. When they had left to go on tour, he had approached them, and asked them to become part of an underground spy network. My parents did not wish to do his father’s bidding so they joined with him and became agents. Mother was so agile and nimble that sneaking was no problem; her beauty, grace, and status would get her close to targets. Father, as her “manager” would be there for protection and was quite the thief, and Uncle Carl had been their tech man. It worked wonderfully for many years, mother was still dancing, father had been composing pieces for her to dance to, and Uncle Carl booked appearances in the places they needed to go, that is until she became pregnant with me. Mother worked until the very last day, thankfully she was not on a mission when I wanted to come out, but they had just found out that there had been a leak in the network, their unit had nearly been wiped out. Being on the run with an infant is hard, but it is even harder when you have been in the public eye and everyone wants to see your baby. Eight months, it took them 8 months to devise a plan to get to my family. They thought Uncle Carl to be dead, and he nearly was until a doctor found him and replaced his left arm, right leg, and the inside of his left ear with mechanics that function off of his regulated blood pressure rather than steam. They left me, in the snow, to freeze to death, but the last thing that my father did was drag himself, with me, back into the house. They found me, swaddled in bloody blankets, still in my father’s arms, and took me to the orphanage, though he doesn’t know who.

The gift was a small music box that belonged to my mother, inside, my mother and father’s wedding rings on a necklace. It was in that moment that I finally knew who my parents were, and I mourned them as though they had just been killed. The moment after, he asked me to become an agent.

I have yet to decide..
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Re: Seeking Writing Partners
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2014, 12:12:31 am »
I would love to put something together with you, I sent you a Pm with a couple of ideas.
Just let me know   cant wait to hear back from you.