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Author Topic: Sindra's Story Ideas - Closed for now  (Read 413 times)

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Sindra's Story Ideas - Closed for now
« on: March 16, 2014, 09:18:44 PM »
Hello and thank you for taking the time to look at my request thread.  Please do not post in this thread as I would like to keep it clean.  If an idea appeals to you or want to share ideas of your own, please send me a message.

Please take a moment to look through my O/O's page (linked in my signature) before contacting me.  I will, of course, do the same for you.

At this time, I am seeking a couple new roleplays but am only interested in darker themed games.  I am big into communication with my partners to share ideas for the story before we begin.  While I love to have smut and kinks be part of the story, I do not want them to be the only part of the story.  I love world, character and storyline development too.  I would consider smut based threads for one shot stories.

If these ideas don't appeal but you think we'd partner well, please feel free to send your own ideas!  I am very open to playing things beyond these ideas.

The Demons Prize
(Fantasy.  Extreme: Non Con, Slavery, Abuse, Public Nudity and Sex, +much more to discuss)

The Demon Lord had fought, killed, tortured, manipulated and intimidated his way into one of the thrones in the Infernal Realm.  He acquired his territory and ruled it with an iron fist and no compassion.  To keep his place from both the other Demon Princes, his own underlings and any other threat the realm could muster, he was in a constant search for more power and influence. 

It was sheer luck that, within his own territory, he found a rift into the world of man.  Keeping the rift a careful secret, he searched for almost a decade to find the keys to reopening the sealed gate.  Slipping into the world of man, he took the guise of a human man and simply watched for a time.  He knew so little about the realm beyond his own and hoped that it would provide him further power to hold onto what was his.

Instead, he found a young, newly wed couple.  They were madly in love and, unbeknownst to the woman, she was pregnant.  The couple mattered not, his fascination was with the unborn child.  Following them for a time, thinking he would simply steal off with the woman, his luck continued.  The man was ill and wouldn't survive long.  They were broke and had no way to help him.  Not bothering to wait long, he made them an offer and revealed himself for what he was.  He was a demon lord that could help them.  They could both live long, healthy and wealthy lives.  For the price of their first born child.  They were hesitant and the man wasn't thrilled with the idea so he sweetened the deal.  He would leave them to raise their first born for the first eighteen years of its life and, on its eighteenth birthday, he would collect what was his.  He gave them twenty four hours to decide. 

The couple decided that they would agree to the terms and have no children.  They would live their lives with just the two of them.  When the demon returned, they agreed to his terms and he kissed the woman, sealing the deal.  A kiss that marked the childs soul as his.

As promised, he returned to the Infernal Realm for eighteen years, waiting on his prize to come of age.  He continued to rule his territory but noticed some odd things.  He could feel the emotions of the woman as she grew.  He knew vaguely where she was at all times, which was what he expected but the addition was.... strange.

Tonight, he would finally return for his prize.  After all the long waiting, she was finally turning eighteen.

The Demon Lord:
The demon lord is a cruel man who is used to taking what he wants by whatever means necessary.  The Infernal Realm is a harsh place and burned out any positive emotion long ago.  He has a need to be in charge and will do whatever he needs to in order to hold on to his power.  He won't hesitate to kill or torture anyone he needs to but not for sport.  He is incredibly calculated and makes his decisions based on setting examples and making the other demons hesitate to work against him.

However, since he marked the child, he has been able to feel an outside source of emotion.

The Female:
The female is an eighteen year old woman who had been sold to the demon lord before she was born.  She is entirely unaware that her soul has been marked as there are no effects for her.  She has no idea where he is nor what he feels.  What will she do when the demon comes to collect her?  Will she fight him and suffer his wrath?  Will she eventually come to terms with being bound to him forever and assist him?     

*I am open to playing either role in this scenario – the male demon or the female he is planning to take for his own.  Regardless of which role I am playing, I would like the majority of the roleplay to take place in the Infernal Realm.  There are a number of ways that I can see this story going and would like to discuss those ideas with a potential partner.

*This is an extreme game so I feel it necessary to mention this:  I am not my characters.  Regardless of what kind of character I am playing, I will always treat my partners with every courtesy and as an equal. 

Hunters and Prey
(Fantasy.  Extreme: Shape shifters, Non Con, Transformation (human to werecreature), +More to be discussed)

A few years ago, a rogue pack of werewolves did the unthinkable.  They not only attacked humans in broad daylight, they exposed themselves for the shape shifters that they were.  In front of hundreds of witnesses, they shifted openly between their forms and let the humans in on the fact that they existed.  All while slaughtering and turning those they desired to join their pack.  It was a brutal mess and the humans retaliated. 

The humans began hunting the shifters, gathering in large parties and tracking any they could manage to find.  Not only were shifters being hunted but the humans weren't stopping at the rogue pack.  They hunted the any brand of shifter they could find. 


He was an alpha and had lost those that followed him to the humans.  He had fought to the bitter end, unable to stop the humans from killing those he sought to protect.  He was the last one standing and continued the fight until the humans finally managed to put him down.  Thinking he was dead, they left the corpses where they were and finally left.  But, he was an alpha of his kind and ever so slowly began healing from the wounds that would have been fatal to a lesser of his kind.

Stumbling into the nearest small village, coated in dried blood and completely alone, he wasn't even sure what he sought there.  In a small shop, candle light flickered in the window and a shadow moved within.  Making his way to the only light in the village, he knocked on the door.  A young woman opened it and immediately pulled in the wounded stranger. 

She took him into her home without question.  Only deep concern for his obvious wounds.  Helping him the best she could, she bandaged his still healing wounds the best she could, fed him and offered him a warm bed to sleep in. 

Over the next several days, she continued to tend to him, helping his already impressive abilities to heal.  She had been kind, compassionate and still had no idea what he was.  However, tonight was the full moon and even an alpha had to bow to the power of the moon...

(I am thinking that he would shift on the night of the full moon and turn her.  She had offered him kindness and he had lost everyone else.  Perhaps the need to travel with another caused him to make the snap decision?  Perhaps he never intended to turn her but his animal instincts forced his hand?  I am really open to discussion.  The type of shape shifter he is can be completely open for discussion as well as their abilities and how many forms they can shift into.)

*I would like to play the woman in this story.  I love the idea that there is a war going on between the humans and shifters in the world and the ever-growing rogue werewolf pack to deal with.  Will the two of them hide for a time?  Will they fight against the humans?  Will they join the humans secretly and fight against the rogue werewolves who started it all? 

The Male Shifter:
He is an alpha that has lost much and still had responsibility in the world. 

The Female:
She is a young woman, on her own in life.  Living in a teeny village, she took over her deceased families shop to make enough money to eat, pay her taxes and the occasional treat for herself.  She had big dreams of seeing the world but didn't have the means.   

Little did she know that her life was about to be transformed into something else...
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