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April 14, 2021, 08:05:25 pm

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Author Topic: Female looking for male character, petgirl/polyamory/open for suggestions  (Read 791 times)

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Offline RochelleTopic starter

I found a couple of co-writers and both of my ideas at the moment are going to get written. I will probably update the thread in a week or two to add some few plot bunnies/ideas/characters when the current games have started of first. Still, feel free to PM if you got intresting concept and after reading my Ons/Offs and maybe this page, you think it could be a cup of my tea :)

Looking for a long-term writing partner, female or male writing male (I am female writing female), for a lenghty story, or even stories. I don't except perfect English from my partner (hah, can't write perfectly myself either!), but please do your best :) My usual response times to threads will be anywhere from one day to a couple of weeks. I am looking for a partner who can match this kind of speed and also who wouldn't become frustrated with waiting more than a few days sometimes.

My on and off -thread can be found here. It's a pretty new thread, and I am most likely going to update it as more things come to my mind to mention there.

I am open for suggestions and ideas, but below I will write a couple of mine as well if you don't have any big cravings going on at the moment. These are just some basic ideas that are open for tweeking and expanding :) If you have an idea that meets my ons/offs, or you are intrested in one of my ideas, feel free to message me and explain your thoughts in more detail!

Please let me forget everything TAKEN
Basically, my character is not happy with her life. For various reasons, she is stressed and burned out. Accidentally she comes face to face with a term petgirl one evening while surfing the net and checks the meaning. Clicking her way further in the net's fetish sites, she thinks she has found something worth trying out: a way to forget herself and her life for a moment. She decides to either answer to someone's anonymous post on a kink/fetish -site or write her own post, we can decide on that one together. I would like this one to expand out of smutty evenings into something more board: maybe the couple ends up meeting accidentally outside their play sessions, or maybe they have an awkward link they weren't aware of (I visioned my character helping her sister's ex-boyfriend taking care of their children as her sister is in a jail; maybe he is the teacher of the oldest child or a friend of sister's ex-boyfriend?). For weeks or months he has treated her just like a mindless dog or cat, and now suddenly they are forced to recognize each other as human beings in normal situations. Ideally this awkwardness would be pushed even more, as one of them actually would end up wishing for a real relationship, not only play sessions. However, these last sentences are just wishes/thoughts/ideas, better to let out the game go its own flown. Happy ending would be nice, but absolutely not required!

More the merrier TAKEN
Looking for this a person who enjoys playing multiple characters, I can play a couple myself too.
The story could start with an established couple (we could play a bit with them just to get a good feeling of them together first, a normal evening or develope some small plot to play out, or maybe play their dating etc. first, and then jump couple of years later?). The twist would be that one day one of them picks up a polyamory as a topic, and the conversation somehow leads into "why not us too?" Either the couple has already some person/persons in mind (a friend whom the one of them has a crush on for example), or they start to look for the third (and fourth?) wheel on their own. The story would be more about characters, their wishes, how they fit a new person or persons into their lives, thoughts and feelings about everything, tabooness of polyamory and how that stresses the relationships, possible jealousy someone might start to feel, etc. So in the other words, exploring polyamoric relationship as much as possible via roleplay. And as always for me, happy endings are nice, but the story goes as it goes.
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