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Author Topic: Romance and Roleplays (On-Site: M seeking F)  (Read 422 times)

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Romance and Roleplays (On-Site: M seeking F)
« on: March 16, 2014, 10:54:39 AM »
Welcome Home ... To my On-Site roleplaying house

First, please see my ONs and OFFs here. If you message me, then I assume you have at least glanced over the topic.


Second, I am also willing to role-play off this site. The following link is to that post.


Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress. I will be including some pictures in the future as well as more ideas that are both romance-driven and non-romance-driven.

With that out of the way, hello everyone! I'm looking for a long-term role-play partner or a short-term/one-shot partner. My topic will not be beautified. It will not have animations, paintings, sprinkles or sparklers, but if we come up with an idea together I'd be happy to put on a party hat and dance for you. Please keep in mind that this will be an evolving post. I do prefer at least some degree of romance in all of my role-plays, but I am open to all suggestions and desires. I enjoy compromise and forming a role-play together. That's part of the fun!

I also encourage you to add your own ideas or simply message me with your own ideas. I am looking for a role-play partner and the below are simply ideas that I've thought of on my own. This is by no means an exhaustive list nor is it listing the only themes I will do. I enjoy romance as well as dramatic and action filled role-plays. So, if you have an idea, then please message me with your idea. I look forward to hearing from you!

Quote from: Rules:
1. We must both be over 18+ both in reality and in the role-play, no exceptions.

2. I am looking for something at least semi-longterm (not just an hour or two and then vanishing).

3. If you bail, you will likely be locked out of the house.

Quote from: Preferences:
1. I would prefer someone who can type more than a line or two. I like graphic details of what's going on even if it's something normal like eating.

2. I prefer pictures to go along with the role-play to help with the imagery. When roleplaying through the site, I might link to images of things that will help with the imagery like this.

3. I like people who are open-minded. I like to let things evolve naturally in role-plays such that it's close to reality if we were actually in those roles. If you have a set script of exactly how you want the role-play to occur - and by that I mean not just the plot, but the syntax and word choice of both our characters and exactly how both of our characters must react, which turns storytelling into simply acting - then it is unlikely that we will have a good experience together.

4. If you have any definite wants or dislikes, please let me know as soon as we start talking. I assume you have read my O/Os topic and I will likely read yours the second you message me before I respond to you. However, if there is something that has changed, something you really want at the moment, or something you are not up for at the moment, then tell me. Otherwise, I will go by my own O/Os, your O/Os, and use best judgement on other things.

Romance Ideas:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Cloud Nine - Sex, Drugs, Betrayal
My character is a mostly well off businessman who takes many business trips for his work. His most recent trip has him staying at a large hotel in Los Angeles with a fancy restaurant called "Cloud Nine" tucked in the corner. Unknown to my character, the restaurant is just a front. In the VIP section of the restaurant is a place akin to a casino and stripclub. The purpose of Cloud Nine is to suck as much money from men as possible by offering gambling, drinking, drugs, beautiful women and sex all together while they stay. One of the signature methods is by enticing and providing a drug, also called Cloud Nine, which induces a state of extreme arousal and euphoria, while also becoming addictive after only two or three doses and can be taken by pill, injection, smoke, or snorting.

Your character plays one of the ladies of Cloud Nine designed to keep the men happy and the money flowing. Taking a liking to my character and knowing he has plenty of money, she entices him into trying the Cloud Nine drug and offering a "good time", hanging on him while he gambles and watches other women, getting him drinks and food, and when the drug really gets to him helping him release all of the built up steam. Unfortunately, all of this comes at the cost of leaving his wife back home. When he returns to her, he is ashamed and hides what happened, but when another trip has him back in the same hotel ... will he be able to resist the urge to return to Cloud Nine?

We can either double for some characters or simply gloss over them and focus on our own, but this role-play is heavily focused on the sex, drugs, and betrayal.

This would be the lovely lady:

"She's my best friend's (sister)"
My character is an engaged man who has just bought a very large home to start his new family. His best friend (your character) frequently visits as she's also very close friends with the fiancé. One day, my character and your character walk in to see your character's younger sister playing a video game excitedly. She's standing and very focused, but she's in just a loose t-shirt and her underwear, unaware that we were going to be home soon. My character freezes and yours realizes the arousal. In a moment of naughty weakness, she lets him watch, then forces him over to her sister. The two of them then tease him, joking at how bad of a fiancé my character is. At first it starts as wanting to test him to see if he deserves his fiancé, but then it turns into a steamy threesome, which turns into an affair that's difficult to keep control of. Your character starts to want more and more of mine, realizing she wants him rather than him being with his fiancé and goes to progressively further lengths to try and subtly break them up.

This would involve a few MFF threesomes and involves the two sisters partaking together, but also involves plenty of MF interactions. It also focuses on the strain that your primary character tries to put between my character and his fiancé in an effort to break it up. Steamy threesomes, teasing, seduction, extremely high risk, all whirlwind around them as things get progressively worse and worse.

Family Ties
Your character is my character's daughter who is living with him in a new house after moving for a new job he begins. It is in a small city with the house on the outskirts. The mother is out of the picture and your character is in either high school (senior year, 18) or your first year of college. It's the week of a big dance, but there is a snowstorm coming. He helps as much as he can to get her ready - taking her shopping, dresses, jewelry, etc, but they get snowed in on the day of the dance. This puts then in an awkward situation, but he decides to make it a nice evening since the dance has been called off and they don't want her dress to go to waste. He cooks a fancy dinner, lights a fire, and dances with her, but as time goes on the similarity between her and her late mother start to fill both of their minds with thoughts that both wrong and right.

Getting Affairs In Order
It is Christmas time and my character's fiancé's birthday is this week. It begins at the mall while he shops in Victoria's Secret for something she might like. One of the ladies working there comes up to help him, but something sparks. The flirting ... the underwear ... the changing room. It happens quick, but they find themselves wanting to do it again and thus starts a steamy secret affair behind both of their partners' backs as he returns to the store repeatedly - their secret meetings. The affair turns dramatic as their lives start to take a backseat to their meetings. Her boss notices that there are times where she disappears for long periods of time; his fiancé notices that he seems to like getting her lingerie more often than he used to. The two attempt to stop, but can they really resist each other?

I Don't Object, Your Honor
My character is the head lawyer at a new office in the city and looking to hire an assistant. Your character comes in looking for a job and gets hired. Long work trips to meet clients, flying to different cities, time spent away from their partners, and constantly being close leads to a deeper understanding of each other and a semi-reliance on each other. This brings out the best and the worst - sex, lies, anger, happiness, sadness. This role-play would be a bit slower on the affair and focus on all aspects of what happens when two people are pent up together for long periods of time and even more so when people are separated from the ones they love. A bit more drama filled than sex.

I, (want) Robot
It is the future, 3100, and my character has ordered an android girl (who looks and acts just like a real woman) to help in life endeavors. She helps in every way - driving for him, cooking for him, cleaning for him, does what he asks. Unfortunately, this android is not a normal android. The company that develops the androids has a secret. They have been stealing girls from all over the world, bringing them back to the company and wiping their memories, then imprinting them to the android to generate the "artificial" intelligence. Over time, they become attracted and a love affair begins. Other dark secrets start to emerge and she begins to have feelings ... love, lust, jealousy, anger, sadness ... and this spills out into the real world. These emotions are simply a result of the computer chip in place of her heart ... right? Or are they remnants of a once human soul?

The Babysitter
Your character is a maid or babysitter at my character's home. He is a married man with a six year old baby girl. He and his wife just moved to the area and don't really know anyone, but work a lot and need help with both the house and the baby. Unfortunately, the wife has to take business trips quite often. Wanting a son, the husband tries to convince the wife into having another baby, but due to her work, the money cost, and the whole process she refuses. This starts as just a minor argument, but the day she leaves for a two week long business trip it explodes into a fiery argument. While she is gone, your character continues taking care of the baby. He sees her and realizes that despite being young she is a very good mother figure. The two begin flirting innocently at first, but it quickly turns into an. While it seems like a simple mistake of human urges at first, what happens when the babysitter gets pregnant?

Passing The Bar
Your character is a barmaid at a local bar. My character is one of the heads of a large company who frequents the place after work after having moved to the area as my work often entails being in the city to watch over the business. Over time they get close and at some point have some drinks together and the two begin to get to know each other. This is designed to be a "plug-and-play" for different plots and twists rather than a role-play on its own.

Optional Plots:
  • He is a married man and we have to sneak around
  • She is married or some combination of this and the above
  • They are unknowingly related until they talk about their past and realize there are too many similarities between their childhood
  • Any other twist - this role-play is designed to be part of another plot rather than a plot on its own

Adventure/Sci-Fi and Romance Ideas:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
BioThreat - You were never safe to begin with ...

The world is a brutal place and has been so for countless millennia. From animals to mankind, bacteria to virus, natural to artificial ... death has remained present at each step. Our world is not always peaceful despite mankind's desire for a place to call home. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) constantly monitor for outbreaks and attempt to deal with the accordingly. Part of this effort is coordinated by an intricate network of laboratories. These labs collectively detect and analyze molecular pathogens in an effort to protect the public.

However, there are some labs that go a step further. They focus on not only detection and reaction, but preparation in a multitude of forms. One such form is the research into viruses that do yet currently exist, but which could evolve from the current population. One lab begins working on a virus, but after an archaeological dig comes up with a body, the lab makes a startling discovery ... they created a virus that already existed. Feeling this could cause a minor outbreak that would be difficult to treat, they begin their research. The only problem is that this virus evolves with its host.

Ancient civilizations were known to disappear. Many times this occurred in such a short timespan that modern historians are unsure of the precise cause. How could an entire civilization vanish into thin air? It was not war. It was not famine. It was not pestilence. It was a BioThreat ... perhaps mankind was never safe in the first place.


The purpose of this story is to focus on the possibilities of what could happen should a new virus emerge that evolves rapidly, but remains uncontrollable due to features that were thought to be extinct and thus haven't been researched. This story is heavily focused on the science and requires both roleplaying partners to have at least a fundamental understanding of how viruses and outbreaks work. There is a small bit of science fiction here, but this is based more on realities rather than fictions.

I would like for there to be the possibility of romance in the plot simply because the plot is going to force characters into very small and tight-knit groups. I don't want the romance to be the focus of the story, but I want all emotions and incidences on the table. When people are pushed together and when disaster strikes, many times feelings come up that wouldn't have otherwise emerged. Love, hatred, happiness, sadness, excitement, fear. All of this will be a part of the plot.

Our characters would be two scientists who worked in the lab that was researching the new virus. As it spreads, they would become part of a response team that works to both research the virus and contain its outbreaks. There will be other characters as well, but they can either be playable, non-playable, or semi-playable depending on our thoughts.

Legion of Two

Our characters are the two captains of a large space vessel. "The Corvette", Earth's most comprehensive space vessel, travels the galaxy and slightly beyond to explore more than space probes and rovers ever could. Beginning as a small shuttle to the moon, The Corvette was designed to be capable of quickly avoiding space debris. Over time, more and more "modules" were attached until the vessel became excessively large. It was at that point Earth decided to keep the ship in space and act as its own space station. Still, the audacity of the human race continued and more modules were added until the ship became almost as large as a modern city.

It is now 2999 and The Corvette has been commissioned to travel to a distant object that appears to be a giant sphere artificially made. The dyson maintains an orbit around an Earth-like planet, but due to the planets orbit around its parent star and the dyson's apparent purposeful orbit, no observatory has ever been able to fully see the dyson for more than one or two seconds. The Corvette has been commissioned to travel to the dyson sphere and observe, then report back to Earth. Due to the strength of the ship's engines, it will only be a year long journey to get there, but it will require venturing outside of the galaxy and into unknown territory. Our characters must manage the ship, manage the journey, and discover what this sphere is and whether it poses a possible threat to Earth.

Other Ideas:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Ikema - City of Lost Dreams

Welcome to Ikema. As you walk through the large metal gates, your eyes are treated to the splendor of a city once great ... and now laying in ruin. The tall buildings tower to the sky, overshadowed by a single skyscraper in the direct center of the circular city. Most of the houses have very little lighting, most businesses are nearly run down. The city houses tens of thousands of inhabitants, but most are afraid to walk the streets. Paved roads that once saw cars racing down under the yellow sun are now grey, gloomy, and only see crumbled newspapers and dust racing along them. The steam and smoke from the city has created a near permanent cloud, which rains with an eerie consistency for most of the day. When rain isn't falling, the grey fills the air as though life has simply been sucked away.

The city is filled with crime, murder, sex, lies, and people living out of the fear that they will not see the next day. The only thing out of place is the large skyscraper in the center of the city. Ever present and ever lit by bright white lights behind towering panes of glass, "The Tower" represents the wealthy and powerful. The Tower is protected by a large wall, which is both too tall to climb and built with defenses to repel anyone who would dare attempt to make the climb. While the lights remain on, no one has ever seen a living soul walk by.

How is such a building lit constantly while the rest of the city struggles to obtain power for even the most basic of utilities? What lies inside The Tower?


This role-play is centered around a concept of a city that I came up with a long time ago. The idea is that the city is lost in a permanent storm, with rain falling most of the time, storms crashing over it frequently, and very little (if any) sunlight. The people of the city, while abundant, are rarely seen as they choose to remain indoors for fear of the crime and lawlessness in the streets. Without law, without order, the city runs rampant with crime, sex, and every illegal think that was once unimaginable in a civilized society. Yet, The Tower remains as a pillar of light. Is it a pillar of good? Or is it a pillar of evil? Even I do not know what is in The Tower as the point of the role-play is to focus on the city despite the ever present nature of The Tower.

I do not mind how you like to role-play and this role-play can be done with literally any other character. I have my character and you have your own. They should not be made specifically for each other. If they fall into the world of sex, crime, or the illegal underground, then that's where the role-play goes. If they are both the type to try and restore order, then that's where the role-play goes. We can focus on the city or we can focus on The Tower or both.

The goal is for each of us to input ourselves into our characters that we most often like to play, thrust them into a world with no order, with paths of good and evil, right and wrong, and see what happens both to themselves, between them, and to the city around them.

The character I tend to play:

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Re: Romance and Roleplays (On-Site: M seeking F)
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Re: Romance and Roleplays (On-Site: M seeking F)
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Re: Romance and Roleplays (On-Site: M seeking F)
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Re: Romance and Roleplays (On-Site: M seeking F)
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