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Author Topic: Hueco Mundo: Life of the Hollows (Recruitment Now Open!)  (Read 593 times)

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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Hueco Mundo: Life of the Hollows (Recruitment Now Open!)
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:32:03 pm »
Hey guys! The current plot-line that I have for the Soul Society: Life of the Shinigami has progressed to a point where I'm now interested in finding some Espada and Arrancar who would like to join in on the story. For the sake of keeping some elements secret from the other players, I am going to be leaving out the specific details from this recruitment thread. I will be PMing those who would like to play the information.

For now both the Arrancar and Shinigami will be playing in the same thread, found below. If there is a significant interest in this recruitment thread, I will likely open up a whole new, Hueco Mundo setting IC thread.

IC Shinigami Thread:

If you have not seen my other recruitment thread, go ahead and read the rules I've included here. PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested and would like to submit a character sheet for review, it must be PMed to me. This is to keep their powers, history, and appearance secret.

Posting Frequency and Order

Officially we don't have a posting order. Meaning you do not have to wait for everyone to post before throwing up your reply. Use your best judgement, but once again remember that momentum is the most important thing in group RPs. If you ask someone a question and it's been a while since they've posted, just pretend like it goes unanswered, or a action goes unnoticed. When that person returns it's going to be up to them to play catch up as fast as possible.

I would like everyone to post at least once every two days. Without some advanced notice everyone has a week before I reopen their position for recruitment.


This is what everyone is looking forward to right! I know I am. So I think every veteran RPer can probably agree that combat is the trickiest thing to execute when you are playing with someone who's RPing style is unfamiliar to you. We're all adults here (probably), so don't dictate someone else's actions unless you have their permission through PM. I've done this before with the intention of condensing the battle so that it doesn't take 20+ posts. We are all Espada and Captains, so avoid using adjectives like "easily" or "effortlessly" when reacting to attacks. If the two people can not come to a consensus as to who should win the battle, ask me and I will impartially flip a coin.

Splitting Scenes

The only thing I'd like to track in the header of a post is your current location. This is so that someone scanning through won't be confused as to where everyone is located. We will only have one main thread, but feel free to go off somewhere else and have separate scenes. I even encourage everyone to do separate scenes through PM if you'd like it to remain secret, or are just that into the RP.

At the present time I am seeking the following:
Rogue Shinigami loyal to Arrancar

Espada 0 – Red Lobster

Espada 1 – Dirge Lynchfast played by El Malingo

Espada 2 – Oku played by Angaroo

Espada 3 – Trueno played by Winds of Lust

Espada 4 – Alicia and Palace played by Presta

Arrancar 11 –

Arrancar 12 – Raulan Ceraddano played by Jarick

Arrancar 13 –

Arrancar 14 –

Rogue Shinigami 1 -

Rogue Shinigami 2 -

Please post your character sheets in the follow format.

For Espada/Arrancar
Code: [Select]
[b]Espada or Arrancar:[/b]
[b]Rank Number:[/b]
[b]Number Placement:[/b]
[b]Hollow Hole Placement:[/b]





For Rogue Shinigami
Code: [Select]




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Offline Red LobsterTopic starter

Re: Hueco Mundo: Life of the Hollows (Recruitment Now Open!)
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2014, 01:44:14 am »
Updated with newly taken spots!