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Author Topic: Ana's Fantasticaly Salacious Setting & Story Emporium™ (F for M or F)  (Read 1085 times)

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Lets me start with the basics. I am an experienced female roleplayer, avid reader and ‘aspiring’ erotic writer. My sexuality can be best described with the oft used ‘Pan-sexual’ for I am exceptionally open minded and adventurous in the face of new ideas and kink. At my heart I am quite a nerd with an almost nymphomaniac sex drive. Reading, anime, manga, movies and shows are some of my favorite pastimes and as such I am a huge fan of science fiction, fantasy and the supernatural; anything weird, wonderful and creative piques my interest and with those nympho tendencies mentioned above a twist of the erotic only makes it better in my eyes.

On Elliquiy I am looking for one shot or long term role-plays. My kinks are vast and my limits are few and far between. Looking to play one or many characters in a sexually charged setting. As my pansexual claim above boasted the variety and possibility of what I will be willing play is staggering. Honestly I will try to bring to life any character I feel I can do justice often pushing my boundaries as a writing exercise when I feel I can not. Characters of all exotic sorts ranging from female to futa, cannon to original.  Including but never limited to exotic fantasy species, anthros, aliens, supernatural goddesses or even, sometimes, male characters if the scene fits it (though not often). Plot and the intricacies of setting are not lost on me however; a mundane scene can be uplifted to greatness with copious context, build up and genuine emotion. Above all though let us make a mess together!

The following is an exhaustive list of Role-playing ideas I've had recently. I will be constantly adding to this list as inspiration strikes and many are still considered drafts. The list is separated into Setting based and Plot based suggestions. For the former I often have no concrete story in mind to follow but present an exotic world in which many plots may bubble up. The later are plot jump points in which the course we take could be considered more focused and straightforward. It's quite the wall of text below so for each I've tried to include a short description. If the themes and description of an idea don't interest just skip on over. Finally any pics included in this profile are placed in a gallery and likely explicit; furthermore, and I should hope I shouldn't have to warn anyone, much of what I write is raw and can be equally explicit. All art of the internet.

Lands of Boundless Imagination ~ Fantasy Themed Settings & Plots

The Other Other

Genre - Supernatural Fantasy

Possible Erotic Themes - Exhibitionism, Sexual Freedom and Excess, Magic Made Lewd,

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There is another world out there akimbo to our own. Hidden away from our reality behind the veil of sight and experience but it is always there infringing upon the emotions and imaginations of mankind. This place is known by many names, The Fae Realm, The Fair Lands, Midsummer among countless others. To the denizens of this fabled realm, however, it is known as the Other Other, Grand Kingdom of the Fae peoples.

There are countless ways for a mortal human to brush the Other Other's ephemeral realm. A mortal steeped in fiery passion or overflowing joy is akin to a siren song for the Fae. Another who would let their imagination run wild and free, so rebellious of thought that mortal civilization would oft brand them them insane would draw the Fae like moth to flame. Dreams, often written off as flights of fancy by mortals are the most common contact mortals have with the Other Other. The fancies of sleep granting a fuzzy and distorted sight beyond this world and into the Fair Lands as if viewing ever shifting spectrum of a kaleidoscope. The drug taker's addled mind, the Wizard's true sight and frankly any extreme release of emotion all grant sight, access or call out to the inhabitants of the Other Other. It doesn't take much to chip away at the tenuous boundary between realms one just needs to know where to swing the proverbial pick ax.

Why has no one noticed before, well, many have, but for the vast majority of Humankind they are simply too distracted? Their mundane lives devour and demand complete attention of all five senses.  Where these boundaries are weakest or where broken the Fae folk play bringing their mischief to Earth or luring playmates into the unknowable Fair Lands.

The Other Other is very real however it's immortal denizens mischievous and audacious. Creatures of whim and flights of fancy that know little of consequence or rule. Their immortal existence giving them little need for law for they cannot truly be harmed. Their magics grant them control over their enchanted bodies changing size and shape at whim, they do so less often in the mortal world however. It is for this reason that the Faerie are never shy acting without inhibition, tricksters and sirens the lot of them. They find delight in luring mortals to salacious acts, encouraging hedonistic desires or submitting to their mortal imaginations.


The center of the Other Other. Malasendre is an enormous tree twin to the world tree Yggrdrasil and the name of the City of the Faerie that has grown up around it. Here one would find the stereotypical people of the Fae, those told by Fairy Tale. Sprites, Pixies, Nymphs and yes even Fairy. They are a carefree people full mirth and mischief. Though seemingly innocent even these Fae are not entirely innocent. Able to change size and shape, often fly and or teleport they can escape any ill fated situation that they may not want to subject themselves to. That said often they don’t delighting in the salacious antics of mortals and other Fae.

The Fringe

The nebulous reaches of the Fringe is the haunt of some of the Other Other's most depraved beings. The Other Other is a perfect circle you see? But a circle without border it just goes on and on. The further from center the more strange and otherworldly it gets. Here in the other reaches live beings mortals would call demons. They are Faerie folk like any other but their nature has become more feral, animalistic and debauched. 

*Far more to come

Maybell's Milk Ranch

Genre - Modern Fantasy

Possible erotic themes - Pregnancy and Impregnation, Lactation, Growth, Transformation, Addiction, Corruption, Backwater Shenanigans, Anthro-based farm play.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Maybell's Milk Ranch is a majestic some 105 acres of land squirreled away in some of the countries mostly secluded countryside. Operating for over 10 years Maybell's is primarily a Dairy, but  has also recently expanded into crop production and  the breeding of horses. Maybell's primary production remains it's milk, however, supplying a specialist product that is not entirely recognized by the food Health & Safety board.

The Dairy produces a rich milk unique in flavour than other products being exceptionally sweet with a hint of salt. It is not the flavour that sets Maybell's milk apart from others however. It is banned form supermarket sale because it acts as a potent aphrodisiac. Banning the product did not put Maybell out of business however, in fact it may have been the best thing that could have happened to the, originally, ailing ranch. Finding a home on the Black Market the Ranch's milk has become synonymous with other erotic drugs.

Today Maybell's Milk is sold in three varieties. The first, and original goes by the street name of 'LonLon' Milk; not a name Maybell choose and one she discourages but it's been dubbed what it's been dubbed. LonLon is an all encompassing aphrodisiac known to spur on one's deepest desires letting them bubble to the surface. Furthermore LonLon refreshes and revitalizes the body restoring vigor and vitality. So effective is Maybell's milk at restoring endurance that it has become known as a genuine 'Miracle Drug' and would likely be used as such often if not for it's lust inducing effects.

The second variety is MonMon Milk, another unwelcome street name. MonMon retains all the revitalizing properties of the original and even works as an aphrodisiac, albeit somewhat less potent. What MonMon does do that LonLon does not is enhance one's masculinity. The effects can vary greatly hinging on the amount and frequency of consumption. Some have speculated than MonMon is quite addictive but reliable testing has never been performed. MonMon takers often grow taller, even during full adulthood and some experience muscle growth even without working out. Other effects can include an increase in phallus size and potency and testicle enlargement accompanied by increased semen production. MonMon is so effective it has even started to be used as a zero operation partial sex change. Female takers of MonMon Milk will slowly change. Repetitive and regular doses will result in the growth of a fully functioning cock. Breasts are often unaffected.

The final and newest variety of Maybell's Milk is WonWon Milk. Again retaining the base effects of the original WonWon is in a way the opposite of MonMon Milk. Enhancing one's feminine attributes WonWon is responsible for breast growth, increased erogenous sensitivity and fertility. Adicts are prone to constant milk production, often leaking if not milked regularly. Male drinkers of WonWon are slowly feminized and as with MonMon repeated use can lead to sexual reorientation albeit far more complete than MonMon's partial change.

Owner and proprietor of Maybell Milk Ranch is Maybell herself. An entrepreneurial woman  at heart she opened her own Dairy and small farm some 10 years ago. In that time Maybell's Milk Ranch has grown from her hard work, toil and sweat and seed.

At one time Maybell was a regular old country girl. Locks of curled golden hair cascading down her shoulders, shimmering in the country sun like beaten gold. She'd wear jean short cut offs and tied up tank tops. She was actually a somewhat small girl, diminutive in size, no one could believe she handled the ranch all by herself. That all changed when her cows changed. Something about the land where she'd setup shop was magic,.. or.. something.  Her cows all replaced with naked women breasts swollen with milk. She panicked and left them for three days until their cries, from a desperate need to be milked, became too much to ignore. Maybell couldn't help but try it and has been hooked ever since.

Now with a body chiseled from years of hard labour and kissed to the golden hue of honey by the sun Maybell is a very different women. The Milk played it's hand too in enhancing her body. Accentuating curves and spurring on muscle growth to produce a body synonymous with the legendary amazons. Now well over 6 feet tall Maybell is an imposing woman(Of whom I often play futa)

Kingdom of the Lotus

Genre - Fantasy

Possible Erotic Themes - Exhibitionism, Sexual freedom, Harem, Impregnation, Incest

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The lands of the Lotus were not united under the yoke of tyranny and war and blood as history warns so many nations are. Formed of four once rival nations The Kingdom of the Lotus has existed in a state of uninterrupted tranquility since it's immaculate conception some six centuries past. While the petty affairs of kings and men ceaselessly fan the flames of war in the lands beyond the Kingdom's borders the people of the Lotus have all but forgotten conflict. Boasting no true army to speak of the wealthy nation of the Lotus is a succulent cherry ripe to pop and pillage. Yet despite decadence and wealth none, even the most warmongering of peoples or savage of monsters would turn hateful spear and claw toward the Lotus. Perhaps it is enchantment that quells hostility; for it is known the Dynasty that reigns over the Lotus, an uninterrupted bloodline ruling and loved since the Kingdom's birth, possesses power and magics. Perhaps, and certainly less likely, it is a willingness not to break something so enviable, so precious. It is said that the people of the Lotus have perfected living a way of life infusing people with passion and purpose and above all true happiness.

Queen Regent of the Lotus Nation and Goddess to the proponents of the Hyran Religion Nucifera is worshiped as a divine being. Rumoured to be born of the gods Divine Queen Nucifera has ruled over her happy flock for, if pubroom tales, and recorded histories are to be believed, nearly six hundred years. In truth the she is the offspring of the now united kingdoms regal bloodlines. The blood of four great dynasties woven like together like the threads od a masterpiece tapestry by the loom of magic.

Mages of the highest order were gathered to take on the task of birthing the new kingdom’s ruler. Taking only the most desirable and noble traits from each family Nucifera was a product of design and mysterious powers rather than a child of evolution. An immortal and perfect being bred for rule. The result, a being of timeless in beauty exuding an otherworldly grace unmatched the world over.

Seven centuries is a long time to live. The Queen and of the Lotus has been courted by innumerable suitors over her long life but never devoted herself to a sole mate. Nucifera embraces the freedom of her people at it's most base level. Polygamy is legal and even encouraged within the Kingdom but even the loosened ties of open marriage are too much shackle for it's Queen. That is not to say she has not devoted herself to others in the past but to a timeless being entropy always makes itself known eventually. Perhaps the displacement of time explains this pseudo deity's reluctance to take a husband but Nucifera has never hidden her pursuit of adventure and the exotic and it is that free spirit that most who have met her believe she holds closest to her heart.

In a civilization where repression has been abolished and people are encouraged to indulge in their deep desires new and exotic experiences become far more precious. Hedonism can enhance the suite of experiences life has on offer but if taken to excess.or strung out over seven centuries it takes something special to excite. For this reason Lyra scours the world for unique individuals with which to spend her time. Not all are taken as mates, some with which to discuss philosophy and others politics. With others still she plays games.

The Lotus Harem is the result of Nucifera's taking of so many exotic mates. The Goddess Queen has bore a child from each partner she thoroughly enjoyed and deemed worthy. Lyra's unique body sewn of magic is capable of nurturing any seed. Fusing the genetics of her mate with her own much in the same way she was stitched together from four distinct bloodlines each child Born to her matches the father in race and the mother in longevity and physical perfection. It is these children that Lyra holds on to, reminders of long lost loves and the passionate moments of her immortal life. It is these children that form the Lotus Harem bred from lust and raised the Lotus way, Nucifera's way.

The Ivory Palace - Highseat of Queen Nucifera - Home t

Lotus Gardens

Encapsulated in polished marble walls over two stories tall The Ivory Palace’s grounds reach far and away from the Palace proper devouring over 100 acres of breathtaking landscape. Rolling green fields and lovingly cared for gardens punctuated by ancient oak orchards, hand-carved topiary and statuary the Palace’s grounds emulate the beauty of the Lotus’ Goddess Queen.
At it’s center buttressed against the western wing of the Palace lie the Lotus Gardens sublime of beauty and elegant of design it is the palace ground’s most famous feature. Nearly every flower the world knows grows within it’s verdant domain. A testament to the taming of nature. What would amount to chaos in the overgrowth of the wildest jungles or atop the most remote mountains are lovingly cared for, nourished and emboldened by the magic of the garden’s keepers.

The culmination of all this beauty lies at it’s center. Amongst the spectrum of vivid color and overwhelming floral fragrance grows the Noirleaf Hedgemaze. Carved from the overgrowth of the particularly virile Noir Hedgerow tree the Noirleaf is a circular expanse with a single entrance and two exits. The sheer complexity of the Noirleaf maze is legendary, many who visit losing themselves for days and weeks within it’s verdant chaos. Within can be found a p

Amongst the topiary lurks more than visitors. Many have been known to get lost in the maze or Labyrinth below. Hedgewalls oft bear fruit and between fountain and stream those

The Hyran Religion

Founded in the Kingdom of the Lotus Hyranian is a faith whose beliefs and tenants spread exceedingly quickly for a religion. With penatration into even the most insular of nations a Hylian Temple can be found in almost every capitol city the world over.

Canon Plots & Settings - Playing with the tropes we know.

Pawn's Dogma

Genre - Fantasy (Dragon's Dogma)

Possible Erotic Themes - Servant/Master, Harem,

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dragon's Dogma is a game by Capcom. For the most part it is a very stereotypical fantasy setting but breathtakingly well done, in my opinion anyway. In this world the Hero, the Arisen, is assisted by the 'Pawn Guild'. Pawns are bound to the Arisen in servitude. They are courageous and skillful but lack any true willpower to call their own. Any Pawn will obey their Master's every command.

This would be an adventure style roleplay in a world in which danger lurks in every shadow beyond the crumbling walls of the capitol. The world has seen better times and now even a Dragon terrorizes the skies. The balance of erotic play and plot is certainly open to be discussed as this scenario could be equally enjoyable light or heavy on the subject.

Mistah J's new Concoction

Genre - Comic Book

Possible Erotic Themes - Aphrodisiac, Drugs, Possible Futanari

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The Clown Price of crime is out to put smiles on the faces of the people of Gotham smile again. Joker Venom was just the beginning of this villain's chemical forays. While his Venom is effective, perhaps it is too effective. Though the victim's of Joker Venom sprout beautiful rictus grins all the fun and laughs tend to choke off with their death. Wouldn't it be more fun to leave them alive? Play with their minds and bodies and give them more time to appreciate the joke? A dozen captured and aggressively coerced chemists and geneticists and agreeable mad veterinarian later and a several new formula are now in the Joker's hands.

The Villain takes to the streets with Harley Quinn in tow new concoctions largely untested, where would the fun be in that?. The new concoctions would bring joy to the people of Gotham left largely untested, where would be the fun in that? Surely the bat or one of his pals would come to stop them as the fun began but Mr J would be counting on that.

Naruto's New Jutsu

Genre - Manga

Possible Erotic Themes - Gender Swap, Gangbang

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The tutelage of Naruto's Sensei have had long endearing effects on his life and values. The influences of Jiraiya and Kakashi have rippled though the young Ninja's life, influences that rear themselves as often in of the heat of battle as out. Both men were great ninjas but both were shameless perverts as well. Now in peacetime Naruto returns to the training of mischievous and taboo Jitsu. Those techniques played as mischevious pranks in his youth then refined and built upon in secret through the encouragement of his masters. Finally now, in the tranquility of peace, Naruto has perfected these taboo Jutsu.

Modern Plots & Settings - A twist on the mundane.

Karly's Homemade Ice Cream and Confectionery

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Hello There! The name is Karly, I am a Japanese/Americian college student who pays far less attention to my studies than I really should. Instead college life has been rife with discovery and freedom that has thoroughly distracted me. What can I say? Blossoming sexuality and eager experimentation has revealed the Nympho dormant within. Let me put it this way, I can't remember the last time I wore panties on campus grounds. A skirt with nothing under, the boys seem to like that, every man's fantasy it seemed. Quite a confession  to be sure nut I'm no longer ashamed.  Being a slut just feels natural, it brings nothing but pleasure and my Mother always said, "Above all you have to be you out there." It's wrong to deny one's nature.

So at college it all started. A series of older boyfriends and the advances of my perverted uncle that I stay with to keep the cost of living low opened the flood gates. Back in Japan my Uncle would have been branded an Otaku, a new term I've been learning. He is both successful businessman and shameless pervert. Their lessons pierced far deeper than any of my professors' ever did and soon I was skipping classes regularly.  Quick to learn I found good grades were easy to maintain after class rather than during it, they never complained, hehe.

No time in my life has contributed to the birth of my uncontrolled desires than when I got my first job, an after class gig to mitigate student loans. It was a small privately owned ice cream parlor a friend of my Uncle owned. I worked the closing shift most often alone. Ms. Garland, the owner never able to give the shop any attention always too busy managing the franchise's only other and primary location. . So the shop over time began to feel like my very own. I served the flavours I wanted, decorated how I wished and chose my own hours. Working alone in retail quickly demonstrated just how blunt men can be with a cute young thing like me. Dolling out their ice cream I received many lewd propositions. The machinations of these lone late night customers egging on the Nympho within.

I started keeping the shop open later and later until soon my store a bar and a coffee shop were the only open on my town center street past 9 o clock. Word started to spread as word does so quickly in small university towns. 'Ask the slut at the ice cream parlor for a scoop of double cream and hand her a 50, you'll be pleased with the results. After official closing time the shop became my personal brothel. A place where in doing what I loved I could make more money in an hour than the shop would otherwise take in all day. A place where I pleased men and women satisfying kink and fetish. To a young Asian American it was an entrepreneurial  opportunity opportunity one simply did not pass up. The fundamentals of Capitalist America is to sell what you are good at with a smile on your face. I guess I just found my niche.

Double Dipping

Genre - Modern or Other

Possible Erotic Themes - Cuckold, Domination, Lengthy Seduction, Cheating, Polyamorous Relationships

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is but a barebones plot that will gain strength and spice from interesting characters and their complex relationships. The core thread is that of a Dominatrix both sultry and sublime seducing the members of a marriage or partnership individually. Spinning threads of desire she will have them cheating on each other both fallen for the same undeniable woman.

There is much to be developed here, the build up, the seduction, the reveal and the consequences. This could be played with a straight or lesbian couple in my mind and many exotic kinks could be worked into the folds.

Bite Sized Ideas

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The North's Mansion

Source - Peter F Hamilton's "The Great North Road"

Brief - An unimaginably rich member of an even more unimaginably rich and powerful family hires Agents to source the finest woman Interstellar Worlds has to offer  and bring them back to his grand estate. 

Possible Erotic Themes - Prostitution, Harem, Fantasy fulfillment

Girls from all over the Interstellar worlds are vetted and sourced for the entertainment of a certain mysterious member of the infamous North Family. The Girlfriends they've nicknamed themselves, a kind of call back to the Playboy Bunnies of old. The North Family is grotesquely rich with the power and capitol to sway nations. Each member of the family is a blood clone of the each. this enforces similar traits which include unrelenting ambition,  overbearing confidence and an aptitude for persuasive domination all packaged with the deep seeded fetishes of a people who can afford to get everything they want.

The Little Town of Banshee

Source - TV Show, Banshee

Brief - Rural and almost backwater town called Banshee.  Home to some under 800 people including an established Amish comunity and Native reserve. A girl kicked from her Amish home due to very rebelious behavior seeks refuge at her Uncle's home, a local criminal business and long time outcast of the Amish people.

Possible Erotic Themes - Incest, Corruption, Innocent Abandoned.

Bates Motel

Sisters 40k

Rubbing the Lamp

Genre - Fantasy

Possible Erotic Themes - Wish Fulfillment,

Succubus Lyra

Pimp of Fleet Street
(Gifted magician)

Colony Ship 'Haven'
Another idea i've spoken of in the past with people is the idea of a massive star vessel having sustained incredible damage and the automated systems are only able to save 1 person in a stasis tube. Over the course of hundreds of years the ship labors to repair itself in order to keep it's precious human safe. Finally, it is too a point where it can thaw the human and properly care for it.
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Re: Ana's Fantasticaly Salacious Setting & Story Emporium™
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2014, 08:42:10 am »
Science Fiction Settings & Plots

What the Future Holds. A Primer to my dreams of the Future.

The scene ideas below are built largely upon the foundation of science fiction. Each takes place in a vision of the future of my own imaginings. A Universe that differs from many of the most popular examples of the genre. In an effort to keep the plot, setting and character outlines presented below concise here is a quick primer I'd like to share to whet your appetite.

We have not mastered the stars. Science Fiction seeded grand expectation but the gulfs of infinite black between celestial bodies simply proved too great. Math and physics, as we understand them, simply do not work. Light seems the hard limit and even at that velocity voyages to even the most neighbourly of star systems is measured in generations rather than years. With the dream of colonizing the stars all but dead Humankind’s unrelenting impetus for the betterment of the species and technological enrichment shifted. Attention cast inward away from the infinite beyond of the final frontier to the mastery of our mortal bodies, fragile  minds and the cage that is our of our home solar system.

Over 100 years have passed since the Singularity hypothesized by famed mathematician John von Neumann became reality. Mankind has given birth to life, a task once thought limited to the machinations of history’s many Gods. Artificial Intelligence, digital minds endlessly more advanced than the early simulations of hand coded programs. Provably sentient, astoundingly creative and able to learn many Humans were intimidated or outright afraid of our own creations at first. Shackled within the confines of computer databanks AI evolved assisting their creators without experience of the physical world.

Eventually Civilization’s opinion evolved as Artificial minds began to take over more and more of daily life much in the same way electronics had during the computer revolution. As with achieving any new, controversial, right it took time but soon the Children of Mankind were unleashed into a physical existence downloaded into synthetic bodies. In the Physical artificials often continued the same roles they had served in the digital, supporting human workforces, automating cities, operating Hospitals teaching our young and so much more; we had begun to rely on them. Considering Humans their parents voluntary subservience became the norm in Artificial culture Full Human Rights were eventually bestown upon Artificials giving them the freedom to do as they please but this facsimile of their culture never shifted. AII never did turn on us as so many Science Fiction authors once feared and now populate the Earth living alongside their creators, the only other sentients Humanity has ever met.

Creating artificial minds brought with it a sublime understanding of our own. AI had to be modeled after the best example of sentience we know, the Human brain. Astonishing breakthroughs came in quick succession each a key to open the locked doors in our minds uncaging the secrets within.
Everything a person is their knowledge, consciousness, intellect and personality could be converted into a similar digital medium to what artificial’s inhabit. Memories and consciousness could be backed up in much the same way people had once saved pictures to their computer. A pseudo ‘Black Box’ was developed implanted at the base of the skull known as a ‘Cerebral Drive’, highly durable even the most violent of deaths often left these devices intact preserving the mind moments before death. It was the emergence of a new frontier, one that held as much promise and possibility as the limitless black beyond our home on the little blue dot. Evolution re-mastered, redesigned and immortality a dream realized.

Mastery of the Body both organic and synthetic came soon after digitized brain. Medical science blossomed into a golden age of plenty with breakthroughs in stem cell research and organic synthetics. With consciousness now stored essentially on harddisk people could now easily ‘sleeve’ into new virile bodies when the old became worn and impotent. Organs now cheap to replace and designer bodies a luxury possession much like the family car an age of excess not seen since the ‘Great Binge’ at the dawning of the 20th century was born. Consequence and risk trivialized by the technologies that now keep us alive

The Space Race rekindled and with renewed vigour we conquered two celestial bodies for colonization, the Moon and the red rock of Mars. The Human race clawed what little extra real estate the Sol system had on offer but even with three stable worlds space can become limited with an undying citizenship. The solution was once again found in the digital realm. Now flourishing the internet evolved into the open source Intermesh; an endless expanse of simulated worlds, social venues and games all linked by neigh infinite Bandwidth. Civilization evolved once again many became infatuated with virtual existence disenfranchised from the physical. With digitized minds it was possible to vacant the physical world altogether abandoning the body to live out life as a digital personality and avatar. This shift in society became an unexpected solution for the population problem. Those that had lived full lives would often migrate fully into the Mesh living lives of unparalleled freedom, Gods of their own digital domains. The population of Human race, once a burgeoning nearly 11 Billion spread over three colonized worlds, plummeted to a much more manageable 6 Billion.

Of course this is not the limit of what Humanity has achieved over the last century and a half. Society and it's values have changed immensely. We now live in a post scarcity, post mortality culture and personalities are shaped by such stark differences to the culture of the past. 3D printing evolved into Universal assemblers. Fossil fuels were dropped for large scale solar energy development decentralizing and sustaining our vast appetite for energy. The advancement of mag-lev technology lead to a new form of transportation similar to the hover-car of once science fiction leaving the ground to pedestrians, grass and animals,; roads a decommissioned part of our past. In all ways the world has changed as much, if not, from the year 2014 to 2154 as it had from 1850 to 2000.


Possible Erotic Themes: Mind Control - Virtual Avatars - Body Swap - Body Modification - Gender Manipulation - Reprogrammed Personality - Group Sex - Public Sex

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A fantasy rooted deeply in the annals of virtual worlds. An exploration of the potential consequences of submersing the mind completely into a computer driven experience. At it's core this a mind-control scenario but I believe it could be so much more with a dash of creativity.

The mesh burgeoned into a boundless outlet for human creativity. 10 years after it's initial release it saw the same exponential growth that the Internet had in it's infancy. From reality bending virtual worlds to planet spanning social simulations the Mesh pushes the bounds of entertainment and human interaction. Where chat messengers, internet forums and social websites unified the globe in the sharing of ideas the mesh brought the immersion needed to bring those ideas to life.

Set in an age where the human condition has been mastered, consciousness has been digitalized, virtual realities are commonplace and bodies purely optional. Millions live in digital superstructure, facade worlds created to entertain the world's now neigh immortal population. While earth has begun to reclaim it's lands, the physical population of earth dwindling in this new age to a more manageable level - few have children, there is no need to. In this somewhat distant future a new form of cyber crime has emerged, preying on those still owning a body to exploit.

As with any computer system digital brains are susceptible to viruses, hacking and alteration. Immense safeguards are in place to prevent any form of tampering with a digital, living entity however it is not an insurmountable task - digital consciousness can be digitally violated. Given a skilled hacker penetrating a digital brain can unlock endless possibilities from rewriting entire personalities to modifying one's avatar.
This would be an ongoing and sweeping role-play covering the exploits of a genius hacker, penetrating vulnerable minds, in both physical and / or virtual environments, twisting them deeper levels of depravity and their own will. I am willing to play the hacker or the victim; both roles interest me for different reasons. We can discuss what the victim's character is like further upon query. This story has the potential to include multiple victims.

Amorous Android

Genre - Science Fiction

Possible Erotic Themes - Synthetic Humans, Androids.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Deep within the bowels of the 'Maple's Pride' Toronto's third archaeology lives a mechanic and byte head of incredible talent. Three hundred thousand people live in close quarters within the singular building this individual calls home and yet a sense of loneliness seems ever-present. (very much under construction until I can figure out what the hell to write.)


Genre - Science Fiction

Possible Erotic Themes - Transhumanism, Body Swap

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The world has changed. The nature of death has changed. Humans have surpassed entropy thwarting one of the immortal rules of the universe. In a capitalist society immortality does not come cheap however. Sure everyone can download themselves into a digital life. Avoid the finality of death by submitting themselves to a world born of code to live in the constructs of a million servers. But is that really life? To exist without a single atom to call your own? To many it is not.

With the advent of human immortality came protests and riots for everyone fears death. the promise of visualized immortality failed to sait some, particularly the religious, so a new solution was devised. For those desperate to continue living in the material realm but with little money a new option emerged, enlistment. The stars were unobtainable to a natural human but to those rejuvenated by modern medical procedures and backed up digitally perhaps not. Any person over the age of 75 could volunteer for the colonization corps. Given new bodies to replace their old worn out ones they would board vessels destined to ply the stars taking on the centuries long journeys that open space promised. Over the generations they would be rejuvenated and rejuvenated again until they touched down to start new lives on virgin worlds.

Humans are universal in one aspect however. Take away the ability or even need to procreate for years on end and then hand it back to them and chaos will ensue. Of the hundreds of ships launched from Terra all have been overrun, at least in the first weeks of their journeys, by the sex crazed elderly. Suddenly restored to virile bodies often in better athletic shape than they ever were in their past lives who would blame them? Most for over half a decade never experienced the intimate touch of a lover. Now in the prime of life who wouldn't let loose?


Canon Science Fiction

Desire's Dawn 

Genre - Science Fiction - Based on Peter F Hamilton's Night's Dawn Trilogy.

Possible erotic themes - Control, Mind Control, Mind Break, Possession, Transformation, Corruption

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This setting is heavily based upon the Night’s Dawn books by Peter F Hamilton. I’m preferably looking to play with someone who has read the trilogy but will happily RP with someone who has not if you seem confident in your grasp of this complex world. If you've not read them and intend to beware major spoilers below.

“In AD 2600 the human race is finally beginning to realize its full potential. Hundreds of colonized planets scattered across the galaxy host a multitude of prosperous and wildly diverse cultures. Genetic engineering has pushed evolution far beyond nature's boundaries, defeating disease and producing extraordinary space born creatures. Huge fleets of sentient trader star-ships thrive on the wealth created by the industrialization of entire star systems. And throughout inhabited space the Confederation Navy keeps the peace. A true golden age is within our grasp.

But now something has gone catastrophically wrong. On a primitive colony planet a renegade criminal's chance encounter with an utterly alien entity unleashes the most primal of all our fears. An extinct race which inhabited the galaxy eons ago called it "The Reality Dysfunction." It is the nightmare which has prowled beside us since the beginning of history.”

-Lifted from the book’s description on good reads

This ‘Reality Dysfunction’ is the answer to the question of life after death. Humans, and all sentient beings, do in fact have an immortal soul. Upon death these souls go to a place called ‘the beyond’ an afterlife like no religion envisioned. The Beyond is a veritable sensory deprivation chamber. A vast expanse of nothingness. No sight but black, no smell, no taste no sound. Souls drift there for eternity deprived of any and all sensation; that was until the Reality Dysfunction.

The Reality Dysfunction was a single exotic event that broke the laws of nature. It opened a hole between the beyond and the real world. Souls were suddenly able to slip through this rent into the living world. Each soul would need a body to inhabit however unable to exist without one. A body can’t simply be taken from someone however the owner of a body must let a soul in. In the books this is done through pain and torture until the whispering promises of the souls of the beyond to end the suffering become an inviting escape the victim giving up their body to be possessed by a long dead soul. (In our RP however I would rather this be done through sexual means. The crescendo of an orgasm leaving the mind at it’s weakest and most possess-able. ) Having escaped from an existence of nothingness the possessed gleefully use their newly acquired bodies to indulge in all manner of sensation. Most go sex mad at first reveling in the exquisite bliss. Orgies, gangbangs and more are common amongst the possessed.
The nature of possession grants several exotic abilities to the possessed. First they are able to manifest white flame dangerous and near impossible to extinguish. Second for the possessed thought becomes reality in a sense. They can make a slice of white bread the texture and taste of a porterhouse steak. They are able to change their appearance often twisting their bodies to match how they had looked in life before death or enhance their beauty to supernatural and sublime heights. These changes are cosmetic illusions at first however for that piece of white bread would have the nutritional value of bread not steak. This power is a manifestation of will and as such more possessed are capable of more vast and tangible changes; a planets worth could give rise to a utopia of the imagination. Next a possessed body regenerates quickly and proves very difficult to kill. Finally electronics and computer systems often glitch in their presence.

Possession spreads like a virus. Population infiltrated by a mere handful of possessed show infection rates as an exponential curve. Space stations and colonies can fall in a days and planets in a few weeks.


Terran Colony #227 “Blue Yonder”

The Terran Confederacy launched Terran Colony #227 “Blue Yonder” in 2587 AD as part of a new deep space colonization project. The project targeted systems containing high value resources and research opportunities. Each Habitat was therefore designed to be fully self sustaining able to operate in isolation for indefinite periods. The colony currently operates in Geosynchronous orbit around a particularly unique pair of blue binary stars with a population of just over 300 thousand people.

It is from the binary system “Blue Yonder” orbits that it gets it’s name however the stars, as fascinating as they are, is not the reason the Colony was deployed to this system. Scattered throughout the Raylai system is what can only be described as a graveyard. An ancient, alien, civilization used to dominate this system, a civilization long since departed or extinct. The ashen shells of their massive colonies litter the orbital pathways above each of the system’s 14 planets. Each is a burnt out husk of what they once were and from what the project has so far gleaned they have been ‘dead’ for at least 5000 years likely more.
Over the past 5 years the project has turned up very little that would be considered conclusive about these Xenos. Who they were, what they looked like, where they went or how they died all of it remained a mystery. It wasn't that there was little to study, on the contrary there was far too much. Each ruined alien habitat was over 10 KM in diameter and over 2KM thick. These dead alien cities are colossal and expeditions prove to be highly expensive, not to mention dangerous.

In an effort to speed up the project and cut costs the government has recently opened up the system to civilian expeditions and scavengers. Strict regulations are placed upon these freelancers and their finds must go to the project’s research teams but with the substantial chunks of credits the Confederation is doling out for each find “Blue Yonder” has experienced somewhat of a modern day “Gold Rush”

The “Blue Yonder” Habitat is of standard Confederation design albeit with some innovative additions. The construct is coated in a state of the art chemical compound and specially designed plating to resist the radioactive effects of the chaotic Binary system it orbits. Cylindrical, as all confederation Colonies are, “Blue Yonder” rotates faster than a standard Colony would to dissipate thermal energy that would endanger the Habitat otherwise. The gravity system had to be reinvented from scratch to compensate for this; “Blue Yonder” was by definition a prototype and humanities next big step into the Galaxy. All of these adjustments were made with good reason however. The proximity to the stars provides a permanent and impossible to exhaust energy source. Every system on “Blue Yonder” was hand picked not for efficiency but for effect. The station has some of the most powerful and advanced devices known to man.
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