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Author Topic: The Price of a Scandal (rich kids- complex romance, D/s-humil need m char)  (Read 299 times)

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         Looking for someone to take a rather dominant (if young) male character -- called "Lucius" for now, age 20-25, with a flair for haughty teasing, competition... And a bit of dishing out humiliation.  I"d like to play Cara below.  As this is often about framing reputations, you would likely also need to NPC your parents and some other minor characters at times (more or less briefly depending).
         Children of rich families, slightly famous even.  They might have eyes for each other, if they weren't so thick with sporting mutual contempt..

         She's a fashionable, pampered princess who many consider blissfully ignorant, just another ornament in the family collection.  Her stepparents trot her out for photo ops and commercials; they promise her a fashion career later.  He's an arrogant, if jaded, young heir with a barely concealed hunger for new conquests, new machinations.  Living in their own gilded little world beneath the big lights and boardroom deals of their parents' aspirations, they are each brisk and  manipulative snots.  And they each want at least one thing they can't have.

tentative figure for Cara (my char)

            Cara Chau Riverton is the adopted daughter of Bartwell Riverton, inheritor to old money and investor in safe things -- current technologies, large-scale trading companies, the list goes on.  He and his wife Christie have made also made a name for themselves as charity donors and critics of other, less savory new businesses...

            ...  Such as the oil, mining and other heavy industries that have fueled the quick rise of the Earlstone family.  While their businesses seem legal, the Rivertons have gone out of their way to denounce their questionable ethics around the world.  And even to express their distaste on talk shows for such rudeness as the behavior of their son in public places.  It is true, Lucius Earlstone, is a more vocal rich prick than some, however cute and otherwise calculating he might be.  From his habit of dating "girls of the month" to his often condescending if not abusive language, he has earned some tabloid print already. 

            Cara is better informed than those in other families often assume.  In fact, she knows that the supposed "spats" between her stepparents are much more.  Her stepmother may be the loser if it gets worse, and Cara blames Bartwell and his single-minded focus on business and the public eye.  If that were not bad enough, she has learned a few embarrassing things about the family business...  Now, Cara is fed up.  She is tired of no one caring for people who deserve it, even people at home.  While she has no intention of changing her lifestyle, she is shocked at the hypocrisy on one particular issue.

            It's time to make daddy wake up...   There's one person who she has been warned about, one person who can both make them worry and be sure the story will get out. Lucius.  That smug and generally awful, if otherwise gorgeous, son of the Earlstones.  Could it be fun to get with him, just for a while??  Just to see the looks on their faces?  It certainly wouldn't be boring. 

           Even if it might be a little gross when he talks.  "He's such an ass now and then, but wouldn't he get puffed up if I so much as pretended to take notice of him?"  Not that she would ever do anything with him, of course not.  But merely being seen with him would probably make them hysterical.  Why, just standing where he could reach might give them a heart attack.  At least he wasn't ugly or anything.  Quite the contrary.  Just, smug and snotty...  Like most people they knew.  Maybe just a little too obvious about it?  Well, she could toss some back.  Yes, surely she could handle him...

             The deal is struck, in not so many words...  But then Lucius is not one to be satisfied with small victories, not when he can see a way to win bigger.  If Cara is to be seen with him, then he intends to make it serious and not just the sham she imagines.  And soon, nothing that she can walk away from without covert pictures slipping out...  And she would look good in increasingly deviant pictures, he thinks.  That frigid, perfect little bitch.

If interested, please check through Ons a bit and send a PM.   O:) 
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