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May 24, 2018, 04:48:05 PM

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Author Topic: GM-based Fantasy (straight adventure or sexy misadventures) system optional  (Read 486 times)

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Online Snow NymphTopic starter

!!! Definitely still looking !!!
!!! May or may not be looking for more interest with this idea at this point, ask me first !!!

Idea 1: Perfect!
Idea 2:In progress... forever.  probably.

Basically, I have two ideas.  One is entirely in my previous thread listed here under the first idea.  It is *not* system based, and there I'm looking for a GM.
If interested in that, then feel free to ignore the second idea!

The First Idea...

I'm looking for a GM to guide my female character through an exciting adventure! 

I'm open to all sorts of ideas, but here is my original concept.
Either a solo heroine (me) going through a specific adventure, or
my heroine and a small party going through an adventure, in which, you will provide a list of character for me to choose from (with maybe some suggestions).
Firstly, we'd need a plot.  I can help you brainstorm one, but come to me with something.
Post Length
I expect an average of 2 paragraphs in post length for both parties, with occasional 1 large paragraphs and more when it is appropriate.  The GM may have more going on to discuss, but I don't want to be expected to write more than 1-2 paragraphs constantly.

General Theme
Like I stated in the title, there are two options...

Vanilla Adventure
This kind of adventure is the classic adventure.  There is some kind of semi-epic plot the adventurer(s) venture toward.

Sexy Misadventures
This kind of adventure involves various situations in which the heroine is defeated or captured, facing various consequences which we may discuss.  Ideally, the heroine would repeatedly escape or be let go to continue the adventure.  This can be mild (teasing, groping), moderate (light bondage, stripping, public humiliation), or extreme (tentacles, violent NC, maybe more sinister things like... impregnation?  I don't know.  Suggest whatever, we'll talk).
Clothing Damage
I would like to emphasize the clothing damage in all cases.  Torn clothing and rags should be preferable to complete nakedness.  And nakedness should be brief or plot related.

Somewhere in-between?
Want a fun more classic adventure with maybe, some sexy content?  Let me know.  Not looking for basic smut though!

Still here?  Interested?  Message me! !With the following!
Please tell me what you're looking for!  Otherwise I'll just have to ask and it wastes everyone's time...

It wouldn't hurt to include:
Ratio of vanilla adventure versus sexy content (if any).
If sexy content is involved - what are you thinking about?
If my heroine is on her own or in a party
Plot idea(s)
Anything else on your mind!

The Second Idea...

The other idea, where I'd GM (unless someone wants to run a loose version of it), builds off of this idea, but includes a system I have created.
It is in it's beta-stage, meaning I haven't really tested it yet.  I intend it to be somewhat loose, but the rules are considered by the GM to decide how the RP runs.  Some aspects of the system may or may not be desirable, like it's pleasure system.  I'm open to altering any aspect of it, and do not at all mind trying different and new things.  So feel free to suggest away!  Trying new things will only perfect the system anyway.  Okay.  Moving along!

System-based RP
I think the best way to dive into it is through a character creation kind of process...  Which would work like this:
I recommend looking at the

Character Image Decision - Build with an image in mind, or find an image after?
Character Stat Overview : Stat Allocation
Skill Point Allocation : Equipment Breakdown
Understanding the Pleasure system (Ps)r : Deciding Kink Preferences through Attraction
Determining Elemental Affinity
Developing Combat Abilities
Selecting Perks
Adjusting Character Stats
Other details: Name, Personality, Fears, weaknesses, other optional information

In the end, It's a fairly lengthy process.  The end result is a fairly thorough character sheet.  Here is an example:
Karina, the archer

Name: Karina

Starting Stats:
VIT   14           Life:   14,000
STA   14           End:   1400/1400
STR   8             Psr:   0000/1000
DEX   18
AGI   18           Move:  9
PSY   14           Skill Points: 8
INT   8

Physical Attack   80        Resistance       70
Magic Attack      80        Recovery         70
Aim                 180       Toughness      40
Speed              180       Immunity         70
Evasion            90         Magic Resist     140

Armor: Light Armor: Leather, fairly skimpy
Weapon: Ranged: Bow and Arrows
              Sword: Cutlass

8 ranks : Stealth : In medium armor, stealth at running speed.  In light armor, stealth while climbing, leaping, or swimming.

Hot Bod           More likely to be targeted.  Period.
Long Legs        More likely to be targeted for capture.
Natural Aroma  More likely to be targeted by beasts.
Virgin               200% Pls until deflowered.

Allure            Other Effects
Humans      Drugged
Gangs         Multiple Penetrations
Kidnapping  Battle Arena

Swift Step          Boosts Move by 2.  1, if wearing heavy armor.
Cardio Training   Boost Endurance recovery by 50
Sniper                Boost Range of ranged attacks or magic by 2

Elemental Affinity
Wind : Water : Ice : Poison

Wind       +75% (moderate resistance)
Water     +50% (moderate resistance)
Ice          -50% (moderate weakness)
Dark       -50% (moderate weakness)
Thunder  -75% (heavy weakness)

Attack Name       Type            Element     Damage Type    Weapon          End Cost
Zephyr Arrow  Ultimate (single) Wind         Physical      Bow and Arrow        800
Heartpiercer       Special              N/A         Physical     Bow and Arrow         400
Frozen Heart      Special              Ice        Physical           Sword                450
Arrow Rain      AoE ranged          N/A         Physical     Bow and Arrow      250 or 500
Waterfall         AoE ranged        Water        Physical     Bow and Arrow      350 or 600
Gale Arrow         Strong            Wind         Physical     Bow and Arrow         250
Poison Arrow   Status (Poison)  Poison        Physical     Bow and Arrow        250
Lacerate          Status (Bleed)     N/A          Physical          Sword                200

Stat Modifications
Virgin                        Pls +1000       Pls = 2000 (until deflowered)
Swift Step Perk          Move +2         Move = 11
Cardio Training Perk   Recovery +50  Recovery = 120
Sniper Perk               Range +2        Base Range = 7

Other Information:
Sensitive Thighs
Personality: Cool and calculating
Fears: Deeply fearful of losing virginity, tentacles, snakes
Weaknesses: Being weaponless

So.  Let's look at the system information in pieces.

Character Parameters and Stat Allocation
Vitality: Affects Life Points and resistance to physical ailments
Stamina: Affects Endurance Points and endurance regeneration
Strength: Affects Physical Attack power and defense to physical attacks
Dexterity: Affects Accuracy and Evasion
Agility: Affects turn order and Movement Distance
Psyche: Affects Magic Defense and resistance to Magical Ailments
Intelligence: Affects Magic Attack and number of available skill points

How Parameter's effects fill in a Character Sheet
Parameter   Abbreviation   Primary Bonus, per point   Secondary Bonus
Vitality         VIT                     +1000 Life                       +5 Resistance
Stamina      STA                     +100 Endurance               +5 Recovery
Strength    STR                      +10 Physical Attack           +5 Toughness
Dexterity    DEX                     +10 Aim                           +5 Evasion
Agility         AGI                     +10 Speed                        +0.5 Move
Psyche        PSY                     +10 Magic Resist               +5 Immunity
Intelligence  INT                     +10 Magic Attack                +1 Skill Point

A character creation process starts with a score of 6 in all 7 stats.  Then you have 60 remaining points to allocate and round out your character.  For higher stats, more points are used.
6 - 14 - 1 point
15-18 - 2 points
19+     - 4 points
Another way to use points is to use them this way.
10: costs 4 points
12: costs 6 points
14: costs 8 points
16: costs 12 points
18: costs 16 points
20: costs 24 points

Here are some sample spreads.  Use them, or eyeball them just to get an idea of what balances can be created.
Potential Spreads
10   12   14   16   18   18   20   20
10   12   14   16   18   18   14   18
10   12   14   14   12   14   14   14
10   12   14   14   12   14   14   12
10   12   14   14   12   14   12   12
10   12   14   12   12    8   10    6
10   12   14   12   10    8    8    6
+32   +18   +4   0   0   0   0   0   <---remaining points

Once your stat points are allocated into the seven parameters, this information can be filled out with in the above chart...
referenced here.
Parameter   Abbreviation   Primary Bonus, per point   Secondary Bonus
Vitality         VIT                     +1000 Life                       +5 Resistance
Stamina      STA                     +100 Endurance               +5 Recovery
Strength    STR                      +10 Physical Attack           +5 Toughness
Dexterity    DEX                     +10 Aim                           +5 Evasion
Agility         AGI                     +10 Speed                        +0.5 Move
Psyche        PSY                     +10 Magic Resist               +5 Immunity
Intelligence  INT                     +10 Magic Attack                +1 Skill Point

Which can be recorded in a field like this:
Starting Stats:
VIT   6        Life:    6,000
STA   6        End: 600/600
STR   6        Psr:  0000/1000
DEX   6
AGI   6        Move: 3
PSY   6        Skill Points: 6
INT   6

Physical Attack    x       Toughness       x
Magic Attack       x        Magic Resist    x
Aim                   x         Resistance      x
Speed               x          Immunity       x
Evasion             x         Recovery           x

These may be modified later, but don't change any recorded data.

Skill Point Allocation : Equipment Breakdown
The number of skill points available is equal to your Intelligence. 
Raising a skill to +8 grants an additional benefit
A bonus +8 points can be awarded by choosing a negative skill

If you'd like, feel free to suggest additional skills and their benefits after you look through the rest of the process!

Skill                 Benefits                                          At +8, gain ability
Athleticism    Climb, leap, vault, or flip more easily       Free Run             Double move ability twice per battle over any terrain.
Wrestling      Perform better in unarmed struggle        Reversal             Recover from a pin and gain advantage at cost of 50% remaining end or 400 end, whichever is greater.
Stealth         More easily stay silent and out of sight    Stalker                In medium armor, stealth at running speed.  In light armor, stealth while climbing, leaping, or swimming.
Survival        Can track prey, set traps, cook food       Survival Instinct     Alert character before ambush; calm wild animals; can bolster campsites with traps and avoid night raids.
First Aid       Can mend wounds naturally                   Miracle Worker       Heal party completely while resting; revive an adjacent fallen party member with 25% life.  200 End cost.

Intense Training  Gain an extra stat point, per point.  +2 Extra Points      Attain more stat points to power up your base stats.  +2 extra points again if brought to +16.
Magic+               Decrease cost of magic.                   Mana Mastery        Cast most magic without endurance costs.  Still need the amount of endurance required to cast it.

Observation     More clues given by the GM.                   Locate             Identify a searching target and grow aware to all of that target within realm of senses.
Insight           Able to detect bluffs, and sense motive.    Detect Vibe         Gain insight into an individual's true nature.
Bluff               More easily lie to others                      Permanent Detect Lie    Only the best can lie to you.  Can't con a con artist.
Seduction       More easily distract or entice npc's          Charm                    Lure an npc into fighting your battles.
Negative Skills
Negative Skill                         Description                         Effects
Hopeless Strength            It would take talent to be much weaker.     -2 STR.  Additionally, fail all wrestle checks.
Fragile                             Even fewer attacks bring you down.           -2 VIT.  Additionally, fail all physical ailment checks.
Weak-willed                     There is no easier magic target.                 -2 PSY.  Additionally, fail all magical ailment checks.
Sensitive                         More easily pleasured.                               -200 Psr.  Additionally, another -10% on ability rolls at 25% - 200% Psr.
Unlucky                           Targeted by enemies more often.                Unable to wear heavy armor.  Unable to take Stealth skill.
Kinky                              Secretly, or openly, wants it.                       Double effect on actions that modify Psr.
Desperate                        Resists at all costs.                                   Auto-struggles and auto-resists.  Doubles endurance cost.  Wrestles and struggles at 120% value.

You may have noticed some of the negative skills decrease a Parameter.  Don't alter them just yet.

I've created weapon and armor categories.  Again, if you have another weapon in mind, or want to argue how your parameter's might affect it's use, feel free to say something.  You do not need to record this data, this is more if you want to know how damage is calculated, looky here.
Weapon Categories
Weapons      Damage Type       Also Valuable         Examples                     Stat adjustment
Power Weapons         P Atk                 Aim             Greatsword, Hammer, Axe     Largest bonus from p. atk.
Balanced Weapons     P Atk/Speed       Aim             Sword, Bo Staff, Spear          Balanced bonuses.
Skill Weapons            P Atk/Speed   Aim             Small sword, Whip, Dagger    Larger bonus from speed.
Precision Weapons     Aim/Speed                           Bow, Throwing Knives, Guns   Other slight bonuses based on weapon
Magic Weapons          +M Atk                                Magic Sword, Magic Spear       Add Magic Attack to other modifiers
Magic Implements      M Atk                                   Staff, Magic Book, Charms      Empowers Magic attacks
Armor Categories
Armor            Bonuses                                 Penalties
Unarmored           Evasion, Magic Attack
Light Armor       Speed/Light Damage Reduction   
Medium Armor   Moderate Damage Reduction        Stealth
Heavy Armor      Very Large Damage Reduction      Speed, Stealth, Wrestling, Magic Attack (and Move if you lack Heavy Armor Perk)

No need to worry about purchasing equipment, go ahead and start with whatever you want!  Armor bonuses and penalties are not recorded on a sheet, merely kept in mind by the GM when attempting certain actions.  Weapon parameter use and Armor damage reduction is accounted for in battle.  You don't have to worry about it unless, for some reason, you feel a certain stat should be used in the calculation of damage because... whatever. 

All you need to place in the sheet is...
Weapons: Primary
               Secondary (If applicable)
               Tertiary (If applicable)

And the GM handles the rest!

Understanding the Pleasure system (Psr) : Deciding Kink Preferences through Attraction
Very dependand on the kind of RP being run.  Not applicable in a vanilla RP, but in a kink oriented RP, this may be considered.  Of course, we can do without it!  Run the RP as normal.  It's highly experimental anyway...  Mostly intended for in-combat use.  Or marking the point where the heroine loses her chance to defend herself, or when she orgasms.  Again, it can be adapted partially.  Anyway, let's take a look.

A heroine has 3 vitals.  Life, standard hit points.  Endurance, standard energy.  And Pleasure, which is not so typical.  These three vitals mark different points.

Life, Endurance, and Pleasure
Life Stages      Descriptor   Modifiers
100% - 0%             Normal             Faint at 0.
-10% - -100%        Bleeding out   -5% life per turn.
-100% - -199%      Critical            -20% life per turn
-200%                    Dead   

End Stages   Descriptor   Stage Modifiers
100% - 75%       Energetic           Double endurance regeneration.
74% - 0%            Normal   
-1% - -100%     Out of Breath    Half endurance regen.
-100% - -200%  Drained            Collapse.  Half endurance regen.

Psr Stages    Descriptor   Stage Modifiers      Effects
0% - 25%           Normal      
25% - 75%        Hot                -10% ability rolls     Sweat
75% - 100%      Stimulated       -40% ability rolls    Deep breathing, flushed, moans
100%-200%      Overwhelmed    -80% ability rolls    First orgasm at 100%
200%-300%      At mercy         -100% ability rolls    Constant orgasms

Different actions affect endurance and pleasure.  When in a pleasuring situation, you'll have various options.
In battle, an enemy might target your Pleasure opposed to your Life.  Your success or failure in resisting determines the consequences.

Actions you take that affect your Pleasure
Struggle and wrestle actions grant chances to escape.  If you opt not to do so, you'll be "giving in."
Wrestling means you're on even ground.
Struggling is when your enemy has the advantage.

Action   End Recovery   Psr Effect
Idle, Waiting       x3.00            -25
Combat              x1.00            -10
Wrestle                 -50              0
Struggle                -50            +10
Intense Struggle      -250           +100
Stimulated           x1.00       0 for 1turn
Climaxed     x0.00 for 1 turn   0 for 3turns
Giving in             x1.00             +25

If an enemy strikes you in a sensitive area, fondles you, or enters you, a set amount of pleasure is applied to you.  High amounts affect what happens to you for your next turn.  At +500, you're immediately in a struggle situation.

+25   -10% rolls
+50   Disable attack action
+200   Disable move action
+500   Collapse

Attraction, Charisma
This is where we can personalize the experience of your character on the character sheet.  I have some examples of what you can do, but you can come up with your own attributes yourself.  Only being a virgin will affect your stats directly.  Can skip to Allure, or if you have certain body parts you want emphasized, this is a good place for it.

Body Attraction
Body Details      Other Effects (examples)
Hot Bod            More likely to be targeted.  Period.
Large Breasts    More likely to be targeted by men.
Small Breasts     More likely to be targeted for humiliation.
Long Legs         More likely to be targeted for capture.
Natural Aroma    More likely to be targeted by beasts.
Sensitive Tail      (hey, you could want one.)

This one is locked with the following effect:
Virgin               200% Max Pls until deflowered.

Additionally, kinks can be placed here.  This is done with Allure.  Your character has a certain pull on others.  But, who and how?  You decide!
Allure is what is attracted to you specifically, Other effects, is what they want to do to you.

(examples, you decide!)
Allure          Other Effects
Humans      love to grope her.
Large Men   love to pin her.
Gangs of men   love to strip her.
Beasts        love to surround her.
Demons      love to impregnate her.
Gangs         love to multiple penetrate.
Tentacles     love to enter her quickly.

(this can be done with general kinks too)
Humiliation   they love to humiliate her publicly.
Kidnapping      they love inflict bondage.
Torture        they love to give her sexual torture.
Excessive Fluid      they love to cover her with fluid.
Futa            they love to cast a Futa spell on her.

Elemental Affinity
There are 9 elements, each with an effect whose chance of activating depends on the attack, the situation, and the elemental affinity of the user.  If someone has a higher affinity, they will have a higher chance of receiving the bonus effect.  Any character can harness 4 elements, chosen at character creation.  You may have noticed a perk can grant use of all 9 elements, if desired.

Elements           Chance Effect
Fire           May inflict additional damage over time.
Ice            May decrease movement by 2 for 1 turn.
Water       May heal allies or self near the target.
Thunder    May arc to additional enemies.
Earth        May inflict knockdown.
Wind        May detonate and stagger adjacent targets.
Light        May stun enemies for 1 turn.
Dark         May return damage back as healing.
Poison      May inflict poison.

Each element reacts differently to allies when caught in AoE, some not as bad as others.

Water and Light elements will not harm allies at all.
Wind and Dark elements affect allies at slightly lower rates
Fire and Ice elements affect allies at slightly higher rates
Poison and Thunder element may inflict allies with special effects
And finally, the Earth element is guaranteed to apply it's elemental effect on allies.

Next, you will choose your elemental affinities.  Not only does this affect the chance of you making use of the bonus effect, but it also affects how much damage you give and receive in that element.  So keep that in mind.

You will attribute 4 affinities with 4 different elements. 

+50% (moderate resistance)
+25% (small resistance)
-25% (small weakness)
-50% (moderate weakness)

And then you have a couple options, leave as is, or gain more affinity points for a greater loss in affinity elsewhere.  Rules for doing so follow:
You may optionally add a 25% element resistance to any element (up to 75%) in exchange for adding -25% and -25% element resistance (up to -100%, can be added to same element for -50%)

You may also optionally raise an element to 100% resistance from 75%, in exchange for adding 4 counts of -25% element resistance (to the same or different elements (up to -100%)

In this manner, to best achieve an 100% element resistance, you must elect it as the moderate resistance and raise it by decreasing other element resistances by -150%, in increments of -25%, never having a weakness greater than -100%

Alternatively, with the Elemental Attunement perk, you can increase affinity levels with no penalties other than the cost of the perk.

Developing Combat Abilities
There are physical attacks, and magical attacks.  There is a field gird, which will be updated every turn, and there are range and hitboxes to consider.  Instead of creating specific attacks, I've created rules so we can create our own attacks.  These rules can be found here.

AoE attacks in melee do not damage allies.
Ranged AoE, or Magic AoE damage allies for reduced damage.
Attacks from behind increase damage and chance for effects to succeed.
Only 1 ultimate attack is allowed per character, and must be predetermined.  (Another can be unlocked with a perk)
All other attacks can be created later at any point.  Can be left basic.  "Karina performs a Strong Attack!"  Fancy names not required.

Here's a visual of what an AoE (Area of Effect), might entail.  Also called, hitboxes.
Adjacent 4
 X X X

Adjacent 8
 X X X
 X X X
 X X X

I was thinking of implementing more combinations, like:
       X                  X                                             X                             
    X X X               X                                             X                         X     
 X X X X X     or    X   or     X X X X X      or     X X X X X    or      X    X    X   
    X X X               X                                             X                      X X X   
       X                  X                                             X                         X    <---point of impact
But for now I'll stick with AoE 4 and 8.  And Column and Row Melee.

See my example character sheet for an example on how to customize abilities.

Attacks and Effects.  Good old copy paste of uselessness!
Modifier      Cost                      Effect
360* attack    200 End    Hit adjacent 4 squares
360* attack +   500 End    Hit adjacent 8 squares (4 immediate, 4 diagonal)
Strong Attack     200 End     2x damage.  Breaks Guard.
Move Attack        200 End    Basic attack followed by a half move action, rounded up.
Beat Down          250 End    Basic attack meant to throw enemy off balance.  Chance of knockdown.
Pounce               50 End      Pounce on fallen enemy.  Enter wrestle actions.
Grapple             150 End     Attempt to retrain or throw target.  Standing wrestle check to determine success.
Restrain            100 End     Continue grapple action.  Other characters can join in at this point to restrain or attack.
Throw Enemy     100 End    Throw enemy a number of squares based on strength.  See throw chart.
AoE (Magic or Ranged)        250 End    Ranged attack and hit 4 adjacent enemies.  8 adjacent squares with +250 End.
Column Attack                   200 End     Basic attack along a line.  3 range.  +100 End per additional squares.
Cleave                               200 End     Basic attack on melee target and squares left and right.
Charge Attack                    300 End      Basic attack after a move action. +500 End for a double move.
Special Attack (Physical)     400 End    3x damage, can make a move action after attack and move enemy one square.
Special Attack (Magic)          400 End     3x damage, greatly heightened element special effect chance
Ultimate Attack                  800 End      5x damage with optional elemental effect and status chance.
Ultimate Attack (Area)          800 End     3x damage to 4 adjacent targets (or magic targeted AoE).  Optional Elemental effect.
Elemental Effect       +50 End      Can be applied with other modifiers.  +100 End for AoE attacks.
Status Effect            200 End      Can inflict status effects.  Stronger effects are more likely to be resisted.
Boost                      250 End      Boost a select stat or enchant weapon with an element for 5 turns.  -50 End for self only buff.
Blessing                   400 End      Boost an elemental resistance for self and all allies by 25% for five turns.
Ability Decrease        300 End   Decrease an enemies stat for 5 turns. 

Thow Chart:
4 STR    1 square
10 STR  2 squares
14 STR  3 squares
18 STR  5 squares
20 STR  6 squares

Example Attacks
Attack       Attack Type    Element   Damage Type   Weapon
Sword Dance   Ultimate      N/A            Physical             Sword
Grand Fireball   Ultimate      Fire             Magic                  -

Range Chart (sniper shot perk boosts range by 2)
Attack Descriptor   Range   Endurance cost
Basic                             5                 0
Long Shot                   7              +100
Sniper Shot                10             +250

Special Actions
Special Actions:
Action             End Cost          Effect
Wait                                      Triple Recovery End
Struggle              50 End       Make another wrestle check.
Intense Struggle  250 End      Make another wrestle check, double effect.
Resist                 50 End        Halve Psr gain for 1 turn.
Attend Wounds                     Assist bleeding out ally.  +50% life up to 0% health.
Defend                                 Reduce incoming damage next turn.
Carry                      0            Pick up motionless target.  Halts End regen.

Selecting Perks
Perks!  Special talents your character has, in combat or otherwise. 
Every character gets 3 at creation.  However, more points will be granted when major feats are completed in the game.
Feel free to suggest other perks, but mind the balance of the system.

Perk List
Perk   Effect
Class Perks   
Heavy Armor        Able to wear heavy armor.  (Can wear without perk with a -50% (rounded up) move penalty).
Healing Magic       Able to heal allies with magic.  Can convert stronger attacks into stronger healing spells.
Elemental Fury     Able to cast magic in any element.
Gigantic Weapon  Able to wield weapons larger than your person.
Druidism              Able to get nature to fight with you.  (Vines, plants, small animals, and weather may aide your party)
Statistic Perks   
Berserker             Boost damage given and damage received by 120%
Swift Step            Boosts Move by 2.  1, if wearing heavy armor.
Cardio Training     Boost Endurance recovery by 50
Second Wind        Able to recover 1000 End once per battle.
Attrition               Recover 50% of missing life and endurance at the end of a battle.
Ultimate Mastery   +1 Ultimate, -100 Ultimate End cost, -50 Special End cost
Combat Perks   
Overdrive              Take an two attack action in a single turn once per battle.
Whirlwind Sprint     Able to make a second move action freely instead of an attack.
Sniper                   Boost Range of ranged attacks or magic by 2
Enhanced Evasion   Double evasion score so long as you did not attack in the last turn.
Unarmed Finesse    Count unarmed melee attacks as Balanced Weapons.  Incorporate Speed into Struggle and Wrestle checks.
Brawler                  Double hand-to-hand combat damage.
Weave                   Gain ability to move through enemy squares.
Charged Up           Charge an attack for one turn to inflict 2.5x damage next turn.  0 End recovery and half move for duration.
Guardian                Grants toggle ability to stand in for attacks inflicted on adjacent allies.
Suppress                Grants toggle ability to reduce attacked enemy's move to 1 while engaged in melee combat.
Life Regeneration     Grants toggle ability to halve End regeneration and gain Life Regen at x5 End Recovery value.
Plow Down              Able to make a Pounce action immediately after a knockdown.
Expose                  Able to expose enemy to allies for extra damage while restraining.  Standing only.
Expert Pin              Doubles struggle ability when holding the advantage in a struggle or retraining.
Black Widow           Able to strike enemy for heavy damage you are restraining while standing.  Ends restrain.
Utility Perks   
Revirginize                   Able to undo effects of sex through prayer, meditation, or magic.  Lose 200% psr bonus.
Element Attunement     Grant immunity to a single element , or boost resistance to three elements moderately.

Adjusting Character Stats
Now it is time to note adjustments.  Without altering previous scores.  There are two ways of doing this.

Way 1:  With Total values next to parenthesis set of starting value +/- modifiers
STR 14 (16, -2)

Way 2: By creating a list of values adjusted.  Leaving it up to the GM to finalize scores.  I mean, I have to check them.
Negative Skill: Str -2
Perk: +2 Move
Perk: +50 End regeneration (Recovery)

And Lastly
Other details: Name, Personality, Fears, weaknesses, other optional information (sensitive areas, attracted to, questing purpose)
Finalize a picture if you haven't already.

And that sums up the system.  Though I need to edit for visual appearance.
If you want to talk about an RP using this system, message me your thoughts.  I'm more than happy discussing it, and brainstorming plots.
My intention for this system was so the player could control multiple players (3, maybe 4), and participate in a light strategy battle with the RP.  For all those, if any, that like the way that sounds.

Alternatively, we could try an RP where we only use parts of the system.  What would happen if we only used it for battle?  What if we only used the pleasure system?  Maybe... a battle arena situation?  Anyway!  That's it for now.  To be edited later! 

Also, if anyone knows how to get tables to work naturally I'd be thankful for the insight!
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