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Author Topic: Looking for good stories (m/f, f/f)  (Read 382 times)

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Looking for good stories (m/f, f/f)
« on: February 26, 2014, 02:01:23 AM »
Things I like:
forbidden love
a little pain is always good as is a little blood.

Things I don't like:

Vampire/voodoo priestess*
Demon/voodoo priestess*
best friends
god or goddess*/human*

* - roles I'd prefer writing

I didn't list specific ideas because I'd like to brainstorm with potential writing partners. If any of these pairings interest you, please message me!

Oh, by the way, I like vampires to be slightly evil/misunderstood to almost pure evil.
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Re: Looking for good stories (m/f, f/f)
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2014, 07:36:38 AM »
I have a ghost you may be interested in, two ticks shall copy and paste story :).

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

How can you begin the story of Elissa for even in death has she lived more than most experience in life? But I suppose it's best to begin when she was alive, born to the Choctaw tribe of Mississippi in 1829 she was given the name Elissa in memory of kind missionary who had respected their beliefs. Much of her life was spent learning her culture and understanding everything it took a chance meeting that would eventually lead to her death in 1841 she came across a girl struggling in the water, seeing no one nearby, she jumped in, not a strong swimmer, she managed barely to get them both to the bank, out of breath and exhausted she lay there not speaking for a while. The girl on the other hand, was very pretty, wearing what amounted to a summer dress and Church wear, she finally spoke, "Thank you for saving me..." Elissa said nothing, but smiled softly, appearing still tired after such an aggressive fight against the current.

The girl continued, "My name is Elizabeth..." she paused nervously, her blonde hair almost shining in the sun, "My father, is the magisterate, you should come and tell him what you did, I sure he will be grateful for your timely intervention."

Still Elissa did not answer in words, but she nodded and stood up, appearing accepting this idea... This was the first meeting between the soon to be bestfriends, at first Elissa could speak little english, but overtime they came to understand one another. Due to their closeness despite the great divide in langauge and culture, they entered one another's worlds on a daily basis, learning and experiencing the realities of their world and what it expected of them.

The elder's only slightly approved of how they were together, although her father would never forgive what Elissa did to be closer to her, she discard her surname in favour of English one so they could go to the same school. On the other hand Elissa's father Magisterate Harold Parton, did not approve of his daughter even conversing with a native america, or as he called savage's, injuns in his opinion they were not even worth dirt to him, they were pathetic and should be shot.

This uneasy union did not bother Elissa or Elizabeth, who cared nothing of whether their parent's approved to them, they were bestfriend and cared for one another deeply... Yet history had other plans, tensions grew, between American's and the Native's continued racism and hatred stemming further, people whispering comments about Elissa behind her back during school, teacher's trying to force her to believe in Christanity over her Gods, it was horrific time... Still their friendship lasted, but for Elissa new feelings were emerging, desires she had never imagined could happen, when she saw Elizabeth, her heart flew, every moment with her was like fresh oxygen, every harmless touch an electrifying experience to the Native.

In fear she spoke to her tribe, one woman listened and explained that while it was expected she would take a male... the reality was that Elissa's heart felt for girls, in fact a girl. The woman went on and explained that such attractions were not as rare as you would have people believe, she finally suggested that Elissa should say something. Instead of not know anything and wonder, she said that she should write what she wanted to say in the journal for practice, with her help she wrote her message and intended to tell her after Church, which she went with Elizabeth to.

Unfortunately for her the father had been busy with a case and stayed home, he found the diary, he found the words and without any compassion he waited until she left, and with couple of the other men, they kidnap her roughly, and brought her to the river, struggling desperately, she tried to scream, but they gag and beat her, one spoke, "Disgusting, vile whore, look at you, like all Native's no sense of decency, we read your words, you will burn in hell for such attractions, but first you will suffer."

Ripping her clothes open they eyed her body, before forcing her to her back, and without any care, they took a branding iron and hit her skin, she yelled out in sudden agony, as it seared her flesh burning her as she wept and yelped, before she could recover, she was dragged over to the river, head forced underwater.

Pathetically she struggled, trying to reemerge as her lungs felt fit to burst, but no amount of trying could break the grip, as her final breath left her body, her being thrown in like a doll, left to drift the river in utter silence, like Ophelia, but not due to her own wants... No all she had wanted was to love another girl, her crime... her crime...

For a year she could do nothing, she was dead, she had not gone to heaven or hell, instead remained next to her body, for a year she just could neither go too far away or leave the river. But this changed, as a year occurred and she could leave. In sheer desperation she went the house, finding it abandoned, her room untouched. Praying she would return, she sealed the room with her gifts, and waited, waited forever, time never progressing in the room, occasionally leaving to read books and experience the world, she hoped that some day Elizabeth would return...

This would never happen, she was murdered, a year after Elissa's death there was more drama, Elizabeth's father, Harold tried to get with his daughter, when she refused his advances countless times, the final time he grabbed her taking her to the tree outside, and hung her.

The town was not so forgiving with this, they found out and had him executed. Thus why the house was abandoned, but Elissa knew nothing of this.

Instead time progressed and over time she became a stronger ghost, teach herself to become tangible, to touch others, to replace her clothes, it all took time. During the quiet she studied hard, entering schools and learning as much as possible everything she pursued, even the more erotic side of things, in fact she somehow managed to learn how to release, orgasm even while undead, it was for Elizabeth, whom she still believed would come back.

All in hope, all for possible chance, but she never came back, she never returned, instead she just could only gain knowledge, never once considering to study what had happened, otherwise she would know...

History though knew little of her, history did not remember her, to history she was collateral damage, just one murder of a non-english girl, it mattered little.

Elissa and Elizabeth a story never taken to it's conclusion, but no one remembers Elissa... no one knows of the Native American girl who tried shared a loving friendship with Elizabeth Parton, daughter of the magisterate.