Maiden x Dragon (sub f for dom m)

Started by Chiarra, February 22, 2014, 03:23:18 PM

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While I could have put this in my main search thread, I really wanted to do this separate.  I just have a few rules.

1.  Please have good spelling and grammar.
2.  I do not like one liners, all though I do understand the occasional one.  I occasionally do them myself.
3.  Please tell me if you would like to drop the rp or are going to be away for a while, I will do the same in return.  (With school, my replies are going to be once a day now, maybe slower maybe faster, just depends.  Longer than two days I will tell you)
4.  If you are losing interest, maybe we could try to make it more interesting, if not then I thank you for your time on the rp that was dropped.

Okay, I'm really really craving your typical maiden gets captured by a dragon and turned into his pet.  While I do prefer him to have a human form, he can also have a mid form that I wouldn't mind using in the smut either, where he's a humanoid looking dragon.  And then of course his main dragon from, which I don't mind you using, as long as it's not put into the smut too much though it can be done.

Off's, no torture, scat, vore, snuff, gore, and we're good ^_^.
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