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Author Topic: Female looking for 1x1 Hetero/Yuri RP (Plots Inside)  (Read 2545 times)

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Female looking for 1x1 Hetero/Yuri RP (Plots Inside)
« on: August 18, 2008, 08:28:43 PM »
I had a thread up a few months ago with some replies, but I got caught up in school and my access to the net was limited, so I wasn't able to get any RPs started. Fortunately, I'm on a break from school right now and looking to RP, so send me a message if you're interested.

I am a female looking for hetero or lesbian RP.
I mostly stick to that, but you can convince me otherwise for male homosexual RP.
I prefer a 2-5 paragraphs per post range... with plenty of detail and dialog. Without that, I just get bored and end up bailing. Sorry.

What I'll RP is NOT limited to my plots. Please feel free to offer any ideas you have or alter my plots in any way that would suit you. I'm pretty sure that I won't mind... in most cases.

Check my ONs and OFFs thread for a general idea of what I like and dislike.

Type: mostly yuri (some hetero), modern, high school, love triangle, light bondage
Description: The RP involves two female childhood friends who have maintained their friendship all the way into high school. The character I will be playing has gradually developed obsessively romantic feelings toward yours, but is too afraid to come out and admit it out of fear of being rejected. My character becomes distraught after finding out that your character has a new boyfriend and begins to go through any means to have your character all to herself. (In this RP, I can also play the role of the boyfriend for a few hetero scenes).

Type: PrincessxPrincess, fantasy, yuri, light bondage/abuse, blackmail
Description:We both play rival princesses of distant kingdoms. My character has already been announced in an arranged marriage to the prince who is soon to inherit the throne as king of the highest ordered kingdom (which would make my character the prospective queen). But after it is revealed that my character is an illegitimate child, the present the opportunity to your character, sending mine into social outcast. My character is regretful of losing her chance to marry the prince and the respect of her kingdom, and takes out her frustrations on the one who "stole" her title: your character.

Type: DemonxMortal, yuri, fantasy, war, violence/gore scenes (not particularly done onto our characters.)
Picture ref: Pic1
Description:You play a character that desires power over the land that she lives in/revenge/etc. and thus, manages to summon a demon to do her bidding. I play the demon who willingly plays along but has a hidden agenda to take her own revenge on the mortal world as well. Through their adventures, your character gradually realizes that it is not she who is in control, but rather, under the manipulation and seduction of the demoness that she summoned.

Type: hetero, fantasy, demoness, adventure
Description: Your character has left his home village in search for his childhood friend who was sent off to work by her family when they were younger. I play a succubus who disguises herself as the long-lost friend in order to seduce your character but after a while of traveling, the succubus' disguise falters. The succubus is curious of human emotions and agrees to help your character find his missing friend and in turn, he will show her affection when ever she desires. But after a while of spending so much time together, the succubus gains feelings for him and becomes less and less willing to give him up at the end to the girl that he is searching for. (When the time arises, I play the role of the childhood friend, as well.

Type: DemonxDemon, fantasy,  impregnation
Description: One of the main goals of the kind of demoness that I will play is to become pregnant by a powerful demon and in turn, produce strong offspring. She ignores the willing and capable male demons in her reach and instead chases after one of the sons of Satan himself. He, of course, is our of her league and is reluctant about helping her meet her desires, but ultimately decides to give her a chance. But, such an honor isn't so easily obtainable and she must prove herself in anyway he wishes before getting what she wants. (My character will be very determined, a succubus (so very lusty and seductive)... basically, a nymphomaniac.)

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Re: Female looking for 1x1 Hetero/Yuri RP (Plots Inside)
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2008, 09:02:09 PM »
I'm interested in the first of the MxF plots listed. Let me know if we can get something going. :]

Offline Transgirlenstein

Re: Female looking for 1x1 Hetero/Yuri RP (Plots Inside)
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2008, 06:11:08 AM »
I would be interested in either the 2nd male/female rp or the 2nd and 3rd of the yuri rps

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Re: Female looking for 1x1 Hetero/Yuri RP (Plots Inside)
« Reply #3 on: August 19, 2008, 12:53:27 PM »
1st Yuri option sounds familiar.  :)  Interested MP is Interested.