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May 27, 2018, 06:35:23 PM

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Author Topic: Paging Dr. Crane, please report to the front office.(Harley Seeking Dr. Crane)  (Read 328 times)

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"Paging Dr. Crane, Paging Dr. Crane. Please report to the front office. Your assistance is required."

Hello there, My name is Love, and I'm looking for a roleplay that I haven't done in a long time and miss it dearly. So, I have made this request thread! Please, allow me to let you know alittle more about myself, what I'm like, and what I enjoy!

My writing style: I consider myself literate, with a few typo's here and there but I try my best to keep it down. My brain just moves faster than my hands sometimes, lol. I write anywhere between three and eight paragraphs, it all really depends. I roleplay MxF, MxM, and sometimes FxF. I am very friendly, and love to talk as well as write with my partners, so feel free to message me and chat. And don't be worried, the more we talk over the roleplay the better! I love comic books, and the characters in them. And Batman is my favorite for DC. But not Batman himself, I love his villains. I have many ideas for many different things, but this storyline is what I'm seeking the most.

Things I enjoy in the roleplay.:
 Modern Setting
Medieval Setting
Victorian Setting
Dark settings and ideas!
Dark Romance
Forbidden love
Clothed sex
Sex scenes were they can get caught/or people are near by (Libraries, closets, gym showers, changing rooms)
Sex scenes in hot water
Oral (Given and reviving)
Hand jobs/Finger jobs
Giving Hickeys.
Pregnancy (depends on the storyline)
Hair pulling
Dirty talk
Breast play
F X F (Sometimes.)
Murder (not of main characters/but I love killing of nameless characters)
Blood play
Medical play.
Honestly, the list is REALLY long, its best to ask me what I don't like.

Speaking of which, What I don't like.: Anything Anime, or Furries. Cant stand it, please don't ask. Potty play or Scat.

On To The Storyline!

I am seeking a partner to play out a paring idea between Harley Quinn and Scarecrow. know, some may find this an odd pairing. As everyone loves Harley Quinn with the Joker. Not that I don't love that pairing as well, I have just became to....Used to their relationship and I was something new. Warning, this storyline has hard pasts, "new starts", drug abuse, and mental disorders. I would like someone with knowledge of Dr. Crane, as well as the Batman (Nolan Verse) I use this, because I like things darker and dirtier.

Dr. Jonathan Crane has made it his life's work to be the commanding voice in the halls of Arkham. And he has finally reached his place in life. As head physician in Arkham, he now holds a strong seat of power. Everything is kept in a neat order, on an OCD level, he is straight lined, focused, and hard working. Or thats what his peers would say about him. With no idea he secretly fights the monster within himself. The Scarecrow. The voice is strong, and guides him in his....private affairs. Under handedly and secretly he has created his own brand of "medications" in his home and within the depths of Arkham, while in secret, testing them on patients. Of course, the experiments have only grown more since their start. While he is quiet, stern, and bossy man on the outside, on the inside is a wild hunter, seeking out the fear and pain of others.

While, his work load has gotten to a degree he has to unload to make more time for his outside affairs. Sending his sectary to apply an ad for an assistant doctor to take on some of his lower profile patients. Harleen, in a desperate desire to get away from her home and life, sees the ad. Almost fresh out of college, with her high regarded degree, she applies. Thinking she wouldn't hear anything back, she was picked. picked out of a group of five others to come in for a face to face interview with the head of Arkham asylum for the job. Packing up her life, she rolls out as fast as she can to get to Gotham.

After a less than enjoyable, and stuffy interview with the rather distant man. She assumes she doesn't get the job. She was to young, to new, to....blonde? She readies herself to make another life in Gotham now that she is here, then...she gets a call. She got the job. She is more than happy to start working with patients and get into her new role in life. But she too, is hiding another voice in her head. A wild, violent, and smart mouth inside of her. The girl she really is, that she pushed down for so many years. Does all she can to always claw to the top.

When being nosy, she finds some of Dr. Crane's "medications" and questions him about them. Only to find, she may not want to work for this man....Harleen knows she should go, get as far away from this dangerous man as she can....while Harley....wants to stay and play this little game. As two doctors, lose their grip on reality.

I'd love to discuss this more with my partner! So please, feel free to message me! Thank you for reading!!!!

Harleen Quinzel & Harley Quinn:

Dr. Jonathan Crane & The Scarecrow:  

"Dr. Crane isn't in right now, but if you'd like to make an appointment"
"No thanks! I didn't want to hang out with him ANYWAY! Hahahah!"