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July 07, 2022, 12:24:44 pm

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Author Topic: Forced Feminization and Retro Adventure Ideas (Open to M and F)  (Read 2361 times)

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Forced Feminization and Retro Adventure Ideas (Open to M and F)
« on: February 18, 2014, 05:43:05 am »
Hello all,

I thought I'd set up this post as the best way to find some specific things I've been looking for recently. A good feminization story is at the top of that list, turning a male into a fully passable and even glamorous female. The big draw for me with any plot with this theme, besides the transformation process, is the clothing. I've come to realize I have a big fashion/forced clothes wearing fetish. So I have included some inspiration/example pics with both my plots. I've also felt like exploring some MxM with the feminization plots. Seems like a natural extension. There's rooms for females to be worked in as well, I'd just like the primary characters to be male. Of course, I don't care what actual gender the writer is. These are all just for the characters in the game. With any of these I'd be willing to play the victim or the dom figure. Both are written in a non-con format, but I'd also be willing to tweak them to make them more consensual.

But here are the ideas. Below the forced fem plot you'll also find a more exotic story initially intended for MxF, but not fully fleshed out. Again it has some specific angles in it as well.

The New Secretary (MF/m, forced fem, retro setting)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Concept: This plot was originally developed to be set in the era of Mad Men, the early 1960's. A young, rising star executive at an advertising agency/big corporation is close to sealing a big lucrative contract. He sets up a lunch meeting with the client's CEO. While the client is running late, the young exec has a little too much liquid courage in the restaurant's bar to settle his nerves. He notices an attractive young woman walks in and begins aggressively hitting on her, saying demeaning things to her and groping her not-so-subtly. It's too late when he realizes his client has arrived and the young woman he was accosting is the CEO's daughter who was to join them for the lunch meeting.

The young exec loses the contract and is immediately fired by his firm. But that isn't the end of his downfall. The angered CEO seeks further vengeance for his daughter. He sets a plan in motion to have the man abducted and forcibly feminized. He's put in the care of a stern, matron type figure who over the next several weeks not only oversees his physical transformation and makeover, but also trains him how to properly do his makeup, hair and nails. Most importantly she would be teach him how to fully act feminine in all aspects of his life and how to dress in the complex/restrictive women's clothing of the era (seamed stockings, garters, girdle/corsets, bullet bras, pencil skirts, etc.)

Eventually, she'd be unveiled to the world as a woman where a job as a secretary at the angered CEO's office would be waiting for her. She'd be the lowest of the low in the secretary pool, stuck with fetching drinks/coffee, typing endlessly long reports with her new, manicured nails and expected to look good for visiting clients. The CEO would secretly encourage aggressive sexual harassment (pinches, spanks, gropes) of the "new girl" and perhaps a male coworker who doesn't know what she actually is develops a crush on her (which the boss coerces her to pursue). A possible addition would be a male guardian/"boyfriend" that moves into her apartment to make sure she lives her role 24/7. She'd come from work and be expected to cook for him, clean and of course please him sexually.

Inspiration pics
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Setting: Originally meant to be in the 60's, but it can be updated to the modern day for extra humiliation. For instance, he's still required to wear the retro clothing in the modern world, but still subject to the pre-HR days of office harassment.

The Trophy Wife (MF/m or just M/m, forced fem, modern setting)
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Concept: A wealthy businessman is primed to be named a senior partner at a prestigious, very conservative banking firm. There's only one problem: he likes men. While he's managed to keep that a secret from his coworkers and superiors, it's still causing a roadblock to his promotion. The "good ol' boys club" that runs the firm prefers their partners to be married. So, he sets out on a quest to find his perfect "wife." From there this could go in two directions:

1.) He goes out and kidnaps a perfect candidate and then forcibly feminines him. However with the banker being a man of high standards, his captive can't just simply pass as a woman. He has to pass a refined, cultured woman of high class and taste. To keep his captive's cooperation the businessman could offer a large sum of money (millions) if he simply plays the trophy wife role for a set period of time (5 or 10 years). A contract is drawn up that states the "wife" cannot reveal her true self, expose the businessmen or escape during the period. Secretly the businessman has worded the contract so that if things ever did go south he could claim this "woman" tried to extort money from him

2.) The other option is that the businessman already has a secret male lover and proposes the idea of him becoming his wife. The partner could be willing and this could be a softer, more romantic tale of them coming to accept the lifestyle change and the challenges it comes with. Or perhaps the partner is not fully convinced and needs to be coerced/forced nonetheless.

In either case, the businessman would also have his own selfish interests in mind. While being conditioned as a woman, she'd also learn how to better "please" her partner in a more feminine way. Behind her elegant exterior, she'd be highly sexualized, always "on call." I imagined the "couple" attending a very formal dinner, the husband's hand slipping under the table and rubbing her thigh a certain way. It's her signal to excuse herself to the ladies' room. He follows subtly several minutes later to sate his needs.

The focus of the story would be her transformation and reaction to it. She'd basically be a prisoner in a very gilded cage. Could she handle her new feminine role, perhaps with a live-in stylist choosing the latest fashions that she MUST wear, despite her own discomfort? Does she come to like the new lavish lifestyle, spending time with her new friends, the other trophy wives, hosting charity events and endlessly shopping? Forced or not, does she come to love her husband? Lots of possibilities.

Inspiration pics (NSFW for lingerie images)
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The Cabaret Caper (MxF, adventure, perhaps some light bondage/kidnapping, open to more kinks)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Concept: This is inspired by noir films and a touch of Indiana Jones. The concept revolves around a young woman who is part of a very privileged, wealthy family in the 1930's. She was educated in the best schools, trained to be part of the best social circles in the US or UK and expected to marry someone of equally high standing. To her though, this lifestyle has felt like a prison. So when she's gifted a European vacation following her college graduation she seizes the opportunity to escape...and never returns home.

Her parents incorrectly and naively believe she's been kidnapped and hire a private investigator. They give him unlimited funds to track down their daughter. After some globe trekking he finds her in an exotic locale as the very popular star of a small, local cabaret. Her dark hair dyed blonde, fake name, singing/dancing/performing (perhaps even kinky) acts for the enjoyment of locals and foreign visitors who treasure the rare, fair-skinned starlet in that part of the globe. A feisty girl at heart, she's happier living on the edges of acceptable society, doing things on her own terms.

What happens from there, I don't know. Does the PI convince her to come home? Does he practically have to kidnap and thus anger the local mob/authorities who pursue him in turn to retain their Western prize? Does she convince him (through whatever means) that she's better off there? Does she get into bigger trouble not realizing how dangerous a country she's actually in? Do they somehow get caught up in the looming intrigue of WWII? There's lots of possibilities. This is obviously geared toward history fans, but a knowledge isn't a requirement.

Inspiration pics (some nudity, NSFW)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Setting: 1930's, somewhere in North Africa or the Middle East.

If any of these ideas sparked interest or further ideas, shoot me a PM. I'd be eager to talk with you and work with adapting the ideas to your tastes. Primarily I'm looking to play these over the forums or PMs. Thanks for taking the time to look.
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