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Started by Verath, February 12, 2014, 08:50:54 PM

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Welcome and thank you for checking out my thread. :)

Please send me a message if you are interested, don't post in this thread.

First off, if you would please take a look at my On's and Off's thread (located in my signature) as well as my role play prefs, just to make sure there isn't anything that wouldn't mesh well together before getting started, I'll love you forever. For now, I'm just looking to do forum or PM roleplays.

Most of what I'm looking for right now are mostly just settings, hadn't really had a specific plot pop out at me yet. There are a few ideas but none of them are really set in stone wants. If there are settings that you'd be interested in that aren't on this list, feel free to toss some at me! If it's something that I know of or can take a crash course online, I'll give it a shot, just please have a little patience with me.

Currently I only play female characters, tried playing males in the past and it's just not something I feel confident about at the moment. Also, most of my characters will be either OC's or something new I whip up for the rp. Playing cannon characters isn't something I usually do.

Here are a few things that I'd had in mind for different rp settings, though if something isn't on the list but sounds like fun, please feel free to suggest it.

Fantasy (This can be medieval, modern, make a world of our own or whatever.)
Mythology (Most familiar with Greek/Roman)

Borderlands (1 or 2, I'm comfortable with both settings, be it pre or post Vault opening.)
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Outlaw Star
Cowboy Bebop
'Tales of - ' series
Final Fantasy (I'm comfortable with several different worlds, if you have a particular one in mind, lemme know)
Avatar : TLA or Legend of Korra
Tamora Pierce books (more specifically the realm of Tortal)


Childhood friends
Arranged marriage
Princess or Noble woman/ Prince, Knight, Body Guard, etc.
Serving girl or Peasant/ Prince, Knight, Body Guard, etc.