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Author Topic: A Peek is Worth a Thousand Words... (Lords, ladies and lieges welcome!)  (Read 1274 times)

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...Haven't you heard?

Kindly refrain from posting in this thread and express all interest via PMs!

Dusk on the Morrow

Scenario: The story is about an outlaw-turned-farmer who was raised in a life of crime. Along with his father and elder brothers he engaged in theft, larceny, murder and greed aplenty. Theirs was not the way of the Robin Hood either, no money was taken from the rich to be distributed to the poor. Rather the men were crooks, until of course, our protagonist decides it is all too much and leaves the family to tend to a farm and begin his life anew.
Five years later he is arrested and told how in a matter of days he must either hunt down his father and brothers or face the axe himself. He is thrust into a partnership with your character. Her background I leave to you, but some very delicious examples would be a belle thief who has swindled too many pockets. A motel owner who owes too much to the powers that be.  An ex-nun who killed off her kidnappers/rapists and then hunted down the rest of his gang to kill them too, or really anything that you would like included.
Or she can simply be someone he takes refuge with temporarily (stays at her motel, buys a drink at her bar, etc.) but events take place that force her to accompany him in this quest for better or for worse. The tale therefore is about the two of them earning redemption one way or another. The story can include both consensual and non-consensual elements depending on what is favoured and coherent.

Setting: Wild West 


Scenario: In the midst of the Fourth battle of Kawanakajima the Uesugi forces stomp into the Takeda camp for a brief altercation before charging back to the battlefield. Two operatives, one from each side irrespective of the roles they serve in, come across one another before taking their positions behind their liege lord. Whether they serve in a clandestine capacity or maybe one is a lower, impoverished samurai whereas the other a humble courtesan-cum-Onnabushi, it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is a middle of a night, secret gathering between both the lords (Both Nagao Kagetora [Uesugei Kenshin] and Takeda Harunobu [Takeda Shingen] had immense respect for one another). They conspire to send two of their agents (our characters) as defectors into the Tokugawa camp with the goal of assassinating Oda Nobunaga to halt his march to Kyoto.

Obviously historical knowledge is required about that period. I am always happy to shed any needed light on some of these historical figures if need be. I am also very happy to work with different roles i.e. if you prefer to be a Tokugawa or an Oda loyalist and my character is the defector or vice versa, etc.

Setting: Feudal Japan/Sengoku-Jidai

Bastard of Highever

Scenario: The setting is that of Dragon Age: Origins. The story concept is of the Cousland origins storyline however with the caveat that Teyrn Brice Cousland had a bastard son/daughter. Knowledge of this child is kept under wraps so as to ensure Fergus’s or Aedan’s/Elissa’s claim to Highever. However we will not be following the bits where one of the Cousland family members survive and join the Wardens. This will rather have the Cousland family perish in its entirety and where Fargus disappears whilst on his patrol in the Korcari Wilds before the Battle of Ostagar. Which storyline we pursue is up to you and I will be most happy to discuss the possibilities. The plot revolves around the Cousland bastard instead.
The main protagonist, the bastard of Highever, he/she were sent to Kirkwall soon after their birth where the bastard – upon learning how their father was slaughtered – makes their way back to Ferelden during the blight and decides to raise a levy to fight Arl Howe. After Howe’s eventful defeat we can plot what happens to them and your character. Do they join the forces against blight, or perhaps simply leave Ferelden to her fate, letting the Grey Wardens take care of things? This character is just, playful and willing to make concessions at their best. At their worst they are vengeful, chaotic and inconsiderate of the blight.

Setting: Medieval/Fantasy

One Brazen Cusp

Slowly losing influence a courtier finds himself hard pressed to maintain his position on his Queen’s council lest strict measures are undertaken. No longer does he carry the financial clout where he could finance a number of operations at the same time and considering the last three deals gone awry, he feels he has very few options before he finds himself outmaneuvered and outspent in more ways than one.

Through a confluence of backend deals and new agreements struck, he manages to elongate his impending doom for just a while longer till he can fall into her majesty’s graces again. What he doesn’t expect is a disgruntled stakeholder assigning one of their young daughters to shadow and learn from him. There was a reason why he did not work with others because statecraft and the art of acquiring said craft worked independently from one another. Someone with barely any experience won’t contribute and hold him back from all that is more imperative but he finds himself without a choice but to accept her. The story lends a considerable lean towards court intrigue, state drama and business-per-usual going awry when you least expect it.

Setting: Medieval/Court Intrigue 

When All the Waves Have Crashed

You are summoned by the magi council when one in their academy dies a suspicious death. Usually these sorts of affairs are palpably investigated by the Intelligence body but in this case, an ambassador has passed away within the academy at the Capital. You are briefed how the late ambassador’s always had enemies but were outgunned at every juncture, rendering them incapable to take his life. Since you serve at the pleasure of the council like all your magic peers, you agree to take the position as ambassador in his stead.

But you were always an academic first. Politics was never your goal but you were never any bad at it. It is your duty to come to this new city to take your rightful place as ambassador and investigate the late ambassador’s death. In your journeys you will meet many savoury and unsavoury sorts and within whose ranks you will find your killer(s) unless you are found first and made to suffer the same fate if not worse.

Setting: Medieval/Fantasy

Fire on the Mountain

The story has some fantasy elements but at best its genre can be considered Revolutionary War-esque. It can also be considered a twist to the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast.
The plot revolves around the Baron General who has lived a quiet and single life for the better part of their existence. His command is situated close to Boston and therefore always on the forefront of war against the colonies. However the Baron had recently either taken a fancy, or been propositioned by another officer of a lower rank for the hand of their daughter/widowed sister/orphaned niece, etc. The Baron agrees or delights at this piece of news and is soon after wed to the lovely lass. Unbeknownst to the girl however, the Baron is cursed. Every full moon he locks himself within the confines of his mansion so his beast form does not hurt or bring harm to the people he loves. At his best the Baron is of a calm disposition, understanding and brave. At his worst he is conniving, harmful and possess an unhealthy need to breed or kill.

Setting: 1800s/Low-Dark Fantasy

Sally Succubae in New York

No it doesn’t have to be New York City nor the state. The title rather pays homage to a particular demoness who finds herself trapped in these modern times, in a large city and thoroughly stripped of her powers except that of relentless seduction which she cannot curb. She does not know how this came to be and is clearly none too pleased with this situation.
My gentleman in the scenario is such (I'm flexible about his story and persona); works a solid 9 to 5 and tends to stay out of trouble. He craves the wild, uncontrollable urge he has seen others exercise and hopes perhaps he can one day find himself living on the more clamorous end of things. He wishes for an early retirement someday but realizes full well his excitement for life may fade long before he accomplishes something indubitably cheeky or worthy.
However at your character's arrival, she is seen as an opportunity to interact and to be learned from, not sexually (at least not in the beginning) but rather someone he finds purpose in, to introduce, acclimate and perhaps someday be with her despite her nature.

Setting: Contemporary/Modern Day with low fantasy

Her Descent upon the Pulpit

She fell from the heavens. Whether it was mere circumstance or malcontent, nobody knows. But what we do know is her identity; she’s one the lesser deities. There was once a time when gods and goddesses roamed these lands. But ever since the last two great wars, their trips have been non-existent.
She did not come willingly however and the people have long forgotten what a deity looked like, let alone the protocol on how to treat them. To make matters worse there powers are stripped once they come in contact with humanity on their hearth. This is to prevent the deity from harming themselves and the people.
At impact they ensnare her… drag her to a local commandant’s tent for him to pronounce judgment, ill or well. Befuddled he is smote the moment he sees her. Chivalrous, kind and honourable he decides to pardon her but the people won’t have it. He does not recognize her for who she is. Only that he had heard tales and someone so beautiful… so sweet and good cannot possibly be evil?
The trial is escalated to a superior power and he vows to speak at her behest, hoping his words won’t fall on deaf ears. If push came to shove, perhaps fight and even flee with the goddess to prevent her from harm.

Setting: Medieval Fantasy

Red's... Riding Hood? (Under Discussion)

I wish to do a modern twist to the Red Riding Hood tale. Ideas that come to mind involve Red in a humungous amount of debt. She owes money to unsavoury parties who are not only underworld criminals but are paired with demonic overlord bosses, were-creatures or a not-so-secretive vampire coven.
I would prefer to do an extreme variant for this story, inclusive of kinks such as kidnapping, coercion, torture, group-dynamic and/or interrogation. Suffice to say these will be structured in accordance to what has already been discussed between us as writers.

Setting: Contemporary with a splash of Dark Fantasy
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Re: Prickly Ideas
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Unavailable Plots

Smoke from Ice and Fire
Smoke from Ice and Fire

Scenario: It would be great if you have read the “Song of Ice and Fire” series rather than having just watched “Game of Thrones”. There may be spoilers ahead so please stop reading here if you haven’t read the book and want to enjoy the upcoming season 5. This idea has been gnawing at me for a good while. Kindly take note this does not involve any of the cannon characters except for their names mentioned at different points of the plot. I have a number of characters I can picture myself playing as.
-Primary is the Night’s Watch escapee who has made his way out of the camp especially during late events of the third book. His sole purpose is survival but for the right amount or person he is willing to stake his neck. At his best he is ascetic, cares for people, recognizes the tumultuous times and adapts to them. At his worst he is a criminal; cheat, a murderer and a thief.
-A Frey captive (female/male) who has recently escaped death at the hands of Brotherhood without Banners and is now on their way to reunite with their family. Their sole purpose is to meet up with their family so they may come at the forefront of the hierarchy (since there are so many Frey members) one more for better or for worse. The story will be about their journey and all they do to go as far as they could. At their best they are ambitious, driven and fair. At their worst they are wrathful, remorseless and willing to use other people.
-A Stark rider seeking Arya and Sansa (when she disappears after Joffrey’s death) and after he hid & escaped during the fall of Winterfell. He survived by taking refuge with the Crannogmen temporarily but is now on his way to reclaim both honour and servitude, wherever that takes him. At his best he is chivalrous, sacrificing and lawful. At his worst he is craven, a thief and a drunkard.
See if you can come up with a character whose story crosses with either of the characters mentioned above. If you are very interested but unable to come up with something, I will be more than happy to provide ideas for your character and we can plot the story out.

Setting: Medieval/Fantasy
One Queen to rule them all
One Queen to Rule Them All

Scenario: This is inspired by the Dance with Rogues mod on Neverwinter Nights. The premise is of a young princess whose conquered kingdom falls before her enemies as her entire family is put to the sword whilst during a last stand. A member from an underground criminal syndicate helps her escape with hopes that she would come to the throne someday to serve their interests. The story involves this particular member accompanying her over the many training sessions she undertakes to become much more physically capable to deal with his temerities.

Of course when the gauntlet is thrown not all training sessions are the same, nor is everybody a friend. There is lots of political intrigue, near escapes, drama and combat. Per usual I would be playing multiple characters (many of them NPCs) to keep this flavourful (you can just play the one) and with as much life as we can breathe into it. Your princess on the other hand can be any personality type and played according to your specifics. The only two qualities I require on her part are resilience and the drive to ultimately someday become the queen. 

Setting: Medieval

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Re: Prickly Ideas
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Plots updated/thread tidied.

Two more ideas added.

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Re: A Peek is Worth a Thousand Words...
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"When Heavens Descend" added.

"Red Riding Hood" added.

General cleanup.

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Re: A Peek is Worth a Thousand Words... (Lords, ladies and lieges welcome!)
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And a much needed update!

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'Cusp' and 'Waves' added.

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Plot tinkering, bringing old ideas back to life and various other bits of general clean-up.