Maxy's seeking. Boop beep boop! (any for any~!)

Started by Maxy, February 11, 2014, 12:40:45 PM

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here are my ons and offs~ (updated February 13th!)
i've gotten lots of requests to play female!
anyone asking for me to play female will most likely be politely refused until these roleplays finish or die

Hi~!  I'm Maxy.  c=  I'm a gender-neutral writer, and I wanna roleplay!
Preferably with YOU~!
I'm going to get straight to the meat of this thing, if that's okay!

First things first: I want to hear your cravings for settings, kinks, and plots.  I know "penetration" is in my offs but I can deal if it's a cool idea or if we share kinks or you have a supercool plot or anything like that.  C=  The rest of my offs tend to be non-negotiable, but we'll see~!
I tend to mirror others' posts in an RP, so I'm generally comfortable with any kind of... thing.  =v
Now for some roleplay ideas.  I NEVER come up with plots in advance but that's more a bad habit than a policy.  D=

1)  I'd love to see a "sexy romance" sort of thing, where we have an RP that behaves like an ecchi anime.  Lots of pervy stuff, but it's more about the characters and "fanservice" than outright sex~

2)  I love dealing with mages and mage apprentices.  c=  It's really fun to see transformation potions and spells backfire and get them into lots of trouble and stuff.
(I also like to see stage magicians who turn out to have real magic.  That could be lots of fun!)

3)  Tentacles!  I like RPing as tentacles and other abstract things.  .__.  It's also lots of fun to do these RP things where one character has to hide an alien creature.

4)  I'd loove to try and see how two characters with no biological sex would make love.

5)  Blackmail and kidnapping is always fun for me.  c=<  I don't mind being either the victim or the perpetrator~

6)  I also love androids!  They can be lots of fun, especially if they have adjustable body settings.

7)  YOUR ideas!

Umm, that's about it.  I'm not great with making threads so if there's anything I should add let me know.  c=  I'll definitely add more ideas eventually.


I may want to RP with you, of androids, harems, and lots of sex between us.  ^-^