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June 29, 2022, 11:07:42 am

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Author Topic: What's in the Cards? (Izano's Plots seeking F)  (Read 565 times)

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What's in the Cards? (Izano's Plots seeking F)
« on: February 11, 2014, 09:34:16 am »
Hello there!

The name is Izano/Iza/Gen, so by all means, take your pick. I've decided to throw one of these bad-boys up on the listing, not particularly because I have any plots at the moment, but mostly to invite any interested partners to help me flesh out the stories of a world I've been crafting. Before taking a brief read, by all means please visit my equally-brief O/O, called The Stacked Deck. Without further ado, let's dive right in:

Reoji is a world precariously balanced between two opposing forces: the White and the Black. These two forces have been present as far back as historical records go, but in the infantile stage of civilization, a paradigm shift occurred. Instead of co-existing as they had for centuries, the White felt themselves fundamentally superior to the Black, and pressed their rivals into the dark. Without a sun, the Black evolved into vile demons and devilish creatures, but still there was balance. Both sides originate from a creature called the Wisp, but after the split, a distinction began to come forth. The White, eternally bathed in sunlight and without sin, evolved into beings similar to Angels, called the Yang. Conversely, the Black, forced to move with the shadow of the world, reveled in the darkness and evolved into demons similar to Vampires, called the Yin.

But still the balance was kept. The world kept spinning in a tranquil monotony as both sides maintained the beauty of their world.

Eventually however, an unforseen force had manifested itself. They were called the Gray, but they were much more dangerous than any side had feared. A breed of good and evil, humanity had been born, and it became apparent that their innovation would cause undue chaos throughout the world. Understanding the need for guardianship, the White and the Black began to create new beings, lesser beings, to raise their army. A war was about to be had over who would play the gods in Reoji for this infant race, but even after a century of fighting, no progress had been made. The White and the Black could never completely destroy each other, and without total annihilation, there would always come rebirth. But during their ceaseless battles, humanity had grown vast and powerful. A peace was called, and humanity developed their beliefs of angels and demons based on the world around them. The Black would strike out under the veil of night, slowly growing their horde through force and slavery, while the White would praise virtue above all, and win the hearts and minds by their own accord. Steadily, forces were built, until once again war brought out, just as the last. It ended as predictably, and yet again, only humanity came out atop.

Over the centuries this cycle repeated itself, the place for the Black and White becoming more and more ambiguous as the development of civilization proceeded. But history never works in absolutes, and various leaders, figures, calamities, and chances made their mark on history. Perhaps one of them even managed to steer off-course altogether? Alas, however drastic, the fate always remains the same; Light and Dark are forever linked, and the Gray's tenacity for innovation and survival knows no bounds. Perhaps it would've been better to cull the herd while they rose, for now they cannot fall.

Anyways, that's a brief overview of the setting I've slowly been sculpting over the past few months. If you have an idea for a part you wish to play in this world, by all means PM me. We can play at any point in this history, (The farther back you go from modern times, the more fantasy it becomes, whereas inversely, the modern era is mostly a subtle supernatural type of civilization; think Vampire the Masquerade). The White's composition tends to change over time, but generally they comprise of: Angels/Yang, Fae (Both humanoid and smaller races), Elves, Gnomes, and Golems. The Black, inversely, consists of: Vampir/Yin, Imps (Likewise both larger/smaller subspecies), Incubi/Succubi, Dwarves, and Ogres. Each race has their own culture and language, but all serve as lesser creatures beneath the Vampir/Angels. Also of note is that all of these names are what the humans/Gray refer to them as; the actual Black/White tend to have their own slang for each other, and Elves for example do not call themselves simply Elves, or refer to the Vampir as the Yin. All of this will eventually be documented in it's own thread, but is all easily discussed over PM/IM for plotting.

So, that's pretty much all I can think of for now. If this sounds like an intriguing background (I'm quite pleased with it), do not hesitate to send me a message with a brief idea of who/when you want to play, what kind of dynamic you're looking for, and how dark you care to go (As you should be aware, this is a pretty gritty world and I'm a fan of darker themes). Even if you don't know any of that stuff, still message me! We'll figure out something, I'm sure. So until then, farewell, and I wish you a lucky draw.