Seeking dom male or female for slave based plot

Started by MissRoziel, February 10, 2014, 02:01:25 PM

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Project 3113

the year was 2500,  during it's last war humanity nearly wiped itself out.  in order to prevent the loss of food supply Vampire reveal them selves publicly and aide in the war effort.  preventing the use of any more chemical weapons the war is settled with out the use of nuclear weapons.  Now public the vampires Quickly take control.  for to long they stood by watching the volatile humans, who where simply to young to understand just how precious their short lives where.  how delicate and fragile their bodies were.

With the new regime in place came new laws.  Including the legalization of Willful slavery.

The concept behind willful slavery was a way to help get people off the streets.  By going to a council or office building a human could sign a contract to be property for a term lasting between 5 to 10 years.  while there was initial reluctance the willful slavery program proved to be a huge success.  while some fought the ideal other embraced it seeing it as a chance to live a life away from poverty.

The owner of a willful slave had to follow the terms of the slaves contract.  however people signing into willful slavery could sign into any slavery type, from domestic, caretaker, to sexual gratification.  If a person where to own a Domestic slave, they could not force that slave to have sex with them.  Abuse of slave was frowned upon how ever light punishment was legal and even encouraged to help keep people in line.

from the willful Slave laws, spawned more laws, amendments and changes.  eventually by the year 2750  the willful slave program had launched quiet successfully.  the wealthy attended slavery sales. private auctions, and slave houses.  it wasn't uncommon for even the middle class to have ownership of at least one slave.  and more often then not the slave was treated well like part of the family just with certain restrictions.

With this new wave in slavery popularity and even support 'Trainers' began to emerge.  wealthy vampire who would purchase slave contracts in bulk and train slaves expertly for their positions.

Your character is a wealthy man (vampire or human your choice) who is quiet depressed because his(or her) personal slave has recently passed away.  this slave had been with her/is family since s/he'd been a child and had been like a second father to him(or her).  On the coaxing of friends your character is encouraged to attended a Slave market.  while there you come across a stall of an exclusive and very highly sought after Slave trainer, Regina Miles.  This beautiful vampire Noble has been training slaves since the Willful slavery clause had gone into effect

She reveals her newest creation, dubbed 'model 3113'  the young woman on the stage is demurely dressed her hands folded neatly before her and her head slightly bowed.  She is presented as a full contract slave.  Meaning Not only is her contract a 50 year length, but it covers all slave classes.  These particular slaves are rare but what made model 3113 special was what Regina had done to her.  With Science, and breeding Regina had in effect created and unkillable slave. Model 3113 was a slave that was prebroken, biddable and ready to serve and best of all, she would not die.  the only catch was that in order to maintain her invulnerable state she required special shots that Regina would provide to her buyer.

Your character intrigued by the idea of a slave who won't die, decides to bid for the quiet woman on the stage.

((So basically your character would be buying my character, a Slave that is said to be Unkillable.  She has a full contract allowing you to do what ever you want and she belongs souly to you for the next fifty years unless you chose to return her or sell her on to another master.))

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am also taking art commissions to go towards my goal.