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Author Topic: Zattara's Idea Shack (M for Any)  (Read 351 times)

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Zattara's Idea Shack (M for Any)
« on: February 09, 2014, 09:08:05 AM »
Table of Contents


Aphrodite's Curse
A Student's Regret
In Paradise
Our Mutual Friend


I’m a 24-year-old Canadian male in real-life who enjoys playing around with different roles and ideas. I like to write a lot in my free time (of which I have a lot). I like to try new things, so I think you’ll find that I’m pretty open to most ideas. You shouldn’t feel shy bringing any ideas to me if you're interested in playing with me. While I am a fairly reserved and shy person myself in real life, when it comes to roleplaying I'm willing to try just about anything.

When it comes to games, I don’t have a limit as to how many I’m willing to take on at any one time, but as a general rule I like to keep it to about three 'big' games (by 'big' I mean games that require a lot of writing for all parties involved, opposed to fun, simpler games that require maybe only a paragraph or so of writing each time). Even if it appears as though I am playing a bunch of games, if there's something you see, or something you'd like to discuss trying with me, please don't hesitate to do so. I'm always willing to discuss ideas, especially if they're tantalizing.

If you're interested in playing one of the games I've outlined here, you can alert me to your interest either by PMing me (which is preferred) or simply posting in this thread. When you pitch an idea to me, I'd like to hear what your take on the idea is and what exactly drew you towards it. The reason that I ask this is that I know what I want from my ideas, but I'd like to also tailor it to fit your needs and desires. Hearing directly from you what those needs and desires are, makes everything run a lot smoother during the playthrough, and allows us both to enjoy what we're doing with the game. I've tried to provide an inkling of understanding for each idea that I've come up with so you can understand what I'm looking for, but know that nothing is set in stone and I'm willing to change most any detail if it means getting a good story off the ground.

When it comes to what I look for in a partner, I have no preference as to your real-life gender, or gender identification. I’ll play with you as long as you're interested in playing with me.  I like to play both genders myself, so I see nothing wrong or strange with people playing across gender lines. Similarly, when it comes to your proficiency in English I have no preference. So whether you're T. S. Eliot or barely fluent, I'll play with you if I can. On that note, however, I have a tendency to overdress my prose and be rather verbose, so if you don't speak English terribly well, then I may not be the best partner for you. But at the end of the day, when it come to what I'm looking for, all I really want is someone who's going to show up and try their best to make a story with me.

Finally, if you’re interested in doing something that I haven’t listed here, or you have any questions for me, please feel free to PM me.  I love to roleplay, and the only thing better than finding someone who wants to do one of my ideas is being invited into someone else’s imagination.


Aphrodite's Curse
Aphrodite's Curse

{ M/F | Supernatural | Romance | Long Game | Play-by-post }

Deep in the woods there stands a beautiful house built around an ancient redwood tree. But that is not the most amazing thing about this property: bound to the tree at the center of the house is the spirit of a beautiful nymph, who is bound by magic never to stray from it.  Many years ago an architect found the tree and the spirit and, whether ensnared by her ethereal charms or enamoured by her beauty, he fell in love with the nymph.  Wanting to be close to her he built a house around the tree, so she would never be lonely again.  Eventually he passed away, as mortal men are wont to do, leaving the nymph alone in the house.  Despite the exquisite beauty of the house it has been many, many years since someone last lived in it. But now, after many years, a rich young man has purchased the property and is preparing to move in. 

How will the nymph react to an invasion of her territory?  Will she be glad to see another person again, or just upset that it took so long?

What I'm Looking For
I am looking for someone to play the beautiful nymph, while I would play the young man. This story could take a few different directions that I can see and I would be very thrilled to hear any and all thoughts you have on the subject.

A Student's Regret
A Student's Regret

{ M/F | Power Games | BDSM | Non-Consent/Reluctance | Play-by-post }

A guy finds the dating profile of a high school teacher he had in his last year, whom he had a terrible crush on. While he looks over her dating profile he is inspired to remember how he felt about her back then. He sends her a request to meet for coffee, but when she doesn't reply he becomes disappointed and angry. Determined, he tries again and again, and still receives no reply. Knowing where she teaches, he begins stalking her and learning her life. After he believes he's collected enough information he stages a 'chance encounter' at a coffee shop she frequents and insists on buying her a coffee. Politely she refuses. Tired of being scorned he vows to her right then and there that he will have her.

How will the ex-student take his revenge? Might the teacher even learn to enjoy her former student?

What I'm Looking For
I'm looking for someone to play the teacher, while I would play the obsessed stalker of a former student. Depending on how much time you wanted to put into this one, I think we could have a lot of fun building up the fear and paranoia of the teacher through various different passive acts, before she's finally abducted. Or, we could run the other way on this one and start after she's already been abducted and go from there. Or if there's something about this idea you like, but the BDSM/non-consent are points of contention, I'd be open to hearing a different pitch in the same vein.

In Paradise
In Paradise

{ M/F | Sensual | Romance | Exotic/Romantic locations | Play-by-post }

After finishing high school a young woman decides to spend her summer abroad. While on her trip she meets a foreign man who she genuinely likes. As the days go by they grow close, as he tours with her around the country, showing her the many sights and hidden attractions she never knew existed, and that no guidebook would ever mention. He is very smitten with her, and seems intent on seducing her as their journey continues. She continues to playfully refuse him. Though attracted to him, she wants to avoid a fling with a strange man she knows nothing about. But the more she refuses, the more he continues to chase her, trying everything he can think of to seduce her.

Will he get his way, or will he remain her 'could-have been'?

What I'm Looking For
I'm looking for someone to play the young woman on the trip, while I would play the suave and debonair foreigner who is intent on seducing your character. I think this idea has a lot of play room, so it's something we will have to discuss in depth, but for the most part I envision this story as being one that's all about sensuality and the give-and-pull dynamic of relationships (i.e., the harder she pulls back, the more he wants her).

Our Mutual Friend
Our Mutual Friend

{ M/F | Cheating | Modern | Play-by-post }

Three friends live together, two guys and a girl. Guy 1 and the girl are a couple, having met several years earlier in college. Guy 2 is a friend who, having only recently broken up with his girlfriend of several years, comes to live with the couple while he sorts his life out. Guy 1 and Guy 2 have always been close friends but it's only after he moves in with this couple that he gets to know the girl, and that she gets to know him. And it turns out they are perfect for one another. Each quickly develops a crush on the other, and before long they are on the verge of cheating on Guy 1.

But can anything long-term come from their passion, or is it best to simply be content with what they have right now?

What I'm Looking For
I'm looking for someone to play the girlfriend, while I would play both of the guys. For this story I'm interested in building a story where there's always a tension and fear of being caught. I have no preference as to how long this story should last as I feel it could either work well with a shortened life span or a long one.


{ M/F | Power Games | Teasing | Play-by-post }
A beautiful, well-known pornstar moves into the apartment next door and immediately begins teasing her neighbour, making sure he knows exactly what’s going on in the room next door at all times.  Eventually she begins teasing him more directly, giving him private shows and sessions with her, all while using his suffering and sexual frustration to make a profit in her profession.

What I'm Looking For
I'm looking for someone to play a strong, domineering woman who enjoys teasing people. The focus of this story is mostly on the teasing and denial of pleasure for both the guy and the pornstar (for whom the denial is pleasure).

Pairings & Minutiae

One Sentence Ideas
  • Jezebel threatens to tell Tom's girlfriend they slept together unless he does whatever Jezebel wants, whenever she wants.
  • Trapped in a heavy snowfall, two lovers reconnect at a cottage.
  • At a Halloween carnival, a husband hires a carny to put the scare into his wife ... among other things.
  • A beautiful young mechanic is willing to do anything to prove that she's better than the rest.
  • George, a personal trainer, pushes his client Gabriela too far with his constant flirting.
  • A piano player sits alone at the bar, at three; only another soul as lonely as his knows what this means.
  • A bandit-woman captures the son of a young banker, and decides to keep him around, at least until the ransom arrives.
  • Christina is a pool shark who doesn't lose, even if that means she has to play ... dirty.
  • Sweet young Delilah is the heiress to a large fortune whom the suitors line up to meet.
  • King Murchad, a Petty Irish King, has finally found love ... in the sweet arms of his son's wife.
  • In a futuristic world, human beings have nearly created a sentient Artificial Intelligence, and its up to one man to conduct a final test to assess whether these AIs are capable of feeling emotions as strong as love.
  • When Jack's sister comes back to visit from college with her gorgeous roommate, he knows he has to have her before she leaves.
  • A journalist goes undercover to do a piece on a sexual addiction clinic that uses ... innovative ways to cure its patients.
  • Trapped in a small rented cottage with his gorgeous daughter and her equally beautiful friend, a father starts to lose his mind.
  • A controlling wife forces her husband to pleasure her boyfriend.

Any incest
Any fairy tales
Curious Guy/Friend
Nerd/Popular Person
Socialite/Man servant
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