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May 23, 2018, 10:19:40 AM

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Author Topic: High School Daze (Dominant(ish) female wanted)  (Read 262 times)

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High School Daze (Dominant(ish) female wanted)
« on: February 09, 2014, 01:15:41 AM »
I only have room to take on one more story right now, as I'm already struggling a bit to catch up with what I have going (Been busy, but I'm starting to get caught up with everything now!). But this is one story that I've really been craving, so hopefully I can find a partner for it.

There are two different versions to the story, so I'll just start with the first!

Your character and mine would be dating, and have been for a few months. Here comes the controversy. Yours is my character's teacher. Gasp! Shocking, I know. However you would like to play your character is fine with me, but I do have a few suggestions that I'd like you to at least consider. The first is that I was thinking her age should be around her mid to late twenties. 25-30 would be ideal to me. But I'm nothing if not flexible! I also like characters who are a bit more tomboy-ish than the girl's I portray. Short hair, gender neutral clothing, that sort of thing. I also like taller characters, but again, I'm flexible. And remember, these are just suggestions. One thing I absolutely don't want, though, is for your character to be perfect. Flaws are beautiful! So she should have some.

As for my character, she will be a sweet young girl, if a bit spoiled, and somewhat irresponsible. Her parents aren't rich, but she's definitely on the upper end of middle class. Being the baby of the family, and the only girl, she was always a little spoiled, never having much trouble getting herself out of, well . . . Trouble. That meant not a lot of discipline growing up; she's used to getting her own  way! Now, don't start picturing one of those spoiled, prissy little rich kids who thinks she's better than the world and everyone in it. She just doesn't really understand responsibility, especially when it comes  to school. So therein lies the conflict. Your character is mine's teacher. My character is  hardly an honour student.

For story development, I'm wanting to involve domestic discipline. As in, your character is going to give mine real, disciplinary spankings whenever your character deems that mine deserves one. Now, while I do want that to be one central theme of the story, I don't want it to be the sole purpose of what we write. And I certainly don't want spankings to be the focus. I want the love and intimacy that a domestic discipline relationship involves to be the focus. I want our two characters to grow together, to learn from each other, and most of all, to love each other. I  want there to be conflict, struggles that they face together, triumphs that they accomplish, dreams they fulfill. I want this to be a long term story that progresses passed my character's high school graduation to a time where they can be more open about dating and loving one another.

For a starting point, I'm thinking we should begin with the idea of domestic discipline being introduced into their relationship for the first time. I have an idea for how this will occur, but  we  can discuss it more privately.

Version Two:

For the second version, you can assume most of the details are the same. The major difference, however, would be that instead of  your character being my character's teacher, she's a college student, a very smart and driven one, who happens to be the sister of my character's teacher. The reason for the alteration is  pretty simple: it means they could be more open about their relationship. In the first version, they're teacher and student, which obviously means that they'd have to keep it a secret that they're dating. The forbidden romance thing is nice and exotic, but sometimes it just gets in the way. I'm equally happy with either version, as long as we include a story of loving domestic discipline in the route that we choose.

Send me a message, rather than responding to the thread if you're at all interested in writing this with me!