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Author Topic: Looking to be seduced (M for F, mostly VAN)  (Read 705 times)

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Offline OrpheusTopic starter

Looking to be seduced (M for F, mostly VAN)
« on: January 29, 2014, 04:14:45 PM »
Hi. Thanks for checking out my thread. If you see something you like, please PM me rather than posting in the thread.

What I'm Looking For
I've had a little bit of space open up both on here and in real life and decided to take on another game. Lately my games have mostly cast my character in the role of the seducer or the dominant member of the pair. That's fun and I enjoy doing it, but right now I'm looking for something different. I'd like to play with someone willing to take on the more aggressive role.

The type of story I like
 I tend to play Light roles, though I'm willing to spice it up with some elements of coercion and light bondage. Most of my story ideas can be adjusted along those lines. Most of my story ideas can also be either M/F or F/F. I've gotten to play a female character a few times and find it a fun challenge, so I'm definitely up for that if you like.

My writing varies with the story and the partner, but tends to land around three paragraphs. I'm not a stickler on your writing style in general. If something is really bothering me I'll talk about it.

Pairings I'm willing to work up a story to go with any of these pairings. As I said, right now I am looking for a partner willing to play the more aggressive part of the story.

Modern Pairings
Boarding School
Popular guy/unpopular girl or the other way around
Friend/friend's mom or older sister
Older woman/younger man
And I'm open to other suggestions.

Fantasy/Medieval Pairings
Most anything with Elves
Queen's Bodyguard/Queen
Gladiator/Roman noblewoman


Popular/unpopular (M/F or F/F)
 Essentially you have a new student in school who lives next door to a popular student. One night, the new student sees the other through the window across the gap between their houses undressing. This begins to be a pattern, with the new student looking forward to watching the popular student undress each night, maybe sometimes even seeing them having sex or pleasuring themselves. One night, the new student gets caught watching, but instead of getting mad, the popular student motions for them to come over, and blackmails them, threatening to humiliate the new student by telling the school what they caught them doing if the new student doesn't do exactly what the popular student says.

Babysitter (M/F or F/F) *craving*
This is still a rough idea, but my thought is that you have a family with a young child and an older child. For various reasons, things become so hectic that the parents bring in a full-time babysitter, who turns out to be a life-saver and soon the parents couldn't do with out her. After that, the babysitter decides she wants to get a little 'extra' from the older sibling and either seduces them or threatens to quit and ruin the perfect situation for the parents unless the older sibling agrees to be more or less her sex toy.

Alternately this could be a somewhat more cliched roleplay in which the babysitter seduces one of he employers, which can also be fun.

Student - Teacher (M/F or F/F)
I'm a fan of this old cliche. I enjoy the classic set up of a struggling student seduced by a teacher in exchange for grades, but I also like the idea of the student seducing the teacher.

One plot I like for this is a case of mistaken identity. Essentially, you have a older student who goes to a bar or club with a fake ID and picks up a man or woman, who a few weeks later turns out to be her new teacher. Obviously this one could go a lot of ways and I would be up for working that out with a partner.

Any Car You Want (M/F or F/F)
 This idea is probably for the One-Shot forums. My character would have just graduated high school. As a graduation present, his/her wealthy parents give  a blank check to pick out any car to take to college. So the shopping begins. The other character new female salesperson at the dealership. The dealership works by seniority so she works a part of the lot dedicated to really nice, but not particularly sporty cars, and she needs to make some sales to move up. She flirts with my character to get him into a test drive. On the test drive, she teases him that one of the great features of the car is a roomy back seat. He laughs it off and makes a comment about how he was thinking something faster and sportier. Really needing the sale, she suggests that he ought to take the back seat for a test drive, before he says no.

Three's Company (M/F/F)
I decided to put this on here just in case someone wants to. I've never done a roleplay involving a threesome but have wanted to a few times. I'm comfortable with one player playing both other characters or I can play two characters or I would obviously be up for doing this with two partners. This could really be made to work with any of the pairings above or even any of the plots above (Two students, the babysitter and her friend, a pair of saleswomen, etc).

Anyway thanks for checking out my thread and I'll see you on the boards.

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Re: Looking to be seduced (M for F, mostly VAN)
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2014, 07:52:40 PM »

Offline OrpheusTopic starter

Re: Looking to be seduced (M for F, mostly VAN)
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2014, 06:45:38 PM »
Got room to take on one more story.