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Author Topic: Pluck Lily's Petals (Sub F for M or F)  (Read 2671 times)

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Pluck Lily's Petals (Sub F for M or F)
« on: January 28, 2014, 03:47:46 PM »
And here we have it folks - Copper Lily's very first foray into writing a Roleplay's Wanted thread of her very own. We begin with general information:

First Stop: Should probably be my O/o thread:

What I'm Looking For: Men or Women to play against my submissive characters. I'm happy to play Mxf or Fxf games, and would take a swing at Fxm (with me as the m) for the right plot. Right now, I'm only really looking for games where D/s themes are an element. This is not to say I'm looking for purely smut driven games - I've got several long term, plot oriented games going right now, and would love to have more.

Currently Craving: Been feeling the call for some darker plots of late, but I'm up for most things.

Posting Frequency: Whenever I can. Because of the vagaries of my job, this can vary from weeks where I'm simply unable to post to multiple times a day. Generally speaking, for games that have post lengths of a paragraph or greater, I try for a reply every-other day.

Post Length: However long it takes. As I said in my O/o's, sometimes brevity is the soul of wit. There are some posts, especially interaction posts between two characters, that don't need more than a handful of sentences. That being said, multiple paragraph posts I can sink my teeth into (or involve someone sinking their teeth into me...) are where I have the most fun.

IM/PM games: Happy to use Yahoo! Messenger to coordinate a game idea, but I prefer to keep things in the forum. I've yet to have a non-forum game that hasn't died fairly quickly, and at this point I'm pretty sure they don't work for me.

Your Real Gender: I couldn't care less. Men playing women, women playing men and all the spaces in between are okay with me. Voice your character well and I suspect I'll forget.

Onto the games!


These plots will come and go as ideas strike, they become available again, or I grow tired of them, and I will try to tag them in a way that makes sense. Generally speaking, details of the plot are flexible - genders can be changed, possibly even genres, etc. Just let me know and we'll work something mutually enjoyable out.

"Spoils of War - Any x f, NC to Extreme"
It is a savage time, when war between rival clans was common, and the fate of the conquered was grim indeed. A great clan has fallen after a long war, and the victors are dividing up the spoils of their conquest. Gold, gems, and slaves. Among them is the daughter of the king, a young woman of unsurpassed beauty, who all agree belongs in chains before the throne of the man who slew her father, a proud and noble woman reduced to a pet, little more than an animal for the court's amusement.

"Under Their Wing - Any x f, Bond to Extreme, Incest"
Note: The gender of the dominant character is flexible. This was originally envisioned as a furry game, but need not be.

She had married young, a wide-eyed impressionable young submissive who had been plunged into the deep end, marrying her much older Master and giving him a child. But he never treated her as more than his 24/7 submissive - the child was clearly his, the woman who bore them little more than the hired help, and as they grew older, they came to understand more of just what their mother was, and what happened when she went to go "See to his father's friends" during weekly "Poker Nights".

That her child respected her not in the slightest bothered her, but who was she to object? Their father had it well in hand...until he died. Left with nothing (the will gave it all to their child), she took a job with one of her husband's old friends who gave her a low paying menial position out of pity she worked herself to the bone to try to keep the bills paid, suddenly confronted with having to run a life that had always been run for her.

She was failing at it, going to sleep most nights exhausted, scared and alone, and in desperately need of a guiding hand...

"Desperate Times - Any x f, Light Bond to Extreme"
She was at the end of her rope - she had run out of options, run out of credit, left with nothing more than the clothes on her back, a small suitcase of her possessions, and enough change to make a phone call. She called someone from her past - someone who had once been closer to her than anyone else, before bridges had been burned, and her own mistakes had driven them away.

They were the only person left - the only person who could help her.

Basically, this is a start to a game - my character contacts yours out of desperation. Maybe an old but estranged friend, or an old flame, she needs a place to stay, and maybe a hand up. But your character has other ideas - this can start out as overtly kinky, or can head that way over time.

See as an example of this setup.

"Betrayal - Any x f, NC to Extreme" (Craving this one)
The new laws were scary. Dissidents, unsavory elements and other types could be rounded up, tried before a court and, if found guilty, sentenced to "The service of the public". Which meant enslavement. Informally they were known as "The Pet Laws", pretty men and women sentenced not to work camps or other hazardous duty but to service as domestic slaves. At the moment, the fashion was to keep these unfortunates as pets - mock dogs, cats or other domestic animals.

Your character serves on the board of one of these secret courts, an upstanding citizen of some sort - banker, judge, professor or something of the sort. And like any such system, these kinds of thing can become corrupted. Pets are meant to be sold far away, to prevent exactly what you're about to do - trump up charges on a pretty young thing, someone who didn't even know she had spurned your advances - and claim her for your own.

"A Wounded Ponygirl - Any x f, Bond to Extreme
I've been interested in playing around a bit with some of the logical extensions of common settings, like ones where slavery is legal and common. Like what happens when a ponygirl gets injured?

My idea for the start of the game is she had injured herself, not badly, but enough to end her season early - and more importantly, that injury was because she was being doped, which means now not only is she an expensive racing pony without much use, but she's evidence. Perhaps your character has been paid to dispose of her quietly...

"Rescue - Any x f, Bond to Extreme"
This one is pretty flexible in terms of genre, though I have a setup for it for a sci-fi game. The basic idea is that my character has, through a run of very bad luck, found herself enslaved and for sale. Your character happens by, and she recognizes him from somewhere - they might have been business associates, acquaintances, etc. I'm not looking for Best Friends or Bitter Rivals, but they definitely know each other. She thinks they might help her, rescue her...but she's rather expensive, and there was a reason you were in a slave market to begin with...

"Couple's Therapy - MF or FF x f, Bond to Extreme"
I'd love to play the submissive/pet of a couple, either willing or unwilling. I'm fairly flexible as to the *hows* of this particular setup, so we can work out the details. This can either be a 1x1 game where you play two PCs, or we can find a third partner.

"Puppies! - Any x f, Bond to Extreme" (Always craving)
I love pet play of all sorts, and have been in the mood for some more games that explore those themes - especially games that are also a bit, well, dark.

Lets build something from there ;)


Picture Prompts: These are all pictures that capture elements of what I like - something about them made me decide to keep them. They're little graphical lego bricks upon which a story can be built - tell me if any appeal and we'll go from there. As a disclaimer, most of these are drawn art for a couple reasons that are beyond the scope of this thread. These plots are often somewhat more extreme - there's a great deal you can draw that you can't photograph. Also, if there are other pictures done by the artists who made these that draw your eye, do send them on and we can discuss :)

There are a few artists whose entire portfolio basically counts for this - all of which are NSFW. In no particular order, with a few "highlight" selections, these are things I can be reliably assumed to be craving :):

Specific pictures:
First up, we have the "Craving Grab Bag", pictures drawn from the lists below that depict scenes, concepts, etc. that I'm particularly yearning for right now. Not the artists above essentially would always be here too, but then the list would get crowded.

No idea why I like these but I do:

Note the following are anthro/furry pictures, but many of the situations don't need to be.

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Re: Pluck Lily's Petals (Sub F for M or F)
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2014, 04:39:39 PM »
3/20: Major edits to structure, and I'm open for games again. *gentle bump*