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Started by infernalnomad, January 26, 2014, 05:16:42 PM

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Hello any and everyone who looks at this. I've decided to try something like this and see if anyone would be willing to play. As you can tell by the name, I'm going to be playing a sub. Wether this sub be male/female or whatever else is up to your preference. This is inteneded to be a simple fun RP game that doesn't really require any major storyline, just a sub and they're Master.

If interested, please read.
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Basically, you've caught me. I'm your new sex slave for you to have your way with. I'm too weak and scared to even consider resisting or attempting escape, so I'm very complient and obediant. My gender is optional based off your preference, and you can also choose wether your Master/Mistress etc.

And any ideas you may have.

Preatty much anything overly painful or gross at all

One last little thing, I'm open to pretty much anyone who wants to play. So if your into it, just PM an intro of your character entering my room. Am I male or female? Human or Anthro? What kind of Bondage am I in? Is your character a Master or Mistress? That's all up to you.

So if your interested, here it is.