A desire for combat (f seeking m)

Started by Viper, January 23, 2014, 07:51:09 PM

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I want to write a combat scene. Due to stress in real life I want to take my stress out on my character Viper.

Where as viper is a tired soul. Her origin comes from being bitten by a uncharted snake At a very young age and no one knows just how long she has lived for. The venom not only changed her, but also attacks her own body. When bitten by her, as long as the venom doesn't oxidize before entering her victims blood stream causes the person to feel nothing but pleasure. During that time, viper could saw the person's arms off ..and they would ask for more. This venom also attacks her own body, so she liveswith it every day. If she goes to long without rreleasing the venom she starts going a bit more insane then usual and usually ends up killing someone she doesn't mean to. There is a long history to viper, and I want to take her frustration out on a character.

Where ever this goes I am willing to do more. But I am in a dire need to write. I would like two to three paragraphs. I am on a phonebut i Will give as much as you do. I am great at writing fight scenes and I do NOT god mode.

Anyone interested please pm.