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Author Topic: Leaquad's Land of Plots! (New Plot!)  (Read 370 times)

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Leaquad's Land of Plots! (New Plot!)
« on: January 22, 2014, 11:14:52 PM »
Please do Not post here! PM me  ;D

Little about me...

Literacy/Post length: I consider myself a fairly literate person and can do anything from one good solid paragraph to 5+ paragraphs. The more you give me the more I can give you :)

RP History: Yes I am new to this site. No I am not new to rping. I have been roleplaying  for about 8+ years now and the variaty from which I've roleplayed is large. I have done anything from Fantacy, Fandoms, Syfi, Historical, Modern times, the list goes on haha.

Me as a partner: I consider myself a very flexible partner and do my best to please. I love to work with people on plot ideas, flexing and bending them so we are both satisfied with what we decide on. I am being honest however when I say my posting regularity can become well irregular sometimes. I will try my best to give you a post at least once a day. However I do have a life outside of roleplaying, (sadly), and sometimes things can get a little crazy for me with work or drama and I tend to lose my muse when I'm overly stressed and might need to take a break. I will do my best to let you know if this happens and will come back to the rp eventually I promise.

Submissive vs Dominate: The inevitable question of my characters positions in bed. This is always a hard one because a lot of people think whiny, whimpering, do anything you say characters if you say Submissive which is most definitely not the case with my characters. I classify my characters as submissive mostly because I like a dominate man. My characters tend to be strong willed, confident, and a bit stubborn.

What I expect from my partners...

Literacy/Post length: I am pretty flexible when it comes to this but please no one liners. Yes there are points in an rp where you might not be able to write a whole lot but please at least one small paragraph. I understand real life happens and you may disappear for a while, all I ask is that you do your best to let me know if that happens and even if you don't I'm always open to starting up old rps.

RP History: One of the wonderful things about me is I don't care if you have rping history! We all have to start somewhere and so long as you have a creative imagination I'm more than happy to play with you even if you've never rped before. I also welcome those who have been rping for a while and maybe are just looking to try something new that they haven't done before.

Characters: They are your characters so make them however you like haha. Character pictures are fine or simply describing their looks either before or during the rp is good with me as well. Like I said I'm very flexible.

Well I think that about covers it. I'm very approachable and promise not to bite....well at least not too hard haha. Shoot me over a PM if you're interested in rping with me even if its not one of my plots or characters. Who knows you may have a plot or character I want to rp with. Please don't post here though, I want to keep this request thread clean :)


Of Angels, Demons and Human Sacrifice

(F/M or M/M)

The ties between a guardian angel and their human is a sacred and unbreakable bond. So what would happen should the bond be ripped apart and the angel survived....

This plot shall take place in the alternate universe of Heaven and Hell. Demons and angels roam the earth with humans pleasantly unaware, except for the occasionally gifted seers but that is a story of a different tale. The war between good and evil is an every constant battle over souls with demons and angels being the soldiers and earth being the battle ground. Like every war there are politics and rules involved, ranks and different jobs as well.

This particular story is of a guardian angel (MC) who's human to protect (YC) sheds ones own blood as sacrifice in a most grievous of sins. Suicide. Now sure it is believed in many religions that if one commits suicide that they are damned to Hell but most don't realize just how true that is. There are of course different degrees of suicide. There are those who are simply weakened souls and take their own lives to escape their torment and then there are those who make the ultimate sacrifice to Lucifer by offering up their life and soul to him in exchange for power in the next life.

MC is a newly born angel and guardian and therefore is placed in charge of a low risk human. His parents are happily married and devout Christians on top of supplying the child with an ideal environment to be raised in. You see guardians are assigned by what kind of environment the child is brought into the world in, so a child who has a drug using abusive mother would be assigned a well seasoned and evolved angel to fight off the demons that are sure to come its way. It should have been a push button job for MC, fight off a few demons of temptation here and there but nothing more serious than that. Which is why no one saw it coming when he shed his life's blood on the floor summoning some of the darkest most powerful demons in hell to take his soul.

The basis of how I want this to go and what I am looking for is someone to play the demon character that was once the human that MC was the guardian angel for. After YC commits suicide (how I shall leave up to your discretion) a horde of dark spirits or demons are summoned to retrieve his soul, MC fights desperately to protect his soul but is no match for the darkness which was summoned and is left broken and dying. During the process of YC's death or upon waiting for retrieval of his soul he is able to see MC fighting for him and did not realize that his act of sacrifice would affect that of another. Regardless YC is taken to Hell and becomes another of Lucifer’s demons; Now why YC ends up engaging with MC after he's become a demon is something that is very flexible and ultimately up to you. It can be anything from YC having vowed to find and protect MC after having seen MC fight so desperately for YC or YC having been entranced by MC or it could even be something like a chance run in. There are so many ways for this to go and I will discuss it personally with partners that are interested. It has been pictured in my mind that MC would not realize who YC is, at least in the beginning, whether it be that YC is disguised/cloaked or simply looks too different for MC to recognize. This may of course be discussed and is not a must have.

After the incident MC becomes somewhat the equivalent of a bounty hunter. MC is an angel on earth that tracks down and kills demons that break the rules of the war. Like I stated earlier there are rules to the war. Some examples would be that demons aren't allowed to kill humans, they can influence them but straight up killing them is not allowed. Angels and demons also don't just go around killing each other either, they actually traverse on earth with one another quite frequently. After all the current war is over the collection of souls not the ultimate destruction of each other. Being an angel bounty hunter is not an envied job but MC refuses to ever be a guardian again after having failed and being a bounty hunter is almost a sort of self punishment.

Sorry this plot ended up being so long I got a little carried away. This plot is open to discussion and changes if you would like to make any. I'm more than happy to talk about changing things around so if you have any ideas or suggestions that would make this more appealing to you please message me. I want a serious long term partner for this who is willing to help keep the story flowing by introducing their own ideas along the way and will hopefully be willing to play side characters as well to help allow this to become a very in depth story. I don't want this to be a smut based story. Yes it is intended to be an adult rp and shall eventually lead to some hot and heavy but I want there to be serious plot involved with this one. With that all being said please pm me if this is of interest or if you have any questions.


Making Deals With The Devil Is Risky Even For Lawyers

(F/M or M/M)

MC is your pretty A-typical good person. MC has gone through life working hard to make something of themselves. Being a straightforward honest person is not as easy as it might seem but its something that's always come naturally to MC. Doing their best to get on their feet after having just finished law school MC is under a lot of pressure but nothing compared to the pressure MC felt when MC's world was turned upside down from one simple phone call. MC's mother has always had a gambling problem but MC never thought it had gotten this out of hand. Suddenly MC is being thrown head first into a world of gangs, crime, loan sharks and his mothers obscene debt. To save MC's mother from forced prostitution to pay off her debts MC manages to strike a deal with the gang lord that the money is owed to. Her debt has been transferred to MC and MC now has the responsibility of being the gang lord sons personal lawyer.

What I'm looking for in this rp is for someone to play the gang lords son. I want someone who's not intimidated by a bit of a power struggle sense MC is by no means going to be a pushover. YC is obviously YC so I want you to make him your own but I'm not wanting some bratty young thing, he is after all going to be taking over this gang which pretty much rivals that of the mafia to make a comparison. This isn't some alley way street gang its a big money high end crime organization. I am also fine with this taking place anywhere. USA, Japan and so on are great with me. Like pretty much all my plots things are negotiable so please send me a message if you're interested.

More plots to come...
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Re: Leaquad's Land of Plots! (Serious Male Partners Wanted!)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2014, 02:49:37 AM »
New lawyer plot added! Check it out!