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Author Topic: Freeform/System desires (F seeking NC)  (Read 490 times)

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Freeform/System desires (F seeking NC)
« on: January 20, 2014, 11:23:45 PM »
Communication is key, I am happy to discuss any issues a partner may be having with a game and try to fix them.  If you are going to stop posting without telling me why (barring obvious RL issues, but too many times people stop responding to threads without a word, but continue posting elsewhere) or require me to nag you to post, please save us both the time and effort and don't contact me.  I'm sorry if this sounds rude or bitchy, but I seem to spend more time setting up games that fall through after a handful of posts than actually roleplaying. 

I am mainly looking for games with a plot, that include a healthy amount of non-consensual content.  I am not against consensual sex in a roleplay, but I don't want it to be the focus, and romance isn't something I want to include.  I prefer to play strong females who simply get in over their head or otherwise get defeated.  Usually I will want the female to come out on top in the end, after suffering a bit of abuse.  I prefer to include things such as multiple partners, humiliation/degradation, slavery, some pain, and so on. 

I'd love to find a Pathfinder, Shadowrun, Werewolf (oWoD) or Star Wars Edge of the Empire game.  I like to use systems as it adds structure and randomness to a game, but it isn't required.  The ideas below are mostly freeform.  If you're interested in running a system game as a GM for me please let me know. :-) 

I'm not usually interested in a one on one game where each of us play a single character.  I'd prefer the other person is willing to roleplay multiple characters and/or a shifting cast.  I don't mind a collaborative game however, if our characters are partners or similar instead of opponents.  In that case however, I would want the other character to be female as well. 


Below are a few plots that I'd like to explore.  I haven't included specific characters, as I don't mind molding the character to fit what my partner likes.  Bold ideas are new.  Crossed out ideas are taken.

A superheroine finds herself up against a new, sadistic, supervillain and his gang of thugs.  Unfortunately for her, the villain turns out to be her brother.

A superheroine finds herself facing a supervillain who has the power to telepathically implant suggestions into a victim's mind.  Can she resist his influence long enough to stop him?  Or will she be reduced to nothing more than his puppet?

The daughter of a prominent rancher is forced to rescue her father from the gang that kidnapped him.

A new Jedi, recently a Padawan, flees to the Rim to try and evade Order 66. 

An N7 Agent is sent to investigate Purgatory.  Unfortunately, the only way in is to go undercover as a prisoner.

A secret agent must carry out various missions in an over the top or supernatural world.  (Modern or WWII)

A travelling Bard experiences various misadventures.

The apocalypse has happened, and zombies walk the Earth.  What will it take to survive?

A teacher who secretly worked as a porn star in the past has her secret found out.  What will her fellow teachers (or the 16+ students) do with the knowledge?

A woman, to win a prize of ten million dollars (or to receive an inheritance from a distant family member), must make a road trip from the western tip of Alaska to the southern tip of Chile.  What adventures will she have along the way?

A woman heads down to Mexico for spring break, only to get caught up in the Mexican drug war. 

A woman has her wedding in Africa, only for the ceremony to be attacked by rebels.  Can she escape captivity and find her fiancĂ©?

A woman marries a man some twenty years her senior, and finds herself with a pair of step-brothers only a couple of years younger than herself (they would be 16+, but still living at home).  When she attempts to establish her authority, they decide to put her in her place.

A woman gets a job as safety officer at a remote mine.

A police officer goes undercover to break up a criminal gang.  Can she protect her identity while gathering the information that her superiors need?

A superheroine is elected Mayor, only to find herself at odds with the criminal elements that all but rule the city.  Can she clean things up without having her secret identity revealed?

Please PM me if you're interested in any of these plots.  :-)
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Re: Freeform/System desires (F seeking NC)
« Reply #1 on: January 24, 2014, 01:49:44 AM »
Updated with the bolded ideas.