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Author Topic: What Lanie Fancies ;) [FxM]  (Read 3419 times)

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Offline Lanie ElizabethTopic starter

  • “Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”
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What Lanie Fancies ;) [FxM]
« on: January 20, 2014, 09:05:30 pm »

NOTE: Please only respond VIA PM or YIM, not on this thread. Thank you! :)
Hey there lovely!
Thank you for taking the time to read through my Request Thread & O/Os...
or if you're just here skimming through to see if anything sticks out at you,
that's cool too but you would be highly missing out on what makes me tick. ;)
I hope something jumps out at you below and will make you message me. 
I'm pretty friendly too, so don't be afraid to say Hi!

I absolutely love writing.  It's my escape from the boring life for which I live. 
It allows me to pour my emotions into a character which is something I'm not really used to doing in general. 
I've been non-adult role playing for over ten years and started adult role playing when I was sixteen. 
I will always be a hopeless romantic, which is something I would like to see in a role play, but I am trying to venture out
a little further and explore on different aspects.  I was never a fantasy type role player until I started having weird dreams
which prompted me to think, "That might not be a half bad story idea" or just in general from different movies I've seen.

As for my wants/needs...

I can be quite picky when it comes to my writing partners and sometimes I do get bored if we don't change things up a
bit rather than just the usual. It's usually not my partner's fault and it's mostly just me losing interest in a role or going
so far into a role, that we're searching for more twists and turns to keep things going. Of course if we made it that far,
we should discuss another role :)  I am a straight woman looking for a male partner.  I've tried role playing with other girls
either as FxF or MxF and I just couldn't get into it.

+ Romance: I'm a sucker for it as I said and it's what turns me on the most. I'm not talking fluffy romance where it's all
amazing, no problems or anything like that. Basically what I'm looking for is a man who can develop feelings for a woman,
and want to protect her from any trouble or crisis. A man who gets jealous when he sees the woman he loves or lusts after
with another man and wants to do anything to get her back. I like seeing how the characters get to know each other
and how they to fall in love as well as the thoughts that go through their mind
(ex: the battle between doing what they want and what they can't have, the hesitations and the attraction.)
Not so much a man where he is completely and utterly obsessed with the woman to where he's stalking her and watching her every move.

+ Dominate/Switch Partners: Something about a man who knows what he wants and goes for it,
no matter what the outcome may be is definitely what I tend to be attracted too. Plus it makes things a lot
more fun when he isn't baffled as to what to do with a woman in front of him. I'm typically a shy person
and it usually takes a dominate man to really bring out the wild side in me. If he's shy too, it's most likely
not going to work out or be fun for either of us. Oh, and I like to be dominate too sometimes, but I don't
want a submissive guy at all. I want him to fight back and try to gain control over me.

+ The Actual Story: It's not all about sex for me, but of course this is E and it's what we all want in the end.
I don't want to jump right into bed with you and for it to be a one shot type of deal. I like deep, in depth role plays
where there is a back story behind every problem or every happy moment that lasts for more than a day and week.
I've role played with someone for months before on the same roles, and because we learned each others personalities
through that, it was easier for us to hop into something new where we went for another couple months. I want that again.

+ Visuals: When it comes to picking characters, use pictures if you can. No anime or anything along those lines.
I am not nor will I ever be attracted to any cartoon. I also like it when it's someone I haven't seen before but it's not required.
Don't get me wrong, actors, musicians, etc are just fine and everything but if you find a picture of someone who isn't well known is even better.

+ Dedicated Partners: When I get into a role, I typically post several times a day. You'll know when I'm
into it with how much I write and how I write. I would hope my partner would be the same way. I'm looking for someone
who can post more than once a day and not a couple times a week here and there. That's when I lose interested
because I'm always ready to continue.. even at work. :P If you can't do this.. we definitely won't work out. I understand
we all have lives outside of this so if you can't post, you could always write and let me know :)

How I am...

+ Submissive/Switch: I like to play innocent, sweet girls with a naughty side you'd never expect.
The type you'd want to bring home to your parents because she's the sweetest thing as long as they
don't find out about what goes on when they aren't around.

+ Reserved but looking for Adventure: In real life, I'm very laid back and I don't really go out and
do stupid, crazy things at all. My characters tend to stick to the same way, but are more willing to explore
the stupid, crazy things that my partner wants to drag her in. How I look at it is, I have a reputation to uphold
in real life that causes me to be more reserved but on here.. I want to explore things that I usually wouldn't do.

+ Post Length: I tend to write A LOT if I'm really into the role play. Anywhere between 2 full paragraphs
to 8 or longer. I love writing and I love losing myself in a story. Only thing I ask.. please use your imagination and
go in depth with how your character's feelings or what they are thinking.. a back story on their life or anything like that.
It makes it more fun for both of us. <3

+ Being Manhandled: There's just something about a man picking me up as he kisses me,
tossing me on the bed (or anywhere really), shoving me against the wall in the heat of passion,
throwing me over his shoulder.. anything like that that just gets me going.

+ Vanilla that turns to Rough: When everything starts out tender and sweet and then you get
caught up in the moment which turns to biting, grasping, spanking, hair pulling, light choking, forcing me down, etc.

+ Light Bondage: Handcuffs, ropes, blind folds, duct tape are all good.
Nothing that's going to cause intense pain or anything like that though. Keep it simple.

+ Toys: Who doesn't love 'em? I don’t have a problem with simple toys, but if you bring out some
thinga-ma-gigger with tons of different parts to it, I will probably run away :P

+ Sensual touching while sleeping: This has to be a favorite of mine. I melt whenever I run into
someone who likes it just as much as I do. Picture you're sound asleep when you're partner wakes up
in the middle of the night and attempts to touch or kiss you without waking you up. Hell, your partner
may even touch you to wake you up. I just find that to be one of my major ons.

Now for the things that don't really need to be explained:
+ Seduction
+ Foreplay
+ In-depth Details
+ Non-Consensual
+ Mutual Masturbation
+ Receiving Anal
+ Giving and Receiving Oral
+ [Maybe, if it is done in a classy way and not strictly for sexual pleasure] Pregnancy

I'm willing to try a lot of things if you discuss (and sometimes explain) things to me.
Remember, I'm still learning a lot about what it is exactly that I like.
But there are just some things that I'll never try or ever be turned enough to do:

- Mental and emotional abuse: This is a big one for me. If you read above, I usually tend to put myself in the character,
and I don’t want to leave at the end of the day and feel really crappy about myself. I want you to treat my character like a lady
and not like some whore that you don't give a shit about. Thanks <3
- Anal to Maw
- Scat/Water sports/Anything Bathroom related
- Vore or anything along that line
- Torture/Humiliation/Denigration

Currently: Accepting //  Not Accepting Partners

I typically role play through Gmail's Drive but I will do forum if that is what you prefer. Shoot me a PM with anything
you might be interested in. Please do not post in this thread These pairings and ideas are not first come first serve either.
I may play the same pairs a couple times just because it can go so many ways. I prefer long term partners. I like getting the
actual story going before anything actually happens between our characters.

All of these are up for discussion of course. Nothing is set in stone. I actually want you guys to give some input about
what you think and want in this. I play only female characters, and I'm looking for male partners. I was never into playing
multiple characters in a role play. And I do admit, some of these pairings are from other people's threads that I saw and
was interested in instantly. Not trying to jack their ideas though (:

If you read through this and message me, prove it with the code word: Bananas (silly I know, but I'm just silly like that :P)


Note: Bold = My character
* = Craving

Best friends
Band mates
Sugar Baby // Sugar Daddy*
Jock // Nerd
Pirate // Nobel
Pirate // Pirate
Country // City
Servant // Nobel
Au Pair // Parent
Drifter // Landlord
Student // Teacher
Groom // Maid of Honor (Bride'a sister or best friend)
Goody-Two-Shoes // Bad Boy
Local // Tourist
Homeless // Caring Citizen
President's Daughter // Bodyguard
WWII Nazi Soldier // Jewish woman
Father (Step Father)// Daughter (Step Daughter)
Brother (Step Brother) // Sister (Step Sister)
Brother // Sister's Best Friend
Single Mom // Single Dad
King/Duke/Prince // Commoner *
Queen/Princess/Duchess // Commoner *
Escort // Business/Congressman (someone important) *
or shoot me ideas! I'm open :)

Settings / Themes
1920s (Flapper girl)*
Holiday Related ***
WWII era
Modern era
Victorian era
Post apocalypse
Zombie apocalypse
Renaissance/French Revolution
(Open to suggestions)


Pretty Woman*
Pretty in Pink
She's the Man
Sleepy Hollow
A Knight's Tale
Pride and Prejudice
Sweet Home Alabama
Crazy, Stupid, Love *
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Great Gatsby
The Host
Silver Linings Playbook **

Fifty Shades Trilogy
The Hunger Games

This is still a work in process so check back from time to time... :)

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Offline Lanie ElizabethTopic starter

  • “Butterflies can’t see their wings. They can’t see how truly beautiful they are, but everyone else can. People are like that as well.”
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Re: What Lanie Fancies ;) [FxM]
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2017, 10:59:50 pm »
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