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August 18, 2017, 04:14:00 AM
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Author Topic: An Angel's Ideas (Seeking Male Characters)  (Read 385 times)

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An Angel's Ideas (Seeking Male Characters)
« on: January 20, 2014, 01:53:46 PM »
"Devil, Disney, and Three ~ February 2014"
House of Three

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So this is a three way, hopefully long term, idea that I have been wanting for some time. I do not have a full sketch for this idea as of yet, but, I am thinking of three house-mates that have lived together for two-six months, never having known each other before. One night when they are all stuck in because of a winter storm (unable to get out to work because they live slightly out of town) they decide to watch a movie. Now, one of the guys has been slowly moving in on the woman for some time now, and maybe the other guy has a crush on the one flirting first with the woman. So imagine them all stuck inside, after a long day of doing nothing (okay maybe doing some ‘online research’) and they are all watching a movie, an adult scene creeping up and hormones going through the roof…

Well we can play with relationships and everything that goes on from there. ;)

Born to the Darkness

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Neisis has lived in hell all of her life, the last three hundred years of it at least, and has been hand selected by one of the big hauncho’s (dun dun dun … devil-esk male), whom she is to be a new guard of. So now, why does the devil need a guard? Well you know, those pesky angels that always wage war against hell and all of that good stuff. Anyway, this is a wide open idea that I hope to consist of adult themes, war, battle, NC, and well things like that nature.

Fluffing Up Disney

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Alright. Totally open category, I am looking into turning adult and/or modern themes with Disney, mostly Disney villains. This could consist of straight up love stories, fluffing up the original Disney plot, or otherwise. I am open for suggestions!
"Norse Gods and Mermaid Kingdoms ~ January 2014"
So I have two story ideas that I have been going through in my head recently. One came from a picture I saw (and cannot find again) and the other from a day dream idea. One is set in a Mermaid Kingdom and the other is brought on from the current Marvel adventuring in Norse mythology.
Idea One: Mermaid Kingdom  (MxF)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The prince of the underwater kingdom has come of age and is soon to be crowned. He has not yet married and every time potential woman are brought before him he continued to refuse every one of them. Nearly every noble woman and beautiful maiden has been brought to him in this adventure. He knows what he wants though, the secret woman of his dreams. A woman his father would never agree to being the next queen.

She is a warrior. One from a long line of guards who have protected the kingdom and been trained from birth. She was no exception. She is wicked fast and deadly and has won her fair share of battles against rapid sharks and the deep-water terrors. She has even been places as a second in command to the guard, next to her father, for bringing home a war trophy in her youth. A piece of the kraken, there most deadly enemy. That was not a glorious day for her family though, for it was also the day her mother had died protecting the previous Queen. Both woman had perished that day, even if a victory was won over the kraken.

They grew up together, her father being the princes teacher in the fighting arts. They trained and before more of his studies took him to politics and other kingly studies they had been neck to neck in the fighting ring. She is uncultured though, she can barely read and cannot write. She is a commoner who has grown up around royalty. She would never be accepted as the next Queen.

This is the story of their romance, a story of war against the deep-water mermaids. The one who lived in the darkest depths of the sea, who have gained allegiance with the kraken. This is a story both of romance, war, territory, and betrayal. Where it will end, only the telling of this tale will show us that.

Idea Two: Norse Mythology ~ Building a new Story (MxF)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
((Uses some of the base of the current Marvel version of the story and adding in my own twist.))

Anell was the kings best friend from childhood, she was a sorceress much like the Queen whom she had trained with also as a child. It was no secret as they grew up that she was in love with the King who eventually chose the other sorceress over her. She kept close to them both though, she was not one who would ever betray those who she kept near. She was loyal to a fault.

That loyalty was to a fault, but she was betrayed by an unknown man one night when she and the king went out drinking. Both of them drank too much and in the morning, per another’s plan, the two were found in an inn together. Lying in bed near to the nude. The Queen found them of course and before either one had a moment to explain Anell was cursed by the queen, never able to say another word again. That night as Anell lay in a prison cell the King swore his loyalty to his Queen explaining that nothing had happened, but so many believed otherwise now. He had no choice but to banish the woman to a thought to be isolated world beyond.

The woman had not spent her night with the King, but another had crept into her room and so as she walked a barren wasteland of ice cold danger she found herself pregnant. It was around the same time that Thor and Loki were born that Sliveria was born into this land of cold and ice. She grew up there, watching as her mother died one winter and the young woman could do nothing. She was as voiceless as her mother, but through magic she had learned and understood of a land long gone to them. Or so she had thought it was long gone.

On a scouting mission on the planet guards had found the place that Sliveria had been taking refuge from the monsters. The guards unknowingly brought the young woman back. In front of the King and Queen, both who realized who this child was. They thought in that moment that she could only be the Kings daughter, born of another woman, but they would not tell this to anyone else. No one else would know – not even Sliveria herself.
This is the story of Sliveria as she tries to figure out who she is here, learns about her past and finds what is to hold in her future. This is also the romance of Sliveria and Loki, but if that romance is only a ploy of passion or an illusion to betray it is unknown. They could very well have feelings, but have to be the tricksters they are to hide or avoid conflict about it. Neither one knows there true birth yet, this is an occurrence before the first movie. I am hoping to play with this – maybe in chapters with before the movie, around the movie as he finds out who is he and between each movie as well. Of course we can play with the fact that it is believed that she is the Kings daughter while Loki still believes the same thing. Then also the mysterious ‘bad guy/daddy’ and the like as well. So adventure, romance, mystery, recreation. Betrayal, and loyalty.


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Re: An Angel's Ideas (Seeking Males)
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