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June 19, 2018, 12:14:05 AM

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Author Topic: Craving: Gritty Zombie Apocalypse survival, (F looking for M or F or in between)  (Read 249 times)

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Offline AkumamikaTopic starter

1/ Pm me do not post here.
2/ Looking for long term plot heavy writing, some more intimate scenes can happen should it fit the story.
3/ I plan on playing a young woman in late teens to early twenties, tomboyish in style and with a background in engineering for vehicles. Specialised in motorbikes.
4/ Feel free to discuss anything about the story with me, if you want to change, add or remove anything I'm willing to listen to your ideas, this is a co-lab effort after all.

In the year 2020 an oil rig in the south Pacific delve deep into the crust of the sea floor and find a massive empty chamber, filled to it's brim with fungal spores, long since thought extinct. These spores, travelled up the rig along with natural gasses only to be spread into the open air and spread upon the winds. The spores follow the winds and begin to settle along the east coast of south America, at first harmless looking and changing little of the natural environment. The first signs were native tribes being overcome by strange illnesses, delusions and dementia seemed the most prominent, then as the spores grow and spread and evolve, by 2025 the infections become deadly, wiping out a quarter of the population of south America alone in one year.

Boarders begin to close and military forces are employed to prevent the spread of the disease. The spores, not yet linked to the illness spread further and further still, accelerating rust and decay in more urban environments, destroying buildings and infecting more people. By 2030 America is in complete lock-down and almost 80% of the population is infected and many other countries started experiencing similar outbreaks.

Now: 2050, in a small town, miles from anywhere, our characters have lived without knowledge of one another or have arrived at roughly the same time. The locals are paranoid to the back teeth and are armed with anything they can get their hands on. The only locations of note are, a gun and ammunition shop, the trading post, the underground network of tunnels, and stockpile of food.

Outside the town the roads are cut off with patrolled blockades, another larger city 50 miles away is the closest area of interest. The towns people have young ex-military boys who go into the city weekly to collect supply drops from the helipads. Some are injured or killed so volunteers are few and far between.