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May 23, 2018, 02:05:47 PM

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Author Topic: Some One on One Plots! [m/f]-[Looking for male characters]  (Read 211 times)

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Offline Calculated InnocenceTopic starter

Some One on One Plots! [m/f]-[Looking for male characters]
« on: January 19, 2014, 09:37:57 PM »
Please note: I'm looking for male characters to play opposite my female characters. That does not mean you must be male IRL.

Hello! Thanks for clicking. ;) This will be my lovely one x one thread, that I will try to update as new ideas come to mind. Please do not post here! I don't like it when these become cluttered. Just PM me any questions.

I have a few rules, nothing major. Let's keep it short and sweet.
  • - Please be willing to chat OOC with me about the roleplay. Silence is awkward, and I often have questions for my partners regarding plot twists and such. I like to be friends!
  • - I tend to write between two-six paragraphs per response. Sometimes more, and sometimes less, depending on what the scene calls for. We do not need page after page describing each strand of your characters hair, only to ultimately say that they have sat down. I love detail, but not when it devolves into the dreaded purple prose. *Horse whinny, lightening strike.*
  • - No god-modding! That one should be obvious. I will play my character, and you shall play yours. The same goes for NPC's, unless otherwise stated.
  • - Have decent spelling and grammar. I do not ask for perfection, I make mistakes. But if your posts are riddled with errors to the point where I can not read them, well... That just won't work!
  • - I'm not looking for pure smut. I like story and character development. With smut.
Onto the plots! Some of these will be very vague, others will be more detailed. Feel free to make suggestions. :-)

Only one for now. :-X

One: A sort of modern/futuristic type that involves advanced technology. And robots.
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My character will be someone important, someone often targeted by her enemies, or perhaps enemies of her family. I usually stick with the 'daughter of a corrupt businessman' deal. Fearing for her safety, she always has a bodyguard with her. But, the last few have not worked out so well. They're all killed eventually, violently. The girl is bad luck; she is the mirror you break, the ladder you walk beneath, the black cat that crosses your path. But that's all just rumor.

Your character will be the new bodyguard, but he will not be human. He will be a robot that looks human, but is far less susceptible to silly things like dying. Able to aim, shoot, and kill without question, emotionless, and loyal only to his owner, he seems like the perfect deal. Until a defect is revealed, and slowly, he starts to show more human qualities.
Very open to suggestions and changes. As long as we keep the robot/human pairing, I would be find with changing this up quite a bit.