Many Pairings and a few more detailed role plays to consider Male looking for F

Started by seeker619, January 19, 2014, 02:01:12 PM

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1-Suicidal high school Girl finds someone forever-Her father has moved from city to city as he was a man who could not hold onto a job very long and debts made him move fast.  AS a result she never had decent clothes and at the age of 17 she still had the look of a beauty who just needs to grow into it.  Of course at that age she did not see the beauty.  She was dressed in rags, she never had friends for more than a few months, she had long legs she had yet to get used to and as a result she was clumsy. 

One Afternoon she is carrying all of her books home from school because she knows she will not return.  She has a plan to kill herself that night.  Being clumsy as she is she walks into a young man and drops all of her  books.

"Whoa, hey there excuse me."

On the verge of tears she apologizes and starts to pick up the books.

"Hey calm down.  The world did not end.  Relax and I'll pick up the book."

As he is picking up the books a notebook flashes open briefly and has various recipes for a quick suicide.

"I've never met you before.  I am Jordan.  Why all the books on a Friday?"

She stutters trying to say something and he  stops her.

"Listen.  I see you are new and I'm not going to accept no for an answer.  I want you to come to a gathering I'm having with a few of my friends. You can meet some people and make some friends.  Here are your book.  Now look me in the eye and PROMISE you will call me when you get home.  I already have your address which was written with your name on many of the books.  I'll be waiting and if I do not get that call I will be at your house OK?

He never stated it but it was clear to her he knew her plan.  And she suddenly thought she could put it off and at least meat these friends of his.

They become quick friends and the suicide becomes a thought she cannot believe she had.

All of the poetry she wrote while so lonely and all of the insanely happy  poetry she wrote after making friends become songs she writes for a band she is in and she becomes an overnight sensation after a talent agent sees her sing on YOUTube.

They drift apart but always stay in contact.  His fiance dumps him he loses his job and one night he is the one considering suicide.  She has a concert in his hometown and she actually cancels the
show.  She has a bad feeling in her gut and she goes to his house.  The door is locked and no answer.  His car is in the driveway.  She breaks a window and climbs in finding him on a stool about to hang himself.

Eventually they marrry...........take away or add the story is what it is.  Long term but her life in the band may be kinky, his fiance and him may have had their own kinks too.

However in the beginning it is pure innocence and the power one person has when it comes to helping another.  WOULD LOVE INPUT


Alien Incubus X human females-Aliens are having trouble reproducing.  They need human females to help things along.  They can only get the females if in their dreams they can seduce the woman.  They see her dreams and they can enter at any time.  However they must know what the dreams the woman has had mean and the best way to create a dream where she can be seduced and fucked.

Twin Brothers X Same woman

Mother X Son- When son is 17 his cougar mother who is bisexual tries to seduce his girlfriend who is surprisingly easy prey for her.  Or is she?  Perhaps she just starts dating all of his friends.....

Dirty Cop X Clean Cop

Sex Slave X Master

Harem Master X Harem member-  One of the members of this harem is not drugged one day and he sees that all of the men around him are drugged just to keep them horny and sedated enough not to care and not to revolt.  He decided to steal some  of the drug and gives it to the woman who soon becomes his slave as he frees the others.

Spy X Spy

Doctor X Patient-Does the doctor addict his patient to drugs just to have her beg for them?  Perhaps he is a psychologist and convinces her she needs him as much as she needs water.

Dirty Prison Guard X Prisoner--Prisoner has been sent to prison for a non violent crime he committed at age 17.  Five years later he has a year left.  However a Prison guard has been abusing him but finally he has something he can blackmale her with.

This can be a female guard with a female prisoner or any combination.  I  however would play opposite the female guard whether I am male or female.

#@#@#@#--Another story line

Faculty teacher vs Students--The faculty has been ordered by the government to drug the students and see their response to suggestive orders.  The female teacher has been abusing this by taking the seventeen year old males and making them pleasure and fuck her.  One of the males sees what she is doing(She may be male or female)  and if male he uses it on her and gets more info on the plan.  If it is a woman she may help the male get to the bottom of things.

Master X Slave

Incubus X Succubus-What could that be about????

Sailor X Mermaid

Wizard X Evil Queen

Snow white And the Seven Horny Dwarfs

Drug addict X Dirty cop-  I see the cop as female and I would play the drug addict.

Assasin X Tarrget

Home Burglar X Man or woman living there

Coach X Athlete

Kidnapper X Kidnapped

Popular guy X unpopular girl-Sex of each can be reversed.

Little Red Riding Hood X Hunter who finds her confused and lost


Any you can think of would also be welcome