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Author Topic: Do YOU have what it takes? (Open)  (Read 387 times)

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Do YOU have what it takes? (Open)
« on: January 15, 2014, 04:29:39 PM »
Group 2: Currently Accepting 4 - 6 Characters!

The Mad King (though no one would call him that in Public) had commissioned another Expedition to the West! It was a fools errand most likely. No one had ever found anything to the West. Many had gone in search and never returned. Some had returned but were stark raving mad from months at sea, drinking sea water when supplies ran out. And sometimes Ghost Ships were found floating in the middle of nowhere, their crews missing, with no sign of struggle.

The Mad King didn't just want to find the fabled lands to the West though. He wanted to find his son, the only Heir to the Kingdom, that had gone missing 5 years ago on his own Quest to the West. Its what had sent the King over the edge, having lost his wife the year before to a riding accident. And then his son, his only son, went off in search of the fabled Lands of Gold to the West, across the Endless Ocean, and had never returned. His ship was never found nor any of its crew.

Money and infamy - not from just finding the Western Lands but also the Crown Prince - would draw many to such a venture. But who would be brave enough to put it all on the line and sail to the West?

Some questions to consider:

What drives your character?
What skills do they bring to the party?
What is in it for them?
What of their friends/family/loved ones?
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Re: Do YOU have what it takes? (Open)
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2014, 04:31:00 PM »
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[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Profession:[/b]



[b]Major Skills:[/b]
[b]Minor Skills:[/b]
[b]Innate Abilities:[/b]

[b]Additional Information/Secrets:[/b]

Character Creation Guide
Copy/Paste the following code into a PM to create your character. Remember to follow previously stated rules.

Code: [Select]
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[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Age:[/b]
[b]Character Race:[/b]
[b]Character Profession:[/b]



[b]Major Skills:[/b]
[b]Minor Skills:[/b]
[b]Innate Abilities:[/b]

[b]Additional Information/Secrets:[/b]

Character Name: Character Name
Character Age: Age - something realistic in regards to background.
Character Race: What Civilized race are you?
Character Profession: All encompassing name for your character class/abilities

Background: Be detailed. Skills etc reflect background.


Major Skills:
Minor Skills:
Innate Abilities:

Additional Information/Secrets:


Group 1:

Connor O'Fearghail

Name: Connor O'Fearghail
Age: 24 Years Old
Race: Human
Profession: 'Assassin' - term used lightly.

Background: Connor comes from a mixed background. Born to Nobility, he was given an education from an early age. He can read and write, do math, and speak three languages including Common. And he has kept this knowledge secret for most of his life. He received weapons training as well - mostly with Sword and Bow. As a youngster, he could often be found practicing his Archery and joining the Hunters out in the woods, where he learned how to track and trap, along with stalking his prey. Little did he know how useful these skills would become for him.

He was always destined for the Legion, like his father, and as he neared his twelfth birthday, he knew that it would be only another 2 short years before he'd be able to join and receive proper training. However, that all changed in a cruel twist of faith. His father was the Commanding Officer of the 13th Legion and upon his disappearance, things quickly spiraled out of control for Connor and his family. People cursed his name and spat at him in the streets and the family name was forever tarnished, tarnished by events out of his control. The servants left, not wanting to serve such an unlucky family, and soon Connor and his mother and younger brother were cast out onto the streets.

His brother only last a few months, his mother a few more months after that, leaving Connor all on his own. He quickly fell in with a gang of street urchins, fighting for every crumb of bread. By the time he was 14, he had grown adept at stealing and had become hardened to street life, realizing that there weren't any rules when it came to fighting. Following rules meant the difference between life and death. Over the next 4 years he began to rise through the ranks in the Underground World - a world as dangerous as it is mysterious for those on the outside. It was during these years that his innate abilities began to surface - or become noticed. He was deadly accurate with a bow, eerily consistent in fact, and seemed to be able to sense when some one nearby possessed magical abilities.

Both of these facts aided him in his new profession - combined with the skills he had learned on the Streets, and what little training in tactics and fighting as a youth, combined with his education - that of an Assassin. It was work that came easy to him, feeding the hatred he felt towards those that had shunned him into his tasks, he quickly excelled in his role. It paid well on top of everything as well but came with its own dangers. One could slip while climbing along the rooftops, or be cornered by guards. Or an Assassin could run afoul with the Guild and find a contract out on their head as well.

From the age of 18 - 22, Connor was at the height of his game and feel ever further into a deadly game. His jobs quickly shifted from Guild Warfare and small time targets to the big leagues - contracts taken out by one noble against another. Here, treading carefully was the only way to survive, but soon Connor's name grew - the Shadow, as he was called, due to his uncanny stealth and impossible shots that he made, along with his ability to avoid detection by those with magic. But with great Fame comes great Danger and it wasn't long before Connor discovered that a contract was out for him.

Connor had remained friendly to those who had shown him kindness and knew that gifting the street urchins that he had run along with as a youngster was a good way to get information that was otherwise hard to obtain. They were also good at creating distractions for him and seemed to know things before anyone else did. It was through the Urchins that he first learned that a contract was out for his head and he ambushed the Assassin sent to kill him, hoping the rest would get the message. But for people in that line of work, danger was half the fun, and being able to claim the head of one of the most feared Assassins in recent memory would be a great honor indeed.

Connor managed to stay in the city for a few more months, fending off the attacks that became more frequent. Soon enough, though, the city was far too dangerous for him to remain in, especially at night. He made one last hurrah, assassinating the head of the Guild he had once worked for in an attack that would forever live on in legend. Instead of calming things down, though, it stirred a hornets nest. During the night that would be forever remembered as 'The Flight of the Shadow', Connor escaped what seemed like every Assassin, Cuthroat, and Guild Member in the city looking for him.

It was certainly a close thing, though he'd never admit it. Connor hit the road running and has never stayed in one place for too long, least his past finally catch up to him. But now that he is on his own, he has been able to learn more about his father and the rumors that swirl about the 13th Legion. With a full coin purse, and taking on the occasional job along the way, Connor has made it to Tetrarch - the last place he ever imagined himself going to - and has decided to put some distance between himself and his enemies by heading out into the Wilds. Why not search for his father and the legion, perhaps adding another ounce of Legend to 'the Shadow of Ribenheim' while he is at it?

Personality: Connor is wary of strangers - for good reason - and is rather cautious in new places. Old habits die hard and he is always on guard, only ever half asleep with one eye open and a dagger within reach of his hands. Despite this, there is also a hint of nobility to his hard shell, charismatic and charming while also intelligent and friendly. He values loyalty above all else but knows all too well that too much fame can break such loyalty.

Major Skills: Stealth Skills (Sneak, Climbing, Hide), Archery, Swordsmanship
Minor Skills: Alchemy, Acrobatics
Innate Abilities: True Shot, Detect Magic

Character Items:

Additional Information:

Ser Albrecht von Ravensburg
Character Name: Albrecht Von Ravensburg
Character Age: 37 years old
Character Race: human
Character Profession: knight

Background: Albrecht comes from the River Lands, the wide, rich plains dotted with forests, where an unsteady Emperor wages war against land hungry neighbor kings and struggles to keep his crown far from the grasping hands of his own nobles. His father was the second son of Hermann the Fair, loved and respected Baron of Ravensburg, and he was raised, during an unusual time of peace, as a young noble should. He learned his letters and his numbers, heraldry and religion, hunting with the bow and with the falcon, riding and proper bearing, but mostly, fitting a warlike country like the River Lands he was carefully, deeply and thoroughly instructed in the art of fighting. He became proficient with many a weapon, albeit mostly with the long sword, he learned to use a shield and to maximize the protection that an armor grants.

He was a merry boy, then a serene young knight, displaying his prowess at jousts and melees, winning some honors and prizes. Then his grandfather passed away and his uncle Dieter became the new Baron. The lands of Ravensburg weren't extensive, and his uncle wasn't the wise, clever ruler Hermann the Fair had been. He was greedy, proud and resentful, and before Albrecht turned 16, his home land was again at war: since he was a very talented and skilled knight now, he had to forget his jousting lance and seize his war weapons.

In the following years, warring in blood and mud, Albrecht point of view on knighthood changed, slowly, but unremittingly. Defending children, women and weak people became impossible, championing justice and truth showed useless, warring with honor and loyalty was proven dangerous and reprehensible. He fought for his uncle the Baron, for his Emperor, then for a king who wanted a rich port city, then to recapture lands, and so on. He sadly realized that every time he was called to war for the sake of justice, honor or some other high virtue, it was just a mask behind which hid the voracious greed of men. He became a remarkable, fearsome warrior, but a jaded, cynical and bitter man.

When he was 33, some kind of bloodstained peace was imposed on the River Lands, and he rode back to his neglected family - yes, he had married twelve years before and sired a couple of daughters - hoping for a little rest. He spent some serene years, ruling his small stronghold and his tiny village, caring for his wife and watching his girls grow. Sometimes people came to visit him, mostly young knight eager to learn something from the famous warrior or old comrades who wanted to share tales and mulled wine. His older daughter got happily married with a fine young man and moved to his mansion, far away on the sea. Life was looking better. Then he made a dire mistake.

A very rich noblewoman who lived a couple of days from his family's lands was charged with the poisoning of her husband. Albrecht was sure it was a fabrication: the husband at issue was a good, nice man, but sickly, and dangerously prone to lung illnesses, he died in his bed, burning with fever, coughing blood and clutching his beloved wife's hand until his last, ragged breath. Little he knew that the fabrication was aimed at seizing her wealth and her affluent, powerful accusers couldn't care less for murder or poison. So when the desperate noblewoman asked trial by combat, he was glad to champion her. And being the knight he was, he proved her innocence with lance, sword and shield: it wasn't an easy fight, his opponent was a skilled, experienced mercenary warrior, who fought with great strength and cunning till the bitter end. At last, when the duel was over and Albrecht was grudgingly declared winner, it was the wounded, worn out mercenary who rouse his hand, smiling and muttering You fight hard, for being a pampered noble knight!»
In the following weeks, Albrecht victory turned into disaster. In the following weeks, his wife and his younger daughter disappeared without a trace and a mysterious fire burned two granaries in his village to the ground. Then his wife came back. She'd been raped and tortured and scared to death. She ran straight to the Baron, to accuse Albrecht of dark sorcery. She testified that he got his famous warrior prowess from the devils of the Abyss, in exchange for worship and regular human sacrifices, that he had sex with demonic creatures and sometimes he even surrendered her to the minions of Abyss, to torture and defile for fun. So his victory in the duel was obtained through evil magic and thus worthless: the woman he championed was indeed guilty of murder, she was burned and her riches confiscated, and Albrecht himself was a worshipper of the dark powers. He understood that he was doomed.

When the soldiers knocked down his door to throw him in jail, he was already gone, taking what he could and riding north, far from the River Lands, heading from some place where he was nobody. When he reached Tetrarch, his faithful war horse was long dead, his purse almost empty and his soul burdened by regrets. He decided to answer the call for the Northern Wilds expedition with a twofold hope: if he earns a lot of money, maybe he can go back home and put things straight; if he gets killed, at least he'll know some peace.

Personality: Albrecht Von Ravensburg used to be a honorable, loyal, brave knight. And somehow he still keeps faith in his old ideals. But now this side of him is buried deep under a thick layer of pain. He's a jaded, cynical, bitter warrior, who cares very little about his own life. Despite his best efforts, he wasn't able to protect the ones he loved, so he's very careful not to grow close to anyone.

Major Skills: weapon and shield fighting, two handed weapon fighting, riding, jousting.
Minor Skills: heraldry, falconry, first aid, weapon repair.
Innate Abilities: resistance to mind affecting spells and powers, fearless.

Josetta of the Shyver Clan
Character Name: Josetta of the Shyver Clan, Fifth daughter of the Queen of Gypsy's Madge Shyver
Character Age: 22
Character Race: Human
Character Profession: Fortune Teller/Gypsy Dancer/Thief

Background:Josetta does not remember her real parents who were lost during a terrible sickness that passed through her small village off the coast near Frozen Isles. She wondered into the Kingdom of Ribenheim alone, unknown to the people and fought and stole for food, shelter and her own protection against the other street urchins. She grew tough and self-reliant, never backing down from a brawl or showing any sign of weakness because of her sex . She only took from those who had more than enough and gave to the little ones who didn’t have the strength to help themselves.

One day while she was being disciplined for her latest mischief, that of petty theft of a stale muffin, Madam Madge Shyver, who had first commonly, mistaken her for a boy, put a halt to the beating she was absorbing and paid for her meal. A member of a higher society of gypsys, who traveled city to city in their colorful caravans, entertaining the villagers with their fortune telling, mystical snake oils, and exotic dancers. Regarded as a Queen amongst the gypsies, she has a great bond with her people that runs deep and is able to avenge quarrels that have defamed her or her clan without leaving her cart. Knowing any number of her clansmen would hunt the offender down to please their queen. Some claims led her to be considered to be gifted with unholy powers, but were quickly snuffed out in fear of an early death to their leader or themselves. Some people accepted her gift and flocked to her for her fortune-telling and potions, though fake, sometimes prove useful to people who believe her. She leads her tribe round the countryside telling fortunes and selling crockery, and adopting gifted children into her fold.

Madam Madge eventually took Josetta under her powerful wing and trained the young child in her gypsy thieving ways. She enjoyed her new family, dancing and reading palms for coins, even the pick pocketing and gambling. She was quick to learn to wield a knife and excelled in hand to hand and short sword combat, to her Madam's surprised and soon became the best knife thrower in her tribe. Madam, grew fond of the girl and honored her with her name, making her one of her many daughters, providing her with special magic skills as well. Madam was know to dabble into the dark arts and gifted her youngest daughter with the gift of shadows. The ability to move unseen with the aid of darkness, blending in with shadows and become almost invisible at night or in dark places.

 As she grew so did her beauty, maturing from a tomboy into a seductive gypsy princess. Madam, who was grow older with a weak heart, wanted to give her clan a bright future with a strong leader to up hold their laws and honor. She demand her five daughters on a quest to prove which would best lead their clan before her death to see her family was well looked after when she was gone. Her sisters argued that Josetta was not of Shyver blood line and should not have the right to inherit the leadership of their people. Outraged by the insincerity of her sisters, she slit her hand with one of her blades and held it to the four women.

"My blood my not be as red as yours, as strong as yours, or as powerful as yours. I may not be of your people, but we are all born from the same earth and share the same bread and the same sorrows and joys. The bond that links our family is not one of blood, but of respect and loyalty in each other. I am a Shyver bound by honor for my family, and when I return I promise to uphold my Madam's traditions, her teachings, and her devotion to protect the clan with every beat of my heart and drop of my blood in my body, so I swear to you..."

Madam was so proud of her little Josie, she ignored her daughter protest and allowed her to join the others. Josetta set off at once on her journey, letting her pride and determination take over to come back victorious. She knew her Madam meant to be fair but couldn’t stand the thought of any of the others ruling, they showed no signs of honor or loyalty to the clan and even were rumored to have ratted many of them out to the law for silver pieces. Rather than allow them to tear the only family she knew and loved, she planed to go to the farthest place she could think of and listen for a quest that would would bring dignity and respect home with her. Taking only a few items to sell or trade for food and loggings, she set off to the nearest town to search for her destiny. The only treasure she did not sell was a necklace she was given to her when she turned of age and became a woman. A tribal crest and piece of home she carries with her always that gives her hope to succeeded and one day lead her tribe as great as her Madam had.

It has been an year since then and Josetta had yet to fulfill a quest that would make her clan proud to call her Queen. She traveled South, stopping now and then to dance for gold or pick pockets of the men who were toll full in their cups or the folds of her dress to notice their money missing. Helping some in petty bar battles and harmless quests. She wasnt satisfied with her accomplishments so far. Traveling down the till she then stopped at Red Falcon Inn, where she now rested and waited for news of a crusade for her to partake in. What she didnt know was one of her sisters had word spread to stop her. While resting her tired head in a cup of pale ale, she did not see the knife till the last moment and dodged. She fought back and even took out a few men, but was out numbered in the end and jumped out a second story window to escape. Sore but unharmed, she used her shadow magic to blend into the dark and into the crowed city, hoping to be undiscovered. The next day rumors of her escape and how she vanished into the darkness, and how so used witchcraft to elude her abductor, who were said to be the men who she had stolen from and were looking to take her to the law. One of the men had seen her outside the window, use her powers and were now looking for the gyps girl to hang her for her crime of having unholy powers. Unable to leave the city without being seen or to flee back to her tribe without her task complete, Josetta knew she had to find a place where people wouldnt look for her and hoped to not be found till people forgot about her and her crimes.

Personality:Josetta is a very lost soul yet kind and compassionate about her family and the less fortunate. Abandoned as babe, she took to the streets and learned more than a child her age shouldn't have while growing up. She has an allure that draws people to her and regularly has to swat away pursuers who are captivated by her exotic looks. She is street smart and also quick on her feet, learning something new is as easy as counting for her. Her hate for the rich and wealthy noblemen makes her a bit vindictive at times but also fines them the most gullible for her ruses and cons. She uses her beauty to fool people into her tricks and is very good a seduction when she is gambling or stealing. People usually fine her temperament and wit amusing and charming at times when she is relaxed and enjoying good company. She is a bit suborn when it comes to getting her way and seems to always wines up in trouble because she often doesnt listen to reason. But her natural goodness and perseverance always carries the day, sometimes...

Major Skills:Knife Throwing, Short Sword Combat, Thievery(includes lock picking and trap disabling)
Minor Skills: Stealth, Acrobatics
Innate Abilities:Shadow Shifting, Deception

Additional Information/Secrets: Is known as the" Fatal Flower " of Madam Madge's daughters for her captivate body and dance as well as her deadly bladed petals. The tattoo on her side indicates her skills and who her family is. 

Diana Mezborne
Character Name: Diana Mezborne
Character Age: 19
Character Race: Human
Character Profession: Scribe Apprentice

Background:Diana hails from a small village located on the east side of Lavaria. The village, while small in size and far from common trade routes, was a comfortable province that was well kept and lively despite the indigent state of its villagers. It was several hundred strides west of a large lake that separates their land from the neighboring lands, and also provides the village with a near infinite amount of water in even the driest times of the year. The village is surrounded by forest on both its north side and south side, as the forest’s borders lay several miles from the village’s walls. To the west is a road that leads to the rest of the country, surrounded by beautiful green plains and magnificent hills for miles before reaching the next village. Because the road to the west spread throughout the country and beyond, the village is called “Onset Village” by the villagers.

Diana was born and raised in Onset Village, and rarely left the castle walls throughout her entire childhood. She was a timid and apathetic child with a low self-esteem and a fragile heart. Many children of the village refused to play with her, as she was small and weak and couldn’t keep up with their playful roughhousing. Therefore she spent most of her days alone, either in her room or near the waterfront, doodling in her notebook with chalk and dull pencils. She was also a lover of books, particularly adventure novels, and enjoyed indulging in escapist fiction to distance herself from her dull and uneventful life.

In the beginning of her 7th year, Diana began to rave for the adventure and excitement she read in her books. She began to dream about exploring dark forests and infiltrating castles of evil sorcerers, slaying dragons and saving an entire town from a horde of demons while gaining fame throughout the land. She wanted to unleash herself and take the world by storm, so she could mark her place in history. But Diana was a smart girl, and she knew that none of this was possible for her. Putting her physical shortcomings aside, she knew she had no potential as a hero. She was a shy, pitiful person who cried at the weakest of insults and ran from the smallest of challenges. Her experience with socializing was also lacking, as the only people she could hold conversation with were her parents or her endless supply of little brothers, half of whom couldn’t even talk! What hope did she have to become a hero?

But a strange turn of events happened in her 8th year, when her father arranged her to become an assistant for an old scribe who lived in the village. The scribe, known as Hamilton Humphrey, was the oldest man in Onset Village and was well known both among the townsfolk and the scribe community for being a highly accomplished writer. But despite his renown he wasn’t seen much by the other townsfolk, as he tended to avoid social interaction in favor of a life dedicated to writing and solitude. And based on his abnormally healthy physical conditioning and strong sense of independence, one would be curious as to why he would need an assistant all of a sudden. It was even stranger why he asked for Diana specifically, as she was definitely the least qualified person to be his assistant. Perhaps it was her parent’s that set up the whole thing in an attempt to get Diana out of the house and develop social skills. Maybe Humphrey needed to study a child closely for one of his essays.

Regardless of the reason, Diana became Humphrey’s personal assistant, serving under him from sunrise to sunset, every day of the week. At first Diana’s tasks were simple; she ran errands for him, cooked for him, organized his writings, cleaned his house, and so forth. It was basic but hard work, and at first was very difficult for Diana to handle. She constantly found herself stretching the limits of her endurance from all the physical chores she had to do, and often found herself floundering in situations that called for social skills and basic intelligence. It was safe to say that her relationship with Humphrey wasn’t a happy one either, as he was very strict and often scolded her on her shortcomings. She was exposed to lectures every day on how she could (and should) better herself, something which at first only made Diana feel worse about herself.

But as time went on Diana slowly grew more accustomed to her demanding chores, and within a year she struggled nowhere near as much as she did when she first began as Humphrey’s assistant. She was physically stronger and could last an entire day without getting tired before sunset. She no longer burned the food when she cooked, and managed to work around using strange and cheap ingredients and still make an edible dish. And most impressive of all, her ability to socialize with other human beings improved greatly, as she found herself more confident in herself and less afraid of the outside world. She learned what it was like to be responsible and to think for herself, something which no other 9 year old in the village could boast about. Within 2 years of being Humphrey’s assistant Diana had developed into a respectable young lady.

When Diana was 10 years old, Humphrey decided it was time to take Diana completely under his wing and make her his apprentice. Her work as his assistant was nothing more than the preliminary phase of her development, as her work helped her grow in character, which was required for scribe training. Diana’s found herself doing more studying than chores under Humphrey from then on out. She began by studying the history of The World from old manuscripts and documents, and learned how such documenting was possible through the Society of the Scribes. She also studied philosophical essays, informative articles, and religious texts, and how each work of literature was significant in regards to the time period in which it was written. Finally, she studied how to write persuasive and informative works of literature through research and critical thinking.

While the work load was challenging and hard to keep up with, Diana was an excellent scholar under Humphrey’s wing. She became a respectable writer and historian who boasted great knowledge spanning many subjects. By the time she was 13 Diana was one of the smartest and most respected kids in the village. In 5 years’ time Diana went from being a chubby, timid nobody into an intelligent young lady boasting great intellect and confidence.

By the time she was 14, Diana began to travel the continent with Humphrey, furthering her training as a scribe by observing The World in her own eyes and documenting what she saw. Humphrey taught her the true essence of being a scribe, and taught her how to record important events for placement in the Scribe’s Library. As recording history was an extremely important and difficult job, Diana spent the majority of her teenage life with Humphrey, constantly honing her skills as a scribe while assisting Humphrey in his own scribe duties at the same time. For 5 years she trained, honing her writing skills while documenting as much of The World as she could in hopes of eventually mastering the core skills required to be a scribe.

Personality: For someone who views herself as an intelligent author of historical documents, Diana is a very puerile girl. She is playful and bubbly like a little kid and enjoys exchanging comical banter with other people. Despite this she can be rather distant to people she doesn’t know or isn’t comfortable with, and can be very submissive in serious moments. She can also be quite critical of other people, especially other women. Diana usually tries to keep a positive attitude about things, even if she can sometimes come across as a coward.

Major Skills: Writing, drawing, photographic memory
Minor Skills: Cooking, grooming, animal care
Innate Abilities: Instant translation

Additional Information/Secrets:

Group 2:

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Re: Do YOU have what it takes? (Open)
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2014, 04:32:23 PM »
Group #1: Currently Accepting 2 More Characters!

Connor stood in the middle of the small ferry, the reins of his horse held loosely in his gloved hand. His hood was pulled close to not only hide his identity but provide him with warmth. Beads of water collected on its outside from the heavy fog that covered the river and its banks. The sun was yet to rise and burn it off.

The far bank was his destination and the Red Falcon Inn beyond that. That was where he was meeting those that would accompany him on his adventure. The Northern Wilds lay not more than a few hundred feet beyond the Red Falcon Inn and many that had entered it had never returned.

Like his father.

His father had led the 13th Legion into those very same woods, on a morning much like this; a wetness to the air, a heavy fog making it nearly impossible to see your own hand in front of your face. An eerie silence, not a breeze to be felt. They had walked into the mists and that was the last anyone had seen of the 13th.

And now it was Connor who was going to follow in his fathers footsteps, only not leading a Legion but leading a small party of has-beens and have-nots, who have nothing left to live for. Venturing more than a day or two into these Northern Wilds meant that you’d never be coming back. The few that had returned were stark raving mad. It was a death sentence, going out beyond where even the trappers felt safe.

But Connor really had no choice. His head had a price on it, his family...his family name was dishonored and it was left only to him to restore that honor by finding the Legion, by bringing his father home, by solving the greatest mystery and defeat of the Empires history.

The ferryman continued to pull on the rope, guiding the ferry through the fog and treacherous White River until it bumped against the dock on the shallows of the other side. Connor led his horse off the ferry and along the dirt path towards one of the few permanent structures on the North Bank - the Red Falcon Inn. He was to meet everyone inside and the thought of warming up by the fire greatly appealed to him.

It had been easy enough to spread the rumors. Simple at first, but with enough enticement to draw peoples attention. Some one was looking to put a small party together, to journey into the Northern Wilds looking for riches. Coin was to be had on its success, along with the spoils of any riches found along the way. And they'd be following the rumored 13th Way - the so called path that the 13th Legion was supposed to have taken along its illfated journey. And the best part - if there were no promising leads after a few days, you'd be free to turn back. And that was the key point of the rumor - traveling more then a few days into the Wild, well, nobody came back who did that.

But would it be enough to grab the attention of anyone? He'd be going no matter what - alone or with some hardy people.

Main Game Thread

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Re: Do YOU have what it takes? (Open)
« Reply #3 on: January 15, 2014, 04:42:53 PM »
Before joining, please check this out: The Oath of Drake

 In short, I am looking for dedicated long term players.

All information pertaining to the world can be found by clicking on this link and reading through the pages.

Note #1: No Dwarves are allowed at this point. No Orcs either, but halfbreeds of the latter are.
Note #2: No full-blown wizards/mages/spellcasters either. LOW levels of magic only.
Note #3: You must specify which group you wish to join when contacting me via PM.

What about the GM?
What can you expect from me? I will be both a GM and a Player, to help guide things along. I will do my best to describe scenes and areas. I will post AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK, if not more frequently, depending on where we are at. I am devoting my time and energy to his game, so I expect an equal return from my players. Do not flake out on me.
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