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Author Topic: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)  (Read 2255 times)

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DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:49:46 PM »
Thank you for stopping by, I’m Desert Flower and I’ve been craving a few things as of late. Before I divulge, might I just add, if there is anything here that you are interested in then please let it be known in my Personal Messages rather than in the forum as I aim to keep it quite neat and tidy. Also if you don’t find anything that takes your interest but have an idea that you would like to play out with me message me as well, I’m always looking to find new writing partners to collaborate with.

I implore you to read my On’s & Off’s page attached in my signature if you’re interested in writing with me as it tells you pretty much all you need to know but I’ll recap a few points here just so you can get an idea of how I roll.

All of my requests are MxF with me writing as the female character.
•   I write at length, I by no means need a novella but I am not a fan of short responses, if I put the effort in, I would hope my partner would reciprocate in the same manner. There is nothing more disheartening than posting a few paragraphs only to get three sentences back, especially when there is so much that could be said though I of course understand that at certain points there are times where the response calls for shorter posts.
•   I would also like for my writing partner to be descriptive and able to write in great detail as I endeavour to do so myself in every post. Correct use of punctuation and grammar is called for and extra points for an extended vocabulary! Rest assured though, I am by no means a grammar nazi.
•   I’m not needy but after a month if you haven’t responded to our collaboration nor messaged to tell me otherwise I will presume you are no longer interested and drop the roleplay. I think that’s only fair. A simple ‘I’m no longer interested’ allows us to perhaps find an alternative or keep open a line of communication for further writing projects together in the future. I will however not be mad if you disappear, just don’t expect me to be willing to write with you again for a while.
•   Erotic scenes are wonderful but I care more for great story, plot and character development. I’m not adverse to plenty of said scenes but feel that there needs to be a reason behind them. I don’t want to write porn with a storyline. I want to write a story with added erotica.
•   Lastly before I start to whittle on, I am open to forum and PM, nothing else. I have tried to RP in IM and found it too limiting, however I do have Yahoo and Skype for brainstorming and communicational purposes.

Current Craving

Finding the Key
She’s one of the oldest vampires in existence; forever immortalised and frozen in her prime; centuries old and yet not a day older than twenty-five does she look; the tender age of which she was turned. Her beauty is uncontested by those that are lucky to have laid eyes upon her and yet she is famously reclusive; elusive within her community and selective of those she allows within her gated estate. She lives completely alone surrounded by her vast wealth; wealth accumulated over the many years. She is smart as she is cunning and yet she is tired of life; tired of solace. She toys with humans and select few vampyrens alike and yet she wants something more; craves something more and it’s only when she smells his blood and hears his ebbing heartbeat that she realises she may have just found the answer.

So this tale is about my elusive vampire finding your character who has been violently assaulted. For whatever reason, perhaps his appearance strikes her or his scent intrigues her, she is drawn to him and thus she makes the rare, impulsive decision to bring him into her manor of solace to nurse him back to health; for those of you aware of the HBO show True Blood; when a vampire shares their blood with a human it creates a bond between them, I would like for that to happen. Even when he has healed and she has sent him on his merry way; he dreams of her, thinks of her, craves her and she in turn wants him. She’s a creature of solace; guarded and somewhat of an ice-maiden but he might be the key to her happiness and decades of loneliness spent wanting for something she didn’t know existed, up until now. I want this to be fiery and passionate with plenty of intensity. I would like for your character to be fearless of her, to better her; to dominate her and also to break through the walls she’s built around herself. Like with any of my plots, if there’s elements you like/dislike/want to add, let me know and we can brainstorm.


Time Flies
He’s the chart-topping musician with women, money and flashy toys aplenty. She’s the quiet, freckled young woman who stayed in her small hometown to care for her ailing cancer-stricken mother. They were best friends growing up; practically inseparable. She held his hand and saw him through the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his violent alcoholic parents, whilst he was there for her during the long nights at the hospital when her mother took a sudden turn for the worst. He was hers, she was his. They were joint at the hip until he was discovered by a talent scout playing with his band at a charity concert and his life suddenly hit the fast lane. Now years later, he’s back in his hometown to find out just what happened to the girl he left behind, but what happens when he finds her and sees the young woman she’s become? They’re no longer teenagers and life has changed for the both of them. Can she forgive him for ceasing all contact, and will she even still be his to claim back?

I’ve played an RP out that was very similar to this plot and I enjoyed it so very much that I wanted to write another like it. Let me know if you’re interested.

Oh, Brother.
Out of all of the men that traipsed into her life, he had to be the one she fell for. The headstrong man who marched up to her at the bar and bought her a drink; the man that stared at her with such love that she didn’t know what to do with herself, the man that shared so many interests and similarities with her; why did he have to capture her heart? Life was cruel. What happens when the man she falls for turns out to be the elder half-brother that she was placed into foster care with when she was merely three years old? They had been separated; he was left in the cold hands of the care system whilst she had been swiftly adopted; an open and shut case, right? Wrong. Her half-brother had been searching for her but upon meeting her couldn’t initially bring himself to reveal the truth because of his newfound feelings for the beautiful woman before him that he doesn’t love like the sister that he hardly knew, but as the young woman he sees her as and is attracted to now.

You would be right in noting that Incest is written in my Off’s but after seeing a beautifully written RP about a brother and sister falling in love having not been brought up together I really thought the turmoil and the taboo of it all really seemed like something that would be good to work on with a wonderful, delicate writer. I really want to capture the inner yearning; the fact that they know it’s wrong but can’t help how they feel. I see this as definitely being a long-term roleplay that I’d love to tackle with a committed writer.


Her Alpha *Reopened Plot!
On her sixteenth birthday, her world changed when she awoke and realised that she had changed sporadically into a wolf. Over five years she shares her body with her lupine neighbour trying to gather control whilst also trying to get the to bottom of her true identity; her parents finally confessing that as a newborn she was given to them for her own protection. Though they did not know what the threat was, they vowed to keep her safe. All trails have lead to a dead end until she sees him one night. And something clicks. He’s like her and she knows that somehow, being with him will lead to answers. He’s an alpha of a large pack that dwell in the heart of the city. She stays by his side as together they try to place her identity but perhaps the pack she’s now living amongst was the danger that she was sent away from. And what of her growing closeness to an Alpha that is already promised to another.

I had been playing this out but unfortunately my writing partner lost the muse for it therefore this is reopened. This is what we had been working on -->Read Here. If you're not a fan of the plot but want to brainstorm a lycan story with me, please let me know.


A Whole New World
Our tale starts by focusing on a quick-witted, impish young man who has lived rough on the streets for the past few years, he goes only by the moniker; ‘The Kid’ and is infamous with local authorities. He steals what he eats, wears and drinks and sleeps at night in abandoned houses and buildings; creating nooks for himself in the backstreets of the city. He has one confidante who goes by the name of Jim; an old retired war veteran who bails the kid out of prison and occasionally spares him money or a drink at the backstreet underground dive ‘The Genies Lamp’

It is at the aforementioned backstreet dive that he stumbles across a young woman, walking blindly through the street with tears staining her eyes, marring her view. Her parents wish to force her into a marriage of convenience and she has fled into the night. The Kid, despite keeping himself a lone wolf, extends a hand and offers her refuge with him. It soon becomes clear of the culture clash, she is from a wealthy upbringing; she’s practically a princess in comparison and yet they share something; a connection, a chemistry. They’re both lost in their own worlds but together they’re the missing links to the chain. What happens when her life beckons and claws her back, can he prove himself and win her back? Can they defy the odds and their vastly differing backgrounds to be together despite the odds being stacked against them?

-So I don’t think you need any guesses as to what this is! This is a modernisation of Aladdin that I’ve been working on personally but have decided to bring to forums to see if it sparks any interest. Let me know if you’re interested and we can hash out a beautiful tale together.

Other pairings that I love and crave;
Lycan & Human
Vampire & Human
Vampire & Lycan
Knight & Princess
King & Paramour

If you’ve made it thus far then thank you for reading through all of my cravings. If anything you like here appeals then I’m only a Personal Message away. All of my ideas are open to interpretation so if you like an element of an idea but not the whole scenario; then message me all the same, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If nothing has piqued your interest but you want to have a crack at writing something with me anyway then message me all the same! I’m always open to suggestion.

Thank you x
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Re: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 08:48:10 PM »
Current roleplays either underway, on hold, or in the discussion stages:

'Coils of Treason'- Airindel Read Here
'What We Become'-Tyrus Read Here
'Her Alpha'-The Legionary Read Here
'In the Shadows'-kakihara Read Here
'Time Flies'-FLN826 Read Here
'One Way or Another'-NightLux  Read Here

'Fighting Fire With Fire'-Arcannyx Read Here

I feel there's room for one or two more on my dance-card! x
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Re: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2016, 05:07:16 PM »

-Revamped requests thread
-Reopened dropped roleplay
-Added three brand spanking new RP requests!
-Removed old and taken requests