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February 27, 2021, 06:39:56 am

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Author Topic: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)  (Read 5302 times)

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DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:49:46 pm »
Thank you for stopping by, I'm Desert Flower! Unfortunately a few of my tales have been placed on hiatus and the writing bug has set in somethin' fierce as of late. So I'm here, trying to find a new partner for my dancecard! Before I divulge, might I just add, if there is anything here that you are interested in then please let it be known in my Personal Messages rather than in the forum as I aim to keep it quite neat and tidy. If you don't find anything that takes your interest but have an idea that you would like to play out with me, feel free to shoot an enquiry my way all the same.

I implore you to read my On's and Off's page attached in my signature if you're interested in writing with me as it tells you pretty much all you need to know but I'll recap a few points here just so you can get an idea of how I roll.

-All of my requests are MxF with me writing as the female character but I am comfortable with writing both male and female side characters.

-I write at length, I by no means need a novella but I am not a fan of short responses, if I put the effort in, I would hope my partner would reciprocate in the same manner. There is nothing more disheartening than posting a few paragraphs only to get three sentences back, especially when there is so much that could be said though I of course understand that at certain points there are times where the response calls for shorter posts.

-I would also like for my writing partner to be descriptive and able to write in great detail as I endeavour to do so myself in every post. Correct use of punctuation and grammar is called for! Rest assured though, I am by no means a member of the grammar police.

-I'm not needy but after a month if you haven't responded to our collaboration nor messaged to tell me otherwise I will presume you are no longer interested and drop the roleplay. I think that's only fair. A simple "I'm no longer interested" allows us to perhaps find an alternative or keep open a line of communication for further writing projects together in the future. I will however not be mad if you disappear but understand that I might not want to jump back into another RP with you anytime soon after.

-Erotic scenes are wonderful but I care more for great story, plot and character development. I'm not adverse to plenty of said scenes but feel that there needs to be a reason behind them. I don't want to write porn with a storyline. I want to write a story with added erotica.

-Lastly before I start to whittle on, I am open to forum and PM, nothing else. I have tried to RP in IM and found it too limiting.

Currently Craving

Her Alpha
Not a fully fleshed out idea, granted, but I have an itching for a modern-day supernatural Alpha lycan/werewolf love story with all of it's delicious tropes. Big strong pack Alpha meets his match with MC and now nobody else will do. Perhaps she's forbidden fruit? Perhaps she's not his kind which makes his yearn to mate with her all the more taboo. I want this to be a more passionate, smut-heavy tale than what I usually write. I guess I'm just looking for a partner to build with. Just to note, I would like someone comfortable with writing as a dominant character but as a switch I'm not letting him have all the power.

Let me know.

Undercover Passion

He's the Boss of New York's most notorious crime family. She's an undercover officer whose managed to infiltrate and get close to him. Her mission was going well until he saves her life and in turn steals her heart...

This is a tale with a great deal of tension, conflicted feelings and an internal battle against what she knows is right and wrong. She's playing with fire, we just get to decide how badly she gets burnt. Does she stay true to her mission and double cross him? Does she fall too deep into the lifestyle and, in turn, for him? Will she turn her back on the force and her previously high-held moral code? Let's decide together.


Stand by me
He was sent away for a crime he didn't commit, she was his high school sweetheart. Both devastated by their unfair separation. Many years passed, after years of faithfully waiting, letter-writing and monthly visits, she's now seemingly moved on; engaged and living a charmed life; following the path that was meant to be theirs to take together. He's just been released early after winning his appeal and has nothing and no-one to fall back on, but one thing is clear, he can't get her out of his mind and she feels the same. When they're reunited, the sparks reignite and when she tells him they can't be together he knows that she's just as in pain as he is and that there's something still there. Can he turn things around for himself and win her back? Can time heal old wounds? Or have they missed their chance?

Based in a modern setting, this tale is for someone that is willing to write a down and out guy, in love with a girl that is slipping from his grip. What he chooses to do to get her back is up to you, but that's his mission and one of which I'd love to write with a dedicated partner.

Run with Me*Taken
She is the estranged daughter of an Italian mob boss, he is a young man working odd jobs for an opposing family. He was given a car to take to a contact at a scrapyard the next town over, seemed simple enough, the only rule being not to look inside the trunk. All was going well until he heard the banging, heard the cries of a female. Pulling over, he dares to look inside and from that point onwards their paths are now joined. On the run together, there's no going back home for them and she has the contacts they need to get them away but can they make it?

So this is a tale that's going to force two unlikely characters on the run, adrenaline, tension and nights holed up at shady motels whilst avoiding very dangerous characters who have finite orders to take their lives. If this appeals to you, drop me a message.

Other pairings that I love and crave;
Lycan & Human
Lycan & Lycan
Vampire & Human
Vampire & Lycan
Knight & Princess
King & Paramour

If you've made it thus far then thank you for reading through all of my cravings. If anything you like here appeals then I'm only a Personal Message away. All of my ideas are open to interpretation so if you like an element of an idea but not the whole scenario; then message me all the same, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If nothing has piqued your interest but you want to have a crack at writing something with me anyway then message me all the same! I'm always open to suggestion.

Thank you x
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Re: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
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