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Author Topic: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)  (Read 3475 times)

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DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« on: January 15, 2014, 03:49:46 PM »
Thank you for stopping by, I’m Desert Flower and I'm back from a hiatus with the craving to find new partners and get back into the swing of things! Before I divulge, might I just add, if there is anything here that you are interested in then please let it be known in my Personal Messages rather than in the forum as I aim to keep it quite neat and tidy. Also if you don’t find anything that takes your interest but have an idea that you would like to play out with me message me as well, I’m always looking to find new writing partners to collaborate with.

I implore you to read my On’s & Off’s page attached in my signature if you’re interested in writing with me as it tells you pretty much all you need to know but I’ll recap a few points here just so you can get an idea of how I roll.

All of my requests are MxF with me writing as the female character.
•   I write at length, I by no means need a novella but I am not a fan of short responses, if I put the effort in, I would hope my partner would reciprocate in the same manner. There is nothing more disheartening than posting a few paragraphs only to get three sentences back, especially when there is so much that could be said though I of course understand that at certain points there are times where the response calls for shorter posts.
•   I would also like for my writing partner to be descriptive and able to write in great detail as I endeavour to do so myself in every post. Correct use of punctuation and grammar is called for! Rest assured though, I am by no means a grammar nazi.
•   I’m not needy but after a month if you haven’t responded to our collaboration nor messaged to tell me otherwise I will presume you are no longer interested and drop the roleplay. I think that’s only fair. A simple ‘I’m no longer interested’ allows us to perhaps find an alternative or keep open a line of communication for further writing projects together in the future. I will however not be mad if you disappear, we're all guilty of it, but understand I might not want to jump back into another rp with you anytime soon after.
•   Erotic scenes are wonderful but I care more for great story, plot and character development. I’m not adverse to plenty of said scenes but feel that there needs to be a reason behind them. I don’t want to write porn with a storyline. I want to write a story with added erotica.
•   Lastly before I start to whittle on, I am open to forum and PM, nothing else. I have tried to RP in IM and found it too limiting, however I do have Yahoo and Skype for brainstorming and communicational purposes.

Current Craving

In too Deep*Taken
He's the head of a crime syndicate, she's a singer/waitress at one of his establishments where dirty deals are made behind closed doors. He watches and admires her from afar, the pair having unspoken chemistry which is noted by all around them. But he's elusive and careful not to allow anyone, let alone her, too close. Everything changes when a deal goes wrong and she, having stayed back late to try and talk with him, overhears the violent exchange and unfortunately gets caught in the crossfire. Badly wounded, he's unable to take her to a hospital where authorities might ask questions, so instead he nurses her back to health with the help of a backstreet medic at his home. The pair connect and instead of being afraid she begs him to let her close. Reasoning that she already knows too much for her to return to "normality" he gives in, allowing her to know just who he truly is but also allowing himself to give into desire and to let their months of built up tension come to the forefront. Now that his guard is finally down for her, he's even more on edge, she's his one weakness that his foes would give anything to extort and use against him and there's a bounty on his head from the deal that went foul with a rival syndicate. Are they both in too deep, or can their new love survive the shitstorm heading their way where blood definitely will be spilt?

The path to true love never did run smooth. I'm looking for someone that would like to write for a very powerful man whose level-head, cold demeanour and sharp tongue puts him at the top of his league. He's a businessman, a shady one at that. He's guarded, meaning those moments with her and their mounting tension will be a side rarely seen by anyone and give a stark contrast to his usual demeanor. Now under his wing and his protection, she's perhaps naive to the extent of who he really is, what he's done and what he's capable of, but is by no means stupid. She'll be a strong match for him and will have to learn fast to fit into his world. This is a tale I'd love to write but also, like most of my stories also open to interpretation so if there are elements that you like or dislike, still feel free to message and we can work out the finer details together.

I'm only a message away.


Stand by me
He was sent away for a crime he didn't commit, she was his high school sweetheart. Both devastated by their unfair separation. Many years passed, after years of faithfully waiting, letter-writing and monthly visits, she's now seemingly moved on; engaged and living a charmed life; following the path that was meant to be theirs to take together. He's just been released early after winning his appeal and has nothing and no-one to fall back on, but one thing is clear, he can't get her out of his mind and she feels the same. When they're reunited, the sparks reignite and when she tells him they can't be together he knows that she's just as in pain as he is and that there's something still there. Can he turn things around for himself and win her back? Can time heal old wounds? Or have they missed their chance?

Based in a modern setting, this tale is for someone that is willing to write a down and out guy, in love with a girl that is slipping from his grip. What he chooses to do to get her back is up to you, but that's his mission and one of which I'd love to write with a dedicated partner.


Rosa Draycott is the only known female in history to survive being turned into a werewolf. Bitten by her former fiance, who unknown to her at the time was one of them, Rosa is forced to undergo an immensely painful transition and into a male-dominated world of packs, strict order, violence and death. She's spent a year on the run trying to escape it all, but when an unknown foe begins to stalk her she must return to the pack she tried to run from and the man of whom she constantly has to battle her love and contempt for. In a bid to regain her life and freedom, she must commit to pack life, accept their aid and find out just why she's being targeted and who by. She's going to face some hard truths, give in to her instinct but also have everything she thought she knew challenged.

This RP is loosely based on the Syfy drama I watched of the same name so you by no means have to know of it. Whilst it will share similarities, it will not be the same. I want more violence and more erotica, when appropriate of course. Those of you who know the series will know that her former fiance had no choice but to turn her, wanting to give her a second chance upon learning his Alpha meant to kill her, falsely believing she knew their secret. He had turned her as a last ditch attempt to keep her alive. Something of which he can't tell her, knowing that she needed to trust the Alpha in order for her to allow him to teach and guide her in her new way of life; a secret that weighs heavy upon all that know of it. Rosa's ongoing love and resentment for him and their mounting sexual tension will be a big focus throughout the tale, plenty of build up, will they, won't they moments and undeniable chemistry. YC will be that of her former fiance but there will be other side characters, members of the pack, outsiders and so on, that we will both control.

I need someone that can handle writing for multiple characters and can commit to a plot-heavy tale. Though there isn't going to be sex from the get go, I believe the build up toward it will make the pay off even greater.

Let me know.


A Whole New World
Our tale starts by focusing on a quick-witted, impish young man who has lived rough on the streets for the past few years, he goes only by the moniker; ‘The Kid’ and is infamous with local authorities. He steals what he eats, wears and drinks and sleeps at night in abandoned houses and buildings; creating nooks for himself in the backstreets of the city. He has one confidante who goes by the name of Jim; an old retired war veteran who bails the kid out of prison and occasionally spares him money or a drink at the backstreet underground dive ‘The Genies Lamp’

It is at the aforementioned backstreet dive that he stumbles across a young woman, walking blindly through the street with tears staining her eyes, marring her view. Her parents wish to force her into a marriage of convenience and she has fled into the night. The Kid, despite keeping himself a lone wolf, extends a hand and offers her refuge with him. It soon becomes clear of the culture clash, she is from a wealthy upbringing; she’s practically a princess in comparison and yet they share something; a connection, a chemistry. They’re both lost in their own worlds but together they’re the missing links to the chain. What happens when her life beckons and claws her back, can he prove himself and win her back? Can they defy the odds and their vastly differing backgrounds to be together despite the odds being stacked against them?

-So I don’t think you need any guesses as to what this is! This is a modernisation of Aladdin that I’ve been working on personally but have decided to bring to forums to see if it sparks any interest. Let me know if you’re interested and we can hash out a beautiful tale together.

Other pairings that I love and crave;
Lycan & Human
Vampire & Human
Vampire & Lycan
Knight & Princess
King & Paramour

If you’ve made it thus far then thank you for reading through all of my cravings. If anything you like here appeals then I’m only a Personal Message away. All of my ideas are open to interpretation so if you like an element of an idea but not the whole scenario; then message me all the same, I'd love to hear your thoughts. If nothing has piqued your interest but you want to have a crack at writing something with me anyway then message me all the same! I’m always open to suggestion.

Thank you x
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Re: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2016, 08:48:10 PM »
Current roleplays either underway, on hold, or in the discussion stages:

'Coils of Treason'- Airindel Read Here
'What We Become'-Tyrus Read Here
'In the Shadows'-kakihara Read Here
'Time Flies'-FLN826 Read Here
'One Way or Another'-NightLux  Read Here

I feel there's room for one or two more on my dance-card! x
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Re: DesertFlower's Dancecard (F looking for detailed M)
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2018, 11:23:25 AM »
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