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August 18, 2017, 11:49:57 AM
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Author Topic: Lari's Series of desired scenes! Female seeking Creative partner! :)  (Read 1005 times)

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Offline LarinakaTopic starter

Hello all!
For a complete list of my O/O's, Click here!

Just some quick main points:
I play only as a Lady, with all female parts! Sorry! With that being said, I am open to role playing with other women who play as men. At the moment, I am not looking to do any f/f pairings, but in the long run, who know? I am pretty flexible.
I want someone who understands that RL gets in the way. I am a college student, so bear with me.
I need someone who will also be patient as I am a new player and someone who won't be afraid to critique/ advise me on ways to better my writing.
I am also open to a little bit of GM, but not much. I just ask that you inquire with me before. I am on here because I want to incorporate my ideas into the play, but I also understand that there are moments where a little GM is required. :)

If you check out my O/O,you will see that while I am open to different things, vore/ gore, bathroom play is out of the question. Sorry but those things are just not my cup of tea.

I am naturally a more reserved person when it comes to the more intimate details and sexual scenes, so I prefer to play with characters who are more dominant in their roles. A little hair pulling and biting is an immediate turn on for me, and I am open to more rough play. So summing it all up, I like a mix of rough and vanilla.

These aren't actually requests, they're more ideas so that together, we can brainstorm something that'll suit both of our needs!  ;)

As I was going through some requests, I realized that I did have one particular filter that would indicate something that I would be interested in, or not. Men who are dominant. Maybe because I've been playing certain stories where my character is "superior", but I'm looking to try out a fantasy...
The setting would be in whatever world we choose, but that have dragons... animorphs is where i'm going with this. It woul involve the Males character to be from a line of royal dragons. They'd be able to switch from human to Dragon- perhaps your character has just had a birthday, or just feels like it, but he has the chance to purchase a pet. This pet would be my girl. Now, keep in mind my O/O's, I don't want this story to have any extreme NC. Of course my character will be reluctant, but overall I want this story to develop into where they fall in love. Your character needs to have a "dragon-like" temper whens he human, so very dominant, but he is kind and not forceful. Maybe the pet was given as a gift from his father. Anyways, really craving to do this one!

One craving that has been in my mind is playing a variation of fairy tale characters. For example Alice in wonderland and the Mad Hatter. While Alice seems like the blonde bimbo the stories portray her to be, she is in fact an intelligent girl with a fierce heart. The hatter is, of course, mad. He enjoys the easy girls that fall prey to his charms, give them a false sense of security then lifting the veil after a rough, fast romp and discarding them. Perhaps Alice is the one to heal him and bring him back, or maybe Hatter is the one that has Alice falling into the pits of insanity with him, although not entirely a bad thing... 

Red has always been a dog lover. As an only child, she had only her dog to keep her company. As she grew older, her love for the furry little creatures never lessened. But dogs are quite different than wolves. -With this, I was thinking, if you couldn't tell already, little red riding hood. Except the big bad wolf would be a werewolf, just as big and bad. It would be fun to try my hand with a supernatural twist.

Another idea I've had in mind is an arranged marriage/ selling. The heroine is traded for a treasure, or perhaps it had been destined since before the child was born. Either way, my character will be opposed to the marriage. This would require a lot of seduction on the Male's part. Eventually, both would fall in love. This could have some bondage elements, but again no sub/ dom themes.

They had been the best of friends throughout grade school, Delilah being the only girl who never had cooties. A job opportunity arises for her dad and they move away, severing the friendship between the two children. Years later, they meet again. Now, here is where the plot can go in multiple ways- Where do they meet? Do they bump into each other at a club, not recognizing each other and have a one night stand, realizing too late who the other person is? Are they coworkers, school peers, next door neighbors?

Anyone up for a vampire theme? I've been wanting to try out some of these... I am open to anything really. My only request is that it may be a long term romance theme. PM me if you got any ideas :)

Of course, you can't go wrong with the more modern cliche. Perhaps a Rich man notices a particularly cute waitress. Or Boss and secretary begin seeing each other [lots of potential drama here].

I'd also like to play where there would be a lot of seducing to be done, or a lot of resisting until they couldn't anymore. Maybe a sister and her brother's best friend begin liking each other but can't do anything because of the brother. Or a married man seducing a girl/woman.

Keep in mind I'm looking to do long term RP's only.

Those are just some quick scenarios off the top of my head that I would be excited to do. If none of the above interest you, but you'd like to play together, just contact me. I'm open to many things, and I assure I won't bite you yet. ;)

Again, be sure to check my O/O's thread to see if we are compatible.
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Offline LarinakaTopic starter

Re: Lari's Series of desired scenes! Female seeking Creative partner! :)
« Reply #1 on: June 28, 2014, 12:55:52 AM »
To keep the thread neat, PM me please! Any how, love getting PM's! :*

Offline LarinakaTopic starter

Re: Lari's Series of desired scenes! Female seeking Creative partner! :)
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2014, 12:38:27 AM »
Added the dragon idea! Really craving to do it!!