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May 24, 2018, 03:13:35 AM

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Author Topic: (M looking for F) Mostly negotiable, as long as it's fun ;)  (Read 331 times)

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Offline CG1067Topic starter

(M looking for F) Mostly negotiable, as long as it's fun ;)
« on: January 14, 2014, 05:31:26 AM »
Hello everybody

I'm coming back to E after a lengthy, RL mandated, break - and I am looking for a story to help bring this chunk of my brain out of hibernation :).

I'm afraid I don't have a list of "stories I'd love to write" to put here because I prefer to talk through and negotiate most of these points with my co-writer (it leads to a lot more fun in my opinion). There are a few points and heads up that I'm afraid are not negotiable - but if it isn't listed here then I'd love to hear about it.

Format - I prefer to use a story thread, I'm afraid this is something I can't shift on. Emails and IRC doesn't feel right, and somehow the idea that other users can read what we've posted works as a very good incentive to bring my best.

D/s - I know that I cannot write a submissive character well. This is something I have found out over a few attempts to write one in offsite personal projects. As such, I'll either need to play the dominant or D/s just doesn't feature in the story - I can't promise good writing without this (however no D/s does not mean no kink)

Settings - I prefer to use original settings that we would create together for our story - I've tried to do a few pieces set in fandom universes and while it can be good it doesn't feel as satisfying, for me at least.

Writing style - Assuming the usual baseline minimums (spelling, grammar etc.) I prefer to work with other descriptive writers. I don't demand a minimum post length - they'll vary from post to post depending on what's happening - as long as it's descriptive and well written I'll be happy

Magic - I'm not a fan of magic in stories; fixing problems by throwing 'Magick!' at them just gets boring. If the magic works within very strict guidelines that can be more interesting - but you'll get a lot more traction without it in my opinion.

Short side note: calling your magic science doesn't help - reversing the polarity does not work like that.

Slightly longer side note: it's not so much the name or even the aesthetic you use for your magic or super sci-fi kit - it's the role it plays in the story. Obviously impossible can be fine, as long as it can't do whatever is convenient at that particular moment. If your character uses magic then restrict her to a small number of effects (which can develop over the story of course) but if your first response to every situation in the story is "I cast a spell" or "I point the Omega Device at it" then it just gets boring.

Those are the only non negotiables I can think of (that aren't contained in my O/O).

So, unless it's included in the above I'm open to whatever you've got in mind.

I look forwards to hearing from you, PM me :)