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Author Topic: [M/M] [Polyamory] [Supernatural. Drama. Psychological] There’s No Limit On Love  (Read 751 times)

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Offline DotleyTopic starter

This idea has been taken. Thanks to everyone who expressed interest!

There’s No Limit On Love
M/M/M. Supernatural. Drama. Psychological.

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For the longest time I’ve had the craving for a roleplay that explores the development of a kinky and triad polyamorous relationship. Basically, a love triangle in which all three characters share a mutual romantic and sexual attraction in each other. I’ve finally managed to sort out all my ideas for it and have decided its time to search for a compatiable writing partner! Note that the relationship part is important here. I’m not interested in row to row smut scenes. I want to write out the challenges, conflicts, and growth between the characters and also dabble in character driven plot alongside their sexual exploration of each other.

To make something clear upfront: I will be writing two of the characters involved in the relationship. I’m looking for a writing partner to write the third character to complete the triangle.

Pertinent Information
  • Sometimes I post daily, but sometimes it might be a week or two before I reply. And when real life happens it happens. I’m looking for a writing partner that will be content with a relaxed pace for the story.
  • Forum only. I love to use YIM or PMs to discuss details about the story or ask/answer questions, but not for writing out scenes.
  • The two characters I’ll be writing are already living in my head. They have names, an appearance, and are ready with personalities, interests, preferences, and their own issues. I’m a firm character writer. I can tweak some things about them if a writing partner asks, but overall they’re going to come as they are. One of them is a masochistic bottom that can easily slip into a submissive role and would benefit from some rules outside of playtime. He asks a lot of questions and can be a real sweetheart, but he can also be a bit manipulative. The other character is a versatile switch that only likes to play and experiment in the bedroom. He swears frequently, smokes, and can be honest to the point of being an asshole about it - but he’s a genuine good guy.
  • My writing partner has freedom to create their own character. They can choose their name, appearance, personality, etc. All I ask is that the character be compatible with the other two characters. They should probably be a switch, though a dominant might work out if they're flexible.
  • The polyamorous relationship should take time to develop. I’m not interested in having all three of the characters fall in perfect love and lust with each other by the second page of the story. In the beginning my two characters will have an intense and romantic, but so far nonsexual, friendship. But their welcoming of the third character into their life will introduce an erotic edge to the whole setup. Why that happens and how it all accumulates into a working threesome is up for discussion. Eventually I want all the characters to love each other, but they can love each other in different ways. And just because love is a prominent point of the story doesn’t mean I’m not willing to go dark. I’d be up to exploring all sorts of murky and terrible themes.

There are two settings I’m interested in plopping the three characters into, though I’m willing to consider other pitches as well. Both of these are purposely vague so the fine details can be collaborated on with my writing partner.

Setting Idea 1: Salt, Burn, and Bury
Genre: Supernatural. Horror. Urban Fantasy. Drama. Psychological
Location: Various towns and cities in the western or southern parts of the United States
Content: Roadtrips, hotels, camping, money struggles. My characters would probably be hunters of violent supernatural creatures or exorcists. Perhaps the third character is also a traveling hunter or exorcist or maybe my characters save him from one of the nasties that go bump in the night.

Setting Idea 2: Coven of Three
Genre: Supernatural. Urban Fantasy. Mystery. Drama. Psychological.
Location: Somewhere in the United States
Content: Witchcraft, magick, secrets, excessive wealth and old money, biological families vs chosen families. Both of my characters would be witches, one of them born and raised in a prominent family with a strong lineage of witches and the other initiated into the formal application of witchcraft later in his life. They form a two person practicing pair to escape the cutthroat politics of official covens, though they soon up deciding to find a third to form a coven of their own.

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