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Author Topic: Evie's Fancies [MUL] [NC] [EX]  (Read 671 times)

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Offline erotiqueveTopic starter

Evie's Fancies [MUL] [NC] [EX]
« on: August 08, 2008, 12:50:02 PM »
Just a few ideas I've been kicking around this morning. Although I enjoy a wide variety of kinks (see O/O's link below), I am certainly willing to adjust to the limits and tastes of my RP partner(s). Setting and/or character modifications are also up for discussion. Pre-RP negotiation is a must.

The Collector

Setting: World of Warcraft. (Alternative sci/fi setting also possible.)

Partner Needed: A sinister male Forsaken (+ various critters).

An ambitious Forsaken apothecary decides to focus on study of the Silithid as his contribution to the New Plague research. Somehow (blackmail, bribery) he finds an arrogant blood elf girl to undertake a quest on his behalf. She is instructed to venture into a Silithid hive and collect samples of eggs, semen, or larvae and bring them safely back to his laboratory in the Undercity Apothecarium for examination.

Before she leaves, he gives her an injection of an experimental potion he's just developed that should alter her hormonal signature so that the Silithid will accept her as one of their own, and not impede her mission. Of course there's a twist... when she gets to the hive she finds that the potion has made her sexually irresistible to the giant bugs. And the apothecary neglected to mention that her own body would be the receptacle for the items she is going to collect and bring back...

Notes: Would love for this to become an ongoing tale in which the elf is forced to go out again and again, collecting these kinds of samples from all manner of monsters in Azeroth. Extra love for those familiar with WoW lore!

Themes: NC-E, EXT, femsub, ovi, monsters, medical play, necro(?).

Losing His Religion

Setting: World of Warcraft. (Alternative settings also possible.)

Partner Needed: A pious male draenei.

An ambitious young human warlock decides she wants a new demonic minion to toy with, something that no other warlock has. Hmm, Draenei are practically eredar, for all their yapping about goodness and the Light. Wouldn't that innocent priest over there make a fine incubus...?

In order to enslave him, however, the warlock must corrupt the Draenei until his body and soul are broken and degraded enough to bind with her demonic energies. How will she go about it? Brute force is not appropriate here; manipulation is required. Persuasion. Trickery. Placing him in compromising positions. Making him think he's done terrible, vile things (whether he really has or not). Because once he believes he has already sinned, it's so easy to place the next temptation in front of him and watch him ruin himself...

Notes: No concrete plans for this one, open to suggestions. Just love the ideas of corrupting the innocent and defiling piety. ;)

Themes: NC-E, EXT, femdom, religion, corruption, humiliation, degradation, enslavement.

Stalag 99

Setting: Alternate reality, WWII feel. (Possibly Star Wars-esque, although I'm not familiar enough with that world to be canonically accurate.)

Partner Needed: An idealistic but unlucky brother.

A family is divided on two sides of the Great War. Eva, the older sister, rises quickly through the Empire's ranks to become an Imperial officer. Nurturing the cruel streak she has possessed since childhood, she is appointed a post in the Intelligence division where she specializes in... persuasive... interrogation of the Empire's prisoners.

Her brother, on the other hand, joined the rebellion. Eventually he is captured and sent, of course, to the stalag under Eva's command. She enters her interrogation chamber one fine day to see her noble little brother, battered and bleeding, strapped into The Chair...

Notes: I don't top very often, but this one has appeal. No switching-up in the middle of the story. I totally want the brother to be penetrated (that's just the kind of domme I play), so a writer who who is willing to accept that activity is a big plus.

Themes: NC-H, EXT, femdom, uniforms, incest, bondage, strap-ons, torture.

Freaky 4-H Club

Setting: Alternate reality where low-status women can be genetically and surgically altered into humanoid pets or livestock, and are treated as such.

Partner Needed: A perverted boy (late teens or older).

A spoiled rich boy's parents decide he needs to learn some responsibility, so they buy him his very own little show-quality cowgirl to raise on the family ranch. He'll have to feed her, groom her, and train her for display at state fairs, milking contests, etc. Of course he soon figures out the best ways to get more volume and sweeter milk from his pretty cowgirl...

Notes: In this story the girl is not a full-furry cow, but a classic hentai cowgirl - only cow ears & tail, maybe little horns, possibly four breasts depending on the preference of her owner. ;)

Themes: NC-E, EXT, lact, large/multi breasts, nipple/breast play, medical play, enslavement.

That's all for now! Cheers and cookies!
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Offline Mathim

Re: Evie's Fancies [MUL] [NC] [EX]
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2008, 04:15:19 PM »
I think you should put that last one as being taken! ;)