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Author Topic: Some idea's in my head...(M seeking F Rp partner)  (Read 533 times)

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Some idea's in my head...(M seeking F Rp partner)
« on: January 01, 2014, 07:11:38 AM »
Welcome and thank you for taking the time to come to a little spot in my head where all my idea's join together and where the fun begins. A few things upfront first.
1. Before you say anything i know my grammar isn't the greatest but that's because this is not my first language but i intend to do my best and I always use Spell Check.

2. The stories that I have aren't all that well worked out so I need someone that can swap idea's with me and really make the story of both of us. Use pics and other things that what makes a Rp in my eyes better.

3. Last but not the least.....I try to write long and good paragraphs but sometimes I do less that really is on my Rp partner and how she writes.
Of course I understand that life happens and things get hard for you to respond it's the same with me but please tell me about it in a quick PM so that I can understand and wait for the shit storm to pass by.

That were the few things now onto my idea's.

Project MwM (Man with Machine) Cyborg, Machines, Future, Sci-Fi
This story takes place in the future with new technologies and new weapons. The story is about a ex-marine Victor Steel who gets shot in combat in the enemy's territory and his wounds are so critical that he will almost certain die. When in the sickbay a old man offers him his life back but against a price. Finally the ex-marine takes the offer and Project MwM starts again. The project's idea was to create the first real working Cyborg and they thought this marine was the true candidate. The marine doesn't realize is that he wasn't the first subject and many have died in the progress but this time it works and he becomes a weird looking Cyborg. Your character will either be a scientist who spends allot of time working on him and sees that he is losing control over the machine parts in him. Or his psychiatrist who sees that he suffers under his look and he is mentally suffering by losing his humanity. (Again i would love to hear your idea's on this, and maybe he know a better character for yourself then I do.) In the spoiler I have a pic of the marine and Cyborg. I would love to see a pic of your character.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Mind of a madman. Superhuman, Modern
This story is about a really crazy man who stays in a psychiatric ward and he is a serial-killer. The man's name is unknown but he is very well known for his other name Nightmare. The man has a superpower that can make you see another reality with your worst fears but the strangest part is he can change everything in his world. He can make gravity go less or more he can suddenly change into someone else etc.
Your character can be his very tough and hard psychiatrist who wants to break him but is very hard to break herself. She knows that many have gone crazy after talking to him or died by his hands. (But again I would love to hear your idea's)
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(This is a pic of my character.)

The Dark Book (Fantasy, adventure, mystery)
This story is about two friends finding this weird book in one of their houses. One day the two friends are bored and want to do something fun but what they don't know. As they find this weird black book in the attic of one of their houses they open the book and then the story really begins. The book is no ordinary book and takes them to another place maybe another universe or world but in any case they aren't on earth anymore. This world or universe is quickly showing that is dangerous to come here and they have to work together and survive this to get out of that world alive. As if things aren't bad enough it seems someone actually rules their with an iron fist and sends his men out to find the two and bring them to him. The natives of that world are called Balirg and they wish the help of the two to defeat the dictator known as Malican. They have this amazing adventure with weird creatures, allot of running and fighting. As they find the adventure brings them closer together.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Pics of the world and the natives)

The case of the face ripper. Mystery, Modern, Cop.
This story is about a female cop who lives on her own as she never had time for a husband due to her work and never thought she needed one. A hard worker in the police department but who isn't being taking serious by her colleagues in the police department just because she is female. She is sick of being less a cop because of her sex and starts to find the most dangerous criminals and bring them down. After taking down lot of gangsters and pimps and other criminals the police  She then wants to prove herself by going after a man who was never caught: The face ripper. At least that is what the press called him because after he killed someone he would always cut off their faces but very professionally and that's why they think he was a surgeon for a living or that he had a lot of training. This story leads the female cop into dark alleys,disgusting sewers and drug houses to find this so called face ripper. But it turns out this man has a lot of followers and copycats who want to be like him.   The man is starting to get obsessed with the female cop and her face. And so the face ripper starts to make the game more fun by filming the victim and himself as he removes the face with his tools and sends it to the female cop's computer. After awhile he will do more extreme things like taking victims that look like her and letting her find them. The face ripper becomes more aggressive and wants only her face now and anybody in the way is going to get killed. The hunter becomes the hunted.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

(These are pics of the face ripper and the female cop if you have a better pic for the female cop then please send me a PM and put the pic with it. And bring in your own idea's. She could have a partner played by me or you which ever you prefer who dies in the story by having his face ripped off by the one and only face ripper.) (She could also have a family which will make it more exciting and daring as he starts to threaten them too and maybe kidnap the husband, daughter etc. But don't worry If he kidnaps the kid you will safe her in time but the husband is another story.)

Input your story here. (Again saying it...I know....If you have idea's and you think I could be your writing partner then just drop a PM and I will reply as soon as I can.)
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Re: Some idea's in my head...(M seeking F Rp partner)
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2014, 06:56:35 AM »
Updated: New idea
The dark book

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Re: Some idea's in my head...(M seeking F Rp partner)
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2014, 05:33:18 PM »
Updated new idea: The case of the face ripper.