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Author Topic: Different Worlds(M for F, possibly F/F)  (Read 647 times)

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Different Worlds(M for F, possibly F/F)
« on: January 01, 2014, 03:46:58 AM »

The idea I am craving currently is a bit more normal then I usually would go for but there is a first time for everything.  And for how long I have been craving it, I am a bit surprised.

The setting is for a modern scenario that plays around with the idea of two entirely different social groups interacting. My character would be a programmer and gamer who suffer from a sort of Asperger’s(Because I am not great with terms and this is off a brief understanding after someone explained it to me, feel free to correct me if this is not the appropriate term) like scenario. He is incredibly focused on what he does and is interested in, and is extraordinarily creative to back up his obsessions, but his social skills leave him blunt, and heavily struggling to understand people’s facial and vocal hints. Thus as twenty two, just getting out of college and already being offered a few high level programming job, he has few friends and has never dated anyone. Note, this isn’t to say he is shy, or an ass, he simply operates differently than others. He is extraordinarily blunt, has beliefs against lying, and can’t read people very well, so most people don’t know how to deal with him.

In a nutshell, he is brilliant, but has some very fundamental flaws.

Thankfully his boss is very encouraging and actually promotes him to be more active and outgoing in his interests. So he pushes the younger man to actually enter some video game tournaments and go to events. He quickly shows that he is massively dedicated and quick to pick up on strategy, tactics and is incredibly innovative. There is one draw back though. He tends to overthink things, which leads him to a scenario where he hesitates and thus he never gets top three because he always reacts just a hair too slowly due to his hesitation even though his tactics are perfect and his predictions are on point.

After failing to make top eight in a recent fighting game tournament(he participates in multiple genres fighting, strategy, and is on a semipro league of legends team, his coworkers often practice with him during lunch, being one of the few groups that somewhat understands how he thinks), his boss gets him some tickets for a curiosity of his, that he never acted on due to him finding it illogical. His boss and coworkers push him to take some friends and go and just unwind.

Here is where your character comes in. The event can be multitude options but the three I had in mind were a martial arts exhibition(or tournament, probably mixed martial arts), a concert for a female rapper/singer(or a male one and your character could be a backup dancer of some sort), or a basketball/soccer(some sport here) game. The idea from here can start in multiple ways, for example, my character is very strong at analyzing and predicting when between two points(for example, start of a game to winning a game), so after watching the mixed martial arts competition, perhaps they have a small exhibition where the fighters will do one round with audience members for a small prize and his friends tell him to compete, knowing he found her attractive(he is very blunt and has told them his type before when they made fun of him for not having a girl friend). He had already noticed a habit of hers and while he does keep himself in shape, he is no fighter. But he plays along for fun. Before the fight, his friends goad your character into going on a date instead of the cash prize and for whatever reason your character agrees(perhaps arrogance, perhaps she finds it amusing) to my characters facepalm. He gets the ever loving crap kicked out of him until your character performs the habit opening he noticed before and using a trick that would only ever work once, gets the takedown.

Something like that, for the concert, perhaps he goes for an autograph or whatever and his friends drop a ticket to his next tournament. Something along those lines where he isn’t very forward but finds your character attractive but doesn’t know how to act on it, and his friends compensate, then she gets a view into his life. This can go a multitude of ways. Perhaps he becomes an analyst for her martial arts tournaments, perhaps she picks up gaming and has him help her, and she can use his tactics while he has his hesitation issue. Perhaps she helps him get over it.

This is meant to be a romance plot mostly that has two entirely different social circles meeting up, her being famous up and coming star in her circle, and him a prodigy who seemed to have a giant barrier he couldn't get past in his. The direction it goes can be discussed, and the kinks as well. Since they can be as kinky as we want on a consensual basis. Hell she could be a masochist for all I care and love getting whipped and I would enjoy it. But it’s not a noncon plot.

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Re: Different Worlds(M for F, possibly F/F)
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2014, 04:23:13 PM »
For a bit more elaboration of how I see this plot going as I intend it as a very long term plot. The two of them would become rather integrated into each other’s lives. For example, if she is a upcoming singer/artist, he might take up playing an instrument or try singing with her. Perhaps really far later in the plot he does one song on stage with her at a concert. She on the other had might try to learn a couple games and even offer to write and perform a song at EVO(largest fighting game convention of the year or something similar.) The goal is to sort of show them both stepping into the others world a bit more and to see where it takes them.

Another quick example could be if she was a martial artist. Perhaps the fighting game developers at say Capcom saw her at a tournament cheering for him and asked her to help them develop a new game using her experience in actual fights to take a little bit of a new angle. And he might end up helping her analyze and work on her own fights and tournaments by watching videos of her and her opponents to find tendencies and habits to abuse.

Another thing to mention is that this would be a bit of a slower plot sex wise. I don’t intend for them to be sleeping together very soon out of the gate and for most of the beginning for them to slowly learn more and more about each other. This would be a more genuine romance plot that would be like a fine wine that takes time to mature.

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Re: Different Worlds(M for F, possibly F/F)
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2014, 11:36:44 PM »
Tweaked some details, still craving.