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Author Topic: My cravings. (M seeking F)  (Read 579 times)

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My cravings. (M seeking F)
« on: December 31, 2013, 04:20:14 PM »
Hey guys I'm generally new here but if you took the time to check this thread out thanks a lot. I would like to go over some ground rules if you want to rp with me.

First, I'm willing to do almost any kind of kink people can thing of with a few exceptions of scat, gore, and I play heterosexual males and possibly play girl on girl but no homosexual scenes. Other then that I can play dominate or submissive, do any kink you can imagine, and hopefully adapt to what your looking for.

Second, I usually shoot for longer rp's. While I have no problems with one shot and may have a few on here when I'm in the mood but most of my rp's will be long and more often plot based then simply sex based

Third, I will only put as much effort as you put! If you expect me to post paragraphs then you better be posting paragraphs. I don't like it when people get at me for not posting long and super descriptive when they aren't ether.

Fourth, grammar isn't a most but I would like it at least legible. I'm sure ill mess up time to time with my stupid auto correcting phone but I'll try to fix my mistakes when I see them so I ask you to be as legible as possible.

If you can do all those then perhaps we can talk and hopefully help each other have fun!

Spoilers may be below this line so you are warned!

The descent into hell is easy.

This will be kind of a revamp/sequel to the mortal Instrument series, after Valentine and Stephan died assaulting the glass city (Stephan will not be saved by Lilith here) Clary and the rest of the shadow hunters had been living in peace (well as peaceful as it gets for a shadow hunter) for nearly 20 years. Clary and Jace got married as well as everyone's favorite pairings (or at least doing things on the down low) and Jace's and Clary's son (my character) is growing into a fine shadow hunter and may one day take the position of inquisitor. But deamons and evil have not disappeared in all those years and now it begins to stir. When even the angels fall from the sky will the shadow hunters be able to withstand the might of evil or will they learn just how easy the descent to hell really is. You can be ethier a born and raised shadow hunter, a unknowing shadow hunter like clary was, or a downworlder. You can have a full original character and family or be the daughter of one of the famous pairings (simon and Isabelle, Jordan and Maia, or even adopted by Magnus and Alec ;))
 I would love to discuss ideas about this one so don't be hesitant to tell me anything you may want to change if you do this one

It looks like the apocalypse because it already happened

Years into humanity's future, the fossil fuels of the world dry up and a massive war broke out over the remaining stockpiles. The war ended brutally after several mutated chemical bomb were launched all over the world and created millions of casualty's. The only problem is these men, women, and children didn't stay dead. They rose once again and attacked the living. And after the long war no country had enough resources to fight them off. The world gov'ts fell in a matter of months leaving the survivors to scramble and survive for them selfs. Its been 30 years since the last superpower's gov'ts fell and now only pockets of humanity remain. Small walled towns who try and forget zombies even exist, raiders that make life worse for everyone else, or the occasional survivors alone in the zombie infected world. You can chose to have been born in one of the towns, born outside them, or even born into a camp of raiders. My guy will be a individual wanderer (pm to discuss details)

Its the game we all play

This is a game of thrones sort of next generations rp and based heavily on the books. About 24 years after the events in a song of ice and fire and Daenerys Targaryan sailed across the narrow sea and with the help of the late legendary watchman Jon Snow and Tyrion the imp overthrew queens regent Cersei Lannister and then marched north to drive out the others back to true north. You are the daughter of (insert noble house her, can be anyone one except the greyjoys and boltons who were wiped out in the war or daenerys as she is unmarried.) set to be we'd to the only son of the watchman Jon Snow (Snow had become a noble house and the wall a unofficial land holding.) Marcus Snow (me). However summer does not last forever and this one was particularly short. War has spread across the 7 kingdoms. A fleet of ships have come from beyond the great sea and have attacked the iron islands and the dothraki are once again united under a single Khal and unless Daenerys is turned over to them threaten war. And what's worse Brann Stark, who went north of the wall to true north to learn the truth about the Others has returned without his servant hordor and half mad. The only thing his sister Arya Stark was able to get out of him was the almost intelligible message. "We woke it... The seed, its coming." This rp will be based more around plot but there will be plenty of smut to come. I am currently craving this one.
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Re: My cravings. (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2014, 02:06:03 PM »
Added "its a game we all play."