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Author Topic: An old favorite: Lewd D&D/PF-based misadventures (exotic, NC, possible extreme)  (Read 955 times)

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Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Hello everybody. I haven't done any RPing in a while, and I'm looking to get back into it with something kind've casual. This could be a one-shot sort of thing, or it could be a longer running campaign or series of adventures.

The key idea here is that a lone heroine finds herself involved in various wild escapades in a dangerous and depraved fantasy setting, ultimately biting off more than she can chew and finding herself the victim of some horny monster or another. Along the way she might fall prey to lewd, cloth-dissolving traps, evil conspiracies, unscrupulous perverts requesting sexual favors in payment, and so on and so forth. Basically it would be a very smutty fantasy story that pulls no punches for the unfortunate heroine.

The girl herself would be played by me, so I need a wicked, dominant partner to play the villain(s) and environment. I was thinking about using the Pathfinder system for this, because I know it well and because it adds both structure and an interesting element of randomness to the game, but that said, I think I'd be okay with freeform too.

You can peruse my ons/offs for a good idea of the kinds of things I generally like, but feel free to run specific ideas by me too, if you aren't quite sure that something would be appropriate, etc. I suppose my preference though is to just be surprised.

New Story Ideas-

A Fate Too Cruel/Monster's Plaything: My character is a talented young explorer and private archaeologist about to begin the most exciting quest of her career. This story would begin with her at or making her way to some sort of sunken ruins, still largely or entirely untouched by other adventurers because of its inaccessibility- perhaps the site is on the ocean floor, or at the bottom of a deep and truly ancient lake, and may be protected by illusions or other spells- but whatever the case may be, our heroine has what it takes to get there and get inside. Once inside, however, she discovers secrets both fascinating and horrible; the ancient structure was intended as either a castle or a prison for something tremendously depraved and powerful, and her intrusion has awakened it at long last...

Basically, the girl finds herself the victim of some horrific, alien entity and its minions- perhaps it's a primordial Aboleth or some sort of aquatic demon who was trapped on the Material Plane eons ago. I was thinking it might be cool to include some horror (Lovecraftian or psychological) aspects, and possibly some things like magical hallucinations, mental domination, bondage, and maybe reproductive themes (like at least the implication of pregnancy). In short though, it would end up being a very smutty, exotic, non-consensual scenario involving lots of rape and such at the hands/tentacles of monstrous creatures. I think I'd like to use Pathfinder for this, but freeform might work too.

I was planning on making the heroine a Gillmen (an amphibious race), or possibly a drow, especially if it took place in some underground lake or sea. Physical characteristics of my character are somewhat negotiable, but the idea I had in mind was for a very petite and athletic young woman with some sort of exotic coloration.

Her Last Performance: A young (or apparently or relatively young) woman has charmed her city for years now with her unearthly grace and beauty. She is a dancer or acrobat, or perhaps both, with a well-deserved reputation for extraordinary skill at her craft. She performs regularly at theaters great and small, attracting a very broad audience, but tonight's performance may be the last she ever gives.

Someone, or something, wants her badly. It may be the master of some secret, evil cult, a mysterious, supernatural slave trade that collects women of exceptional beauty and forces them into sexual performances with monstrous creatures, or simply some wicked, lusty being acting on its own to seize the object of its desire. Whatever the case, our heroine is just about out of luck.

My character for this one would be the dancing girl- a young woman of mysterious origins and an unusual bloodline (perhaps a Dhampir, Tiefling, or Sylph). The exact nature of the villain/s is up to you, and surprises are always nice.
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Offline KoyumeTopic starter

I see there aren't any biters yet. If anyone has particular questions or concerns or anything, feel free to ask me, whether through PMs or thread posts. Obviously I don't have specific scenarios in mind like a lot of people do when looking for partners, but if you prefer to have something all laid out before starting, I/we could easily sculpt out a detailed plot.

I have a couple of general ideas in mind for characters I'd want to play. One is a lithe, blonde ranger, probably an elf or half-elf; she'd be an excellent archer and athlete. The other concept is for an exotic wizard or sorceress with some kind of darker lineage, maybe a tiefling or dhampir. I have a lot more in mind than that, but I'm not going to write out a full description/biography/character sheet just yet.

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Just added a new, much more specific idea.

Offline KoyumeTopic starter

Bump. I just added another specific plot line. I kind of wanna play a character based off these pictures:
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She might be a ballet dancer (or some fantasy version of ballet), or perhaps some form of magical performer, who combines her natural grace and dancing skill with minor magics to glide along the floor like it were ice or otherwise supernaturally enhance her performances.

Other things I'm particularly in the mood for include: centaurs and other big, bestial creatures, large demonic males, tentacles or other big, exotic, phallic anatomy, and stark white or jet black skin/fur/scales. Let's make it rough and nasty.
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