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Author Topic: Sweets is seeking stories  (Read 667 times)

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Sweets is seeking stories
« on: December 28, 2013, 12:44:49 am »
Hey there this is Sweets I have been struck by some inspiration and am looking to take on a few new stories.

Please do not post in this thread it is for my ideas PM me if your interested.

Im also interested in story ideas you may have, so if nothing hear speaks to you we can still work something out.

This first idea is based on a movie I watched last night Dust Devil 1992. I saw it and became rather interested in the idea of a shapeshifter who hunted those who had no faith and had lost their fire who meets a woman who has such a fire in her that he is drawn to her. For he was once man and sometimes man wants what he should not and can't have.

This story would start as consensual as the relationship starts, then when she learns just what the man was he dose not let her end their relationship.

"Back in the first times, in the time of the red light, Desert Wind was a man like us. Until by mischance, he grew wings and flew like a bird. He became a hunter, and like a hawk, he flew to seek his prey. Taking refuge in those far corners of the world where magic still lingers. But having once been a man, so does he still suffer the passions of a man.."

"He was a shape shifting demon who seeks power over the material world through the ritual of murder. He draws the weak and the faithless to him, and sucks them dry" Dust Devil

Anne had moved to the middle of nowhere Australia with her husband. Things were fine for a while, she was use to small towns she enjoyed them in fact. Things when to hell she said she was leaving and going back to America. There was an 'accident' then their burnt to the ground. All her documents were gone, her  clothes everything. While there was no proof that he had done it Anne was sure that her ex had caused the fire in hopes she would take him back while she waited for new documents.

Instead she took up a job at the small local hotel, her father was a construction worker and she did odd jobs with him for years. She got a free room out of it and had a bar to visit. She got to know the locals a lot better since she was not with the town idiot. She was thinking of staying to be honest. It was the night that she had decided to stay that she saw a local pulled off to the side of the road. She stopped to help and picked up both the man and the hitchhiker with him.

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Re: Sweets is seeking stories
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2013, 02:20:02 am »
I've been playing Borderlands again. So these next ideas are based off the games.

Two original vault hunters fighting the good fight against Handsome Jack and falling for eachother along the way. Is a quick idea.

The next is and OC played by myself meeting and falling for Axton. The two of them meet in Sanctuary at Moxxie's. She may take part of a quest he needs to compleat.

The last is a more hashed out, and the non con of the three so far.

I would play an OC Siren to replace Maya. She would have been in a relationship Axton and had been captured by handsome Jack rather than Lilith. Although I would rather Jack not wear his weird mask, it has always freaked me out.

Connie's back story.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Constance was very sheltered by her mother, the woman knew the marks meant her daughter was special. Her father though was a part of the Jakobs family and as a weapons man wanted his daughter to be tough ad stand on her own. So when his wife died she  was put in public school, enrolled in dance class, and eventually taken  to Pandora. She found the rough and rude palnet to be exciting and when they left she was sad and found life to be dull. She remained away from sometime though when she heard that the sirens were tied to Pandora and the Vault that had opened she was given a ticket by her Father along with a hug and a kiss and was told to go and find herself. Find herself she did, as a Vault Hunter with three firends who had lived through a train explosion. She was perfecting her Phasewave, a blast of energy that could knock over enemies, she was even learning from Lilith another Siren about Eridium and how she could use it to be stronger.

Where the story starts, this would be very much like if not the starting post.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Constance had a killer headache, it was far worse than any she had ever had before. She was fuzzy on the why at the time. She took a deep her eyes still closed. She had to think what was the last thing that had happened, work her way from there. She had been told by Roland and Angel that she and Lilith were not going with the others on the mission to the Core. The Eridum was a danger for them, she been with that night Axton and he left. A short time after she left as well following behind far enough to let on she was there. She had to make sure that everyone was okay, even if Salvador had given her the silly nick name Connie, and Zer0 was a bit odd. She loved her group, Axton a bit more than the others. So she had to make sure that they were fine.

She had arrived after Lillith there was a young woman dead on the floor and everyone was celebrating it seemed. Then Roland was dead and Jack was there. He shot Axton too, just clipped him though and Lillith was on the attack. She knocked everyone away with a Phasewave and launched her own attack on Jack. She got a collar slammed on though and was ordered to killed her friends. She raised her hand, her marks glowling. "Get them out Lillith!" She shouted as a Phasewave charged she added the flame to it with out a second though since her intent however unwilling was to kill. A flash later and they were all gone and she had released she wave. It was strong enough to knock her and Jack both down and her mind had gone black. She opened her eyes with a bit of shock.

'Good to see your up pumpkin'

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Re: Sweets is seeking stories
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2014, 10:26:02 pm »

***Set in the Abraham Lincoln Vampire hunter***
Non-Con OC
I would love to play a game where the vampires are not stopped. The daughter of a wealthy northern man is caught up in the utter chaos that has started after the war. She ends up being rounded up with a great deal of other wealthy and important families and brought to the capital, now under the rule of the vampires. There some are killed, some are given the chance to turn over what they own and some are taken away. She is one of the ones who is taken.

The Hunter's Wife

I think that it would be a good story where a woman is married to a vampire hunter is captured by a vampire. Her husband has tried to keep her away from his job, to make sure that she is safe. They found her though and took her. The leader of the coven intent on breaking her and making her his. Call it petty but he would take her like the hunter took his woman.


She was a hunter, trained from the time she could wield a blade. She was a hard woman, who did not really have any friends. Even to other hunters she was the odd one out. She did her job and that was it, she was looking for nothing more than that. She worked alone for the most part, though she did get asked to work with another hunter from time to time. She did not enjoy it for the most part, most of the hunters were those who joined out of pain or anger, they were not ment for this. To her their anger was just going to get them and possibly other killed. She was yet again meeting another hunter, told to work with him to hunt down an old and powerful vampire. She had never worked with him before, and she wasnted it over and doen with.

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Re: Sweets is seeking stories
« Reply #3 on: January 01, 2014, 11:03:58 pm »
I would love to do a story set in the world of Skyrim.

Right now I would really like to play as a companion to the Dragon Born. A woman who sees his quest is one that needs to be done and offers her help.


A story set with the  Dawnguard DLC with anyone set after the sun has been put out.

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Re: Sweets is seeking stories
« Reply #4 on: January 31, 2014, 12:27:44 am »
Mass effect

Really anything set in the mass effect world is great. I go a set of the comics for Christmas and the apart came back.

OC/ Kaiden
I have always really liked Kaiden. I was thinking something set in the first game while a male shep has his fling Kaiden meets a fellow crew member.

OC human/ slaver
Captured by batarian raiders a marine is sold into slavery. She of course plans her escape but quickly finds herself in far over her head.

OC/ Male Shepard.
She worked on the Citadel, and met the most interesting man there. She was a code breaker who worked with the embassy and had met the commander when had stopped by. She had offered her skills to him and his crew. From there romance blossomed.

I would like this to take place mostly in the first game but to see it go into the second as well.