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Author Topic: A tale of War  (Read 439 times)

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A tale of War
« on: December 27, 2013, 02:04:44 AM »
((Ok, so I wrote this the early morning of the 27, December 2013. I was/am drunk and wrote this. Please enjoy, constructive criticism is appreciated.))

   As the warrior stood in formation his heart beat faster, his blood rushed through his brain as it tried to contemplate what his ears just heard. The First Sergeant stood in front of the formation and held up the paper and waved it.

“We are finally getting deployed! You maggots better be ready for this shit!”

   The First Sergeant yelled, smiling with some pride at the soldiers he had raised. He began to pass out assignments for his squads. The warrior looked at the paper and saw his squad was gonna be the head of the spear. He swallowed and looked to his other seven soldiers. He then looked back at the First Sergeant, breathing quietly as his heartbeat throbbed in his ears.

“Move out!”

   The First Sergeant screamed, the soldiers quickly moving towards their gear, picking up duffel bags and weapons as they put on their vests and helmets. The warrior would look to his seven warriors, his team leader, two machine gunners, two combat medics, two grenadiers and his two fresh recruits. He would look at his soldiers and inhale deeply.

“This is it soldiers. We are finally going out to do what we were trained to do. Some of you might be scared, afraid or fearful. Put that aside, put that inside of an envelope and send it home. You can read about your fear later. Right now we have a mission to do, and we can't mess it up.”

   He looked at his new recruits, putting his hands on their shoulders.

“You two are the ones I am most worried about. You are good soldiers, and I really want to keep you both alive through your first tour.”

   He looked to the rest of his squad with a heavy sigh.

“Unfortunately, you all have to put up with me for another tour. I'm glad you are going with me, I already know that you all are going to be alright. This will be just like old times... with two extra sidekicks.”

   Everyone would laugh as the two rookies nodded and smirked, realising they were being talked about. The squad raised their hands up and clentched their fists.


   They screamed, looking to their squad leader before moving towards the KC-130 for transport towards the target. The warrior watched his squad moved forwards as a worried look now crossed his face. He had trained these men for what seemed like a lifetime, and now he would have to put them to the test. He rubbed his neck and moved towards the same KC-130, following his team into the zone that would be their priority target.
   As the warrior and his men flew in the rather loud vehicle, the squad leader's mind was going over every part of his training. He strained his ability to think outside of the box as he prepared himself for every possibly, every angle of attack that his opponent could throw at him. He breathed deeply again as he checked his weapon. It was Serial Number 7142954, It has been his weapon since Desert Storm.
   He looked around at his men again, sighing as he read the mission brief again. He knew that he would loose some of his warriors... but he hoped to god that he would loose his own life before he lost his soldiers. He cared to much about their families and their lives to allow them to die on his watch. He looked towards his watch and sighed. 'Another 12 hours before touchdown.' He thought, Trying to catch a quick nap before his fourth deployment began.