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Author Topic: Let my ideas carry you away!  (Read 1130 times)

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Let my ideas carry you away!
« on: December 23, 2013, 02:14:30 am »
Sorry I'm currently not taking any new role plays.

Hello to those that have happened upon my request thread, please feel free to pm me about the ideas I have here, or those you think might interest me. I've been on E for just about a year now and I thought it high time I made my first request thread. Please bear with me as I attempt to muddle through this process.

I recommend anyone who likes my ideas or wants to rp with me read my o/o's first, they can be found in the link on the left in my signature. You will also find links to current and past rp's and also other random writing I have done on E. I've currently only written one male character, but I would be more than willing to write more of them. I'm also willing to write any pairing that I'm familiar with. My writing style is varied dependent upon my partner. I usually give back what I receive, sometimes more if I feel a character speaking to me loudly at the time I'm writing. A link to all my rp's  past and present can be found in the second post to my o/o's. It is probably best if you take a look there to see if we are compatible before sending me a pm about my ideas.

These ideas are not available as a first come first serve basis. I devote a great deal of time and attention to each of the stories I involve myself in, I will spend some time looking at your stories and o/o's as well. I believe that both partners in any relationship should be satisfied and our writing styles will need to be compatible before we begin doing the leg work on a new story. I am not a one-shot writer, I tend to like a lot of story driven plot with sexy scenes added to compliment the story. My post speed varies greatly. Depending on my sometimes-fickle-muse, I can be a rapid responder or it can take weeks for me to respond. Of course, real life has it's hand in my posting speed as well. I won't drop a story without telling my partner, and would expect the same from anyone I write with.

Now on to what you've come here for, the ideas.

Inspirational Images

The first image is my go to Halloween Avi, I've used it both Halloweens that I've spent here on E (well if we count this one as well.) All the other images here have been borrowed from others in the Finders/Seekers Threads. The credit for the priest goes to Sara Nilsson, the straight jacket image is from Bloodied Porcelain, the nsfw images are from King Serperior


Okay this is something that I never thought I'd be craving, perhaps it's a fluke, or just all the right teasers have been placed in front of me lately, but this is what has been on my mind: A nun, proper and right with her Lord, is being manipulated by a demon, a demon that wears the disguise of a priest. The Father that lives within the walls of her very own monastery. She doesn't know what to do, at first being the only one who can see his apparent evil, she tries to talk to the Mother Superior only to be told that she is being tested, that she is being the one that is misguided and being lead astray by satan.

This would lead to all sorts of depravity and would need lots of ooc communication in order to work. It will be non-con, perhaps until the point my nun would be fully and indelibly changed by The Father/demon, maybe even working with him to help take over the convent. I would love to include bondage and some kind of straight jacket play. Perhaps at the beginning, when The Father learns of her knowledge of him and his demonic abilities, he convinces the other nuns of the cloister that she is losing her mind and secludes her hoping to help her with lots of prayer and religious rites. My nun knowing things aren't as they seem would fight tooth and nail, how very convenient that there are straight jackets for just these situations, very rarely if ever used, hidden in the farthest corners of the back closet.

There should be lots of mental manipulation and power plays as the demon works his magic upon those around, do they even see what's happening, does he convince them that it's something else entirely? There is so much potential here with the right partner.

I'm very open to suggestions and help expanding this plot.

Inspirational Image = Taken

This idea has been taken.

This image was shared with me by a friend during  an IM conversation and what happened afterwards is the idea I have came up with. Please forgive any grammatical mistakes or typos made. I'm going to try to edit them out now, but I just wanted to get the main idea up before it slips from my mind.

The sky turned purple and lightning struck the earth moments before a red rain began pelting from the sky. The red rain came down in torrents coating the earth as she stared from her kitchen window. A cold tendril of fear ran down her spine as she heard the thunder echo through the night. The world was silent, and there wasn't a soul to be seen. She turned as she heard movement behind her.

Her eyes grew large as the creature came closer, "The time has come, earth will be cleansed of the evil that you  humans have become." The disgust dripped from his voice even as the droplets of red dripped from his dry scaly skin. She couldn't tell if it was the strange rain or if it was blood and her heart stuttered in her chest. He bore down upon her, bridging the gap that was between them, 15 feet now 10, her eyes traveled the room looking for escape. Cold sweat beaded upon her upper lip and brow and she felt her lungs tightening with the ache of fear.

She knew she had to react it was now or never. In his serpentine eyes was the glimmer of death, she did not know this creature but she knew his intent, and as he moved even closer she darted to the left. Without hope of escaping she did what she could to buy herself some time. The door to the garage was a mere 10 feet from where she stood but she didn't think she had a chance in hell of reaching it before the beast had her in his grasp. Another flash of lightning lit up the violet tinted sky, and she could hear the rain come down even harder.  The clap of thunder that followed was deafening and her entire body tensed at the suddenly loud and startling noise.

It froze, its eyes tilted up to the sky, then to the window. A grunt of pure anguish filled the room as he roared, "But you said we could feed!" The creature looked back to her and then back once more to the window, as if hearing something that she could not. "I'll be back for you, of that you can be sure." With that he turned and ran out the front of the house, his gait more of a gallop than a run, his long thick arms used to propel him forward with every step.

Inspirational Image = Taken (NSFW)

This idea is taken but for the right idea and partner I might be willing to play out another version of it.

This image shouts of love, loss, and reconnection to me. The building is desolate, empty, barren. My mind was immediately taken to a post-apocalyptic scenario. The couple could be in the process of so many different things. Are they saying goodbye, perhaps recently been able to reconnect? Why is he kissing her stomach, is it a purely sensual gesture, or is there more? Is she pregnant, perhaps having just told him? Perhaps he's kissing a wound, scarred over with time, one he wishes he could have stopped her from ever receiving.

There are so many potential story plots for this image. I would love to hear any ideas that others might have.

My general idea is a post apocalyptic world, by any means, that can be worked out with anyone I might write the story with. The couple have had to split ways, perhaps the man has decided that the woman is safer in a community setting. Having been on the road for a long time, he wants her to be safe after too many close run ins with survivors who are only out for their own gain. She agrees, with the condition that they set up a 'safe-house' where they will be able to meet and a way of trying to alert each other if they need to get in touch, perhaps a colored cloth in a window of the building in the image. The image to me depicts a scene in which the woman has come back to the safe house, needing to tell the man that she is expecting. What do they do from there? She doesn't want to be without him, he doesn't want her to be on the road with him.

I would like this story to start from the beginning, perhaps when they meet (if they meet up after the events that cause the apocalypse) or maybe they were already married, in that case it can start up before the apocalypse happens. Writing out the whole end of the world as they know it, could be very interesting.

Please don't post here, I would prefer if you contacted me about ideas through pm. Thank you.
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  • Into the darkest corner, you are safe in my love, you are protected. I am the openness you seek, I am your doorway. Come sit in the circular temple of my heart, and let yourself be calm. ~Agapi Stassinopoulas~
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Re: Let my ideas carry you away!
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2014, 03:34:28 pm »
Taken I'm currently really craving an rp from the Disney movie Frozen. I'm open to any and all ideas. Please pm me if you have any.

I've been craving a vampire rp as well. I don't really have any plots for it, but I can tell you I don't want any shinies. I prefer my vamps to be more like the original. I think I would prefer to start out a rp with a human character, how that character ends up, is completely up to us as we write the scenes and let them play out.

The very basic idea that I have can be tweaked and twisted until something is more workable for any partner I decide to pursue this idea with.

I'm thinking the world could be one where Vamps, shifters, witches, and other creatures have recently been exposed as being real. My character could be one that is intrigued with it all, a sort of fangirl/boy if you don't mind. (I'll use she at this point for ease) She's young, around 18, rebelling from her parents and what better way than to date someone from the local group of vampires. They of course would see her as more of a nuisance. Of course, government has come up with laws to protect humans from these people and feeding off of the unwilling is illegal, and killing is strictly forbidden, as is changing anyone without legal documentation stating their willingness. Perhaps she offers herself up as an easy meal, and the feeding results in her death. Unwillingly changing her to save her life is against the law, but documents can be forged as long as she is willing to help them after the change.

What no one knew was that she never wanted to be a vampire, now that she is, what does she do? Will she be able to be lured into their coven? Will she be willing to help forge those documents so that it looks like this life is what she wanted? She truly just wanted to rebel, teach her parents that she was old enough to make her own decision, wise enough to know what was best for herself, but it backfired. Now she is full of bloodlust, and yet told she cannot feed, constantly stopped before making the kill, and that is truly what she wants. How will the one that created her control her now? She was stubborn and strong willed previous to this, she's even more so now. She doesn't care about the risks or the exposure, she rebels even harder against the new rules and regulations than she did her parents.

I love twisted fairy tales. I don't really have any plots for them, but I do love them. So if you have any ideas, feel free to send them my way.

General ideas:

Cinderella: What if the entire time Cinderella is dancing with the Prince at the ball, she's secretly checking out his sister?

Red Riding Hood: What if her grandmother called her to rid her of the wolf problem she's been having? Little Red is known to be the best shot around, after all.

Beauty and the Beast: Perhaps Belle knew about the Beast all along. Could she have been the one who cursed him all those years ago? Maybe now she's repentant, thinking her punishment was a bit harsh considering the crime.

These are just a few ideas that popped into my mind. I'm open to expanding these, or perhaps hearing your ideas on these or any other fairy tale based story.

Another craving is a purely fun, lighthearted game. One where goofiness and crazy moments abound. I don't have any real ideas for this either.

For any of these generalities please feel free to message me with any ideas you might have.
I'll add any ideas as I think of them.
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