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Author Topic: Super Sentai YuriRangers! (les, futa, power rangers/super sentai) Apps/OOC chat  (Read 16189 times)

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Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

This is a parody of Super Sentai / Power rangers, co-created by Yugishogun

The YuriRangers are 5 lesbians with attitude, led by the great futanari wizard Chivalust to battle the monster minions of the evil Hermatox, an evil futanari witch of dark powers and Chivalust's half-sister, who is now free from the enchanted safe Chivalust sealed her in and hid on the moon.

In order to use their powers, YuriZords, and their morphers the Vibro-batons, the YuriRangers must use mystical energy called Yuri, generated by the love and lust between girls. Any form of love or lust creates Yuri, from as strong as sex to as simple as kissing or masturbating.

Character sheets:

IC Battle thread:
IC Rangers thread:
IC Hermatox Thread:


-We can begin once all 5 YuriRangers, Hermatox, and at least one monster positions have been filled, positions for 6thRangers can be reserved.

-You can choose your own YuriZord but it must be a feminem mecha, FutaZords can be unique to the individual

-the RP will begin shortly after Hermtox and her party becomes free from the enchanted safe with Chivalust recruiting the YuriRangers.

-Each session consist with one battle with one of HermaTox's monsters and some henchmen, and time with the YuriRangers in their daily lives,

-We can begin once all 5 Yuriranger positions are filled, FutaRangers will be introduced a few battles later.

-At least YuriRed and 2 others should be friends, more is fine but at least that many should already know each other.

-6thRangers will be introduced gradually

-a player may have multiple characters, but not in the same group I.E. if a player is YuriYellow they cannot also be YuriBlue, their other character must be a futa ranger or one Hermatox's minions, the eception is the Bulk and Skull characters who can be 2 characters treated as one

-you can reserve a position that isn't introduced to the RP yet as long as you create a character for it

YuriRed: Bokotousamurai
YuriBlue: Sessha
YuriYellow: Kunoichi
YuriGreen: Major Major
YuriPink: Yugishogun

Chivalust: Bokotousamurai
Chivalust's apprentice: Bokotousamurai

"Bulk and Skull"-ish charecters:

Bad Guys!
HermaTox: Kimera
Minion Captian Silvar: Biles
Minion Monster Maker Tentacula: Kunoichi
Minion lackey:

Hermatox's monster(s):
This position is for anyone who wants to play whatever monster or monsters of the week Hermatox is using and does not require information be filled, simply ask to be a monster PC and it will be yours, there can be more then one Monster player.

FutaBlack: Datawych
FutaWhite: Sessha
FutaPurple: Bokotousamurai

Noncolor Rangers will be added after all futaRangers are decided

Feel free to share any ideas for the RP or for other 6thRangers

here is the code for apps
Code: [Select]
[b]Mecha pic:[/b]

Mecha pic:
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Offline Major Major

Re: Super Sentai YuriRangers! (les, futa, power rangers/super sentai)
« Reply #1 on: December 22, 2013, 05:59:43 PM »
You know, this intrigues me. A lot.

Online Yugishogun

Re: Super Sentai YuriRangers! (les, futa, power rangers/super sentai)
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2013, 06:01:39 PM »
Glad to see that, Major Major. :)

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Re: Super Sentai YuriRangers! (les, futa, power rangers/super sentai)
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2013, 06:04:05 PM »
Name: Chivalust
Age: 312


Weapon: Rod and shortsword

Power: Gives the Yuri rangers their powers and healing through sex

Personality: A charmer and obsessed with girls, very knowledgeable about magic and technology

Bio: The greatest Wizard in the galaxy, she comes from the planet of futanari and has been in a centuries long war with Hermatox, her half-sister. She managed to seal Hermatox away in an enchanted safe on the moon, and has created the YuriRanger powers and kept a list of candidates for her return.

Other: Is completely obsessed with everything of a cute and adorable nature, has two cocks

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Online Yugishogun

Re: Super Sentai YuriRangers! (les, futa, power rangers/super sentai)
« Reply #4 on: December 22, 2013, 06:18:46 PM »
Name: Suzume Sasahara
Age: 18
Position: YuriPink
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Weapon: Virbo-Baton, Yuri Shield
Power: Healing
Mecha pic: (will add later)
Personality: Suzume is your typical wallflower. She is basically the type of person you'd see reading quietly in a corner. With a crushed self-esteem, she tends be very meek. Due feeling so alone, Suzume craves affection and a kind female friend. If she obtained these things, she would probably make sure to never lose them. In other words, she's just a ghost of girl desiring companionship.
Bio: Suzume was born to her Japanese mother and her American father. She inherited most of her features from her mother, though she has her father's skin tone. She was very happy at a young age, but her self esteem was soon crushed as she entered school. Suzume was made fun of throughout her school life for her nationality, nerdy habits, and budding sexuality. Any friend she even had gotten had been one of those "fair weather friends".  Fortunately for her, she had graduated high school early and she current has her degree in web design. Suzume mostly just resides in her apartment (which is filled to the brim with otaku-related merchandise and objects), only going out for her book store employee job and other necessities.
Other: Closet doujin artist

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter


Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

so, theme for zords?

should we just go mighty morhpin' and make them prehistoric creatures or does anyone have any other ideas?

Also I think should call the zords Tribz, and fused they become the MegaTrib

Offline Major Major

Is there any overarching theme to each position?

And as for the mecha, what about give them various 'themes' based around yuri and anime?

EDIT: and why can I see them wearing something like a cross between a Sailor Senshi costume and one of those 'God Robe' things from Kill la Kill?
« Last Edit: December 22, 2013, 06:56:06 PM by Major Major »

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Is there any overarching theme to each position?

not really, but each one should have a particular role; the smart one, the tough one, the tomboy, etc.
The exception is YuriRed who is going to be the leader. Though you can theme your character if you'd like, like say you wanted to be YuriGreen and use a wand you can make her look like a magical girl or something.

And as for the mecha, what about give them various 'themes' based around yuri and anime?
Perhaps, I was also considering theming them something their color is associated with; red is fire, blue is aquatic creature, etc.

EDIT: and why can I see them wearing something like a cross between a Sailor Senshi costume and one of those 'God Robe' things from Kill la Kill?

Well I have not seen Kill la kill...*looks it up* ah...I see where your getting at O_O
I dunno, maybe it's just because an all female sentai/rangers team has this Magical girl anime feel to it, and really isn't magical girl female sentai to begin with? look at Tokyo mew mew.
Well it feels that way to me...but yeah totally see what your getting at

Offline Major Major

Fair point. So, where is this is set in, then?

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

good ol japan...where giant monsters attack every week and destroy buildings in an conveniently abandoned warehouse district, and even though its all over the news and the YuriRangers gain popularity for defeating them, there are still some dumbasses who don't think either exist

Offline Major Major

All right then. And as always, WIP

Name: Karen Hobson

Age: 19/20

Position: YuriGreen

Karen wearing her favourite gloves and leather jacket
Weapon: Yuri-Puter (a hand-held computer for scanning foes for weaknesses, etc - yes, like the Mercury Computer); the "Love-Love Cannon".

Power: Indirect fire support and intelligence gathering.

Mecha pic: TBD

Personality: A curious mix of being generally good-natured, but also easily frustrated when things go wrong for her. Often prefers to speak very little, since  she naturally speaks in a very round-about and even floral manner that demonstrates the breadth and depth of her knowledge base - often to the extent she needs someone to translate it into more plain language.

Bio: Karen Hobson is the adult daughter of a diplomat at one of the embassies in Tokyo, and works part-time as a waitress and barista at a cosplay cafe. Outside of her part-time job, she's often helping her parents with their diplomatic functions. She's been in Japan since she was 17, and in fact had her first sexual experience at the private high school she attended (one of the most prestigious and academically rigorous in the country, the place where the elite send their family to) - one of the older girls there seduced her one day after gym class. The potential scandal was hushed up, but ever since then, Karen has been an open lesbian.

Other: Loves anime and manga; has a submissive streak and is also something of an exhibitionist - loves getting naked when she's alone. Absolutely loves and adores the female form, but harbours a secret desire for the ideal of futanari and hermaphrodites.
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Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Take your time Major, *salutes*

Offline Major Major

Thanks. I got most of the info in my head as is, but I find it hard to get down on paper sometimes. Also, anyone know how to resize images?

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

I say just put it in a spoiler

Offline Major Major

So, how's that look so far?

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

nice, welcome to the team

Offline Major Major

Thankee; anything you could suggest I could do to improve it?

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

well, she's definitely going to be the brains of the team so maybe work on her Bio and personality a little to make her seem intelligent.

Offline Major Major

That look any better?

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

that's fine. lemme know if you have any other questions

Offline Major Major

No probs. And just so as you know, if there's ever a plotline that features people somehow being turned into herms and/or futa, you can bet that Karen would be a prime target for that.

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

don't worry, I'm sure we can that in at some point

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Hmm this thread looks very interesting. I'm just trying to decide which side I should take on. :3

Offline bokotousamuraiTopic starter

Multiple chars are fine as long their not on the same side I.E. 1 YuriRanger, 1Special Ranger, 1 Hermatox minion.